[Top 5] FF14 Best Ways To Farm Seafarer's Cowries Efficiently

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The new haven for every casual players in FFXIV, Island Sanctuary!

Island Sanctuary is a new gameplay mode in Final Fantasy XIV introduced in patch 6.2 of the Endwalker expansion. Many players have been waiting for this gameplay for a long time, especially those who like to craft, gather, or have their own island to build however they want. In short, Island Sanctuary is the ideal retreat for all players who enjoy playing the game casually, showing off their islands to friends and FC members, and simply relaxing in their own cozy, hand-made island.

Players are also introduced to new mechanics, systems, and other features in Island Sanctuary. Of course, this includes two new Island Sanctuary-specific currencies: Seafarer's Cowries and Islander's Cowries.

Seafarer's Cowries, in particular, are used for a variety of purposes throughout the Island Sanctuary. This includes building new things, such as workshops, granaries, and landmarks, as well as upgrading said buildings and purchasing specific items and collectibles that can only be purchased with this currency, such as cute minions, mounts, and orchestrion rolls. Not to mention, players who enjoy crafting and gathering can use this currency to purchase Materia.

Needless to say, Seafarer's Cowries are a valuable currency that will allow players to do a variety of things within their own islands. To that end, this article will outline five of the most effective methods for players to farm more Seafarer's Cowries.


5) Selling Goods

Tending to your garden in your own private island.

While most goods can only be sold for Islander's Cowries, some raw materials can also be sold to Island NPCs for additional Seafarer's Cowries to add to your wallet. Gatherable items, or items that players can obtain indefinitely by gathering on their own island, are mostly raw materials that can only be sold for Islander's Cowries. Rarer materials, on the other hand, that require more effort or time to gather, can be sold for Seafarer's Cowries. 

Here are some of the best item categories for easy Seafarer's Cowries that players can sell:

  • Animal goods from your caught animals that you can harvest.
  • Plant goods that you can harvest from your garden after planting them.
  • Special goods that you can only get from sending your team from granary to specific places.


4) Complete your Island's Visions

The view of your island’s beach in its utter beauty.

When you first arrive on your islands, you will be greeted with a series of missions, or quests, similar to the usual quest progression in FFXIV. These quests will ask players to do something specific on your island, and completing them will grant players the necessary Seafarer's cowries.

Players can obtain the following quests from the Island's Visions:

  • Gathering items you need for building things or crafting new tools.
  • Crafting new tools as a way to be able to gather new materials
  • Making new buildings and upgrading those buildings.
  • Making your landmark of the island, of your own choosing.


3) Complete your Weekly Logs

Players with their beloved animals in their pasture.

Every week, on Tuesday at 5 p.m. JST, new weekly logs will be available to players covering topics such as combat, dungeons, PVP, crafting, gathering, and many more. With the addition of Island Sanctuary, there are now some weekly challenges that players can complete within their own private Island.

Here are some of the best weekly logs that players can do to earn more Seafarer's Cowries:

  • Living Off the Land: This will require the player to gather any material up to a total of 100 of them. As a reward, players will get a grand total of 1,000 Seafarer Cowries.
  • Making a Living off the Land: This will require you to create a total of 20 items from the Workshop. As a reward, players will also get an additional 1,000 Seafarer Cowries.


2) Make items through your Island's Workshop

Your workshop’s time schedule.

The majority of Seafarer's Cowries will be obtained by making items in your island's workshop. However, this will most likely only be effective once players have unlocked the majority of the Island's constructs, as many Workshop items will require specific ingredients that can only be obtained through the garden, pasture, or granary.

How to make the most of the workshop:

  • Examine the supply and demand on your island. When planning to create an item in your workshop, simply right-click the plus button and set the demand to 'Very High.'
  • Items with a high demand and a limited supply will yield the most Seafarer's Cowries once they have been created and shipped. Please keep in mind that Supply and Demand can fluctuate throughout the week, so make sure to check in frequently and make the products as needed.
  • Creating multiple items in a row from the same category will yield you twice as much product, so make use of this and create items from the same category in the workshop. 
  • Please keep in mind that some items may have more than one category on them, allowing you to easily mix and match a variety of items. You'll know you're doing the right thing when your items gain the ‘Efficiency Bonus!’ buff.
  • You can also make a Preset by right-clicking the first material in a schedule and selecting Create Preset. This allows you to easily copy-paste or reuse the same set of items for all three workshops on the same day, or to use it in the future when a similar supply and demand arise
  • Making items from your island's workshop is one of the best ways to farm Seafarer's currency because you can easily get thousands of Seafarer's Cowries while adhering to supply and demand and triggering the efficiency bonus.


1) Farm Items for Your Workshop Needs

Sending your granary out to expeditions.

Once you've got your island up and running and your buildings built, it's time to start the farm for your island's workshop needs, which entails supplying every material on the island. This is the most important item on this list because your workshop will not function without the materials. For your workshop to be a good place to farm Seafarer's Cowries, you must also have a steady supply of workshop materials.

Here are the steps you must take in order to gather materials for your workshop:

  • Send expeditions through the granaries on your island. They can be sent to one of five different areas, each with its own unique material that can only be obtained through these expeditions. While you will need 50 Seafarer's Cowries per day to send them, it is very useful in obtaining those exclusive materials as well as assisting in gathering the normal materials so you don't have to gather as much.
  • Gather materials that you are running low on, at least 100 materials per week, in order to complete the weekly logs that will earn you more Seafarer's Cowries.
  • Capture animals, care for them, and reap their rewards. Once your island has been sufficiently levelled, you can also entrust your animal feedings to your mammets.
  • If you've entrusted your animals to your mammets, make enough feed to keep them all fed, as animals that aren't fed won't be able to give you any materials.
  • Do your gardening by gathering seeds or purchasing them from mammets. You can grow them, water them, and harvest them. Similarly to the pasture, once your island has grown large enough, you can entrust the replanting and watering of the plants to your mammets.


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