[Top 10] FF14 Best PvP Classes (Ranked Good To Best)

[Top 10] FF14 Best PvP Classes (Ranked Good To Best)
PVP skills are differ from PVE! Practice hard!

Are you new to PVP? Do you wish to win the Frontline or Crystaline Conflict?

If you are into PVP, you might be wondering what the best classes for PVP currently are. Well, even though the Developers are trying their best to balance the job, there are always jobs that play better. These are the jobs that could give you the most winning chance! I will divide it into Healer, Tanks, and, last but not least, DPS!

10. White Mage

Showcasing all limit breaks from different classes! This one is White Mage!

If you like playing support, without a doubt, White Mage is currently the best healer you can ask for. You have crowd control every minute, and with some coordination, you can wipe out every one; they are useful not only in CC but also in Frontline. Bonus, you can also change people into pigs/kappa and make them unable to do anything!

PVP Score: 92/100

9. Paladin

Summoning many swords!

Paladin is an entire defensive class in PVP; you can protect yourself and your friend. This makes them OP in PVP mode, such as Frontline, a team with great Paladin will be able to claim points without getting interrupted because of their skills. They also have the greatest invulnerability.

PVP Score: 80/100

8. Dark Knight

Butterfly? Wrong, better fly!

Dark Knight is a tank with excellent crowd control; this requires a team effort to make sure all people die in one crowd control. Usually, Dragoon, White Mage, and Summoner play a big role in making this happen. Dark Knight's crowd control allows you to suck your enemy like a vacuum, and then all DPS with the limit break ready can kill them all with their area attack.

PVP Score: 85/100

7. Red Mage

Take that!

If you practice your combo correctly, you can kill a person without any delay (if the person is not using any defensive ability). Red mage has two forms, the long-range combo and the melee one. If you do the combo correctly, you can become a killing machine!

PVP Score: 80/100

6. Dragoon

How about lots of spears?

Dragoon is a great damage dealer! They have the debuff, near and far damage, and if you practice your combo well, Dragoon will do well in all types of PVP. Dragoons can easily escape and have long-range and short-range attacks with significant damage. Their limit break will shatter the enemy teams apart; it has a large area of effect!

PVP Score: 85/100

5. Summoner

Chimkin summoning Bahamut.

Summoners like summoning Bahamut, and they all look the same, so we don't know which ones are ours and which ones are the enemies. When the Bahamut is summoned, they will give an area of damage as long as they are summoned, which is why teamwork is required here. With the help of Dark Knight, killing is a piece of cake.

PVP Score: 87/100

4. Black Mage

This gonna hurt, a lot!

Your damage output is your weapon. They have the highest damage output and are surprisingly mobile. A tremendous black mage can quickly kill an entire team, done right! This can happen without the help of the team. You just need to memorize and practice your Black Mage rotation well, and you are all set. The limit break of a Black Mage turns your damage output to AOE; this is why Black mages are dangerous.

PVP Score: 88/100

3. Samurai

Very anime, right?

Samurai doesn't have any difficult rotation other than the fact that they play in the Frontline, but they don't have a great escape plan. But even so, they are still a beast in PVP. Instant kill with your limit break; that is how you play Samurai! But be careful, you must because, again, you don't have that escape plan.

PVP Score: 92/100

2. Machinist

One snipe, one kill.

Machinists are great PVP assets played correctly. They have debuffs; they are long-range, which means that it is unlikely you will die in the Frontline and deal significant damage amongst other range DPS. Machinists also have a limit break that has a chance for an instant kill; how do you like that?

PVP Score: 94/100

1. Ninja

Can't see me! Can't catch me!

Ninja has everything; they are hard to kill, they are slippery like eels, they can heal, they have range attack, and if every enemy's party member HP is below 50%, you can kill them all with one limit break. What else would you ask for?

PVP Score: 96/100

Now you know which PVP class is the best, and which is your favorite? I favor Dragoon despite the fact I'm more of a White Mage player.

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