[Top 7] FF14 Endwalker Best DPS Class That Wreck Hard!

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The Warrior of Light preparing for their final battle.

Final Fantasy XIV was one of, if not the, most successful MMORPGs in 2022, as evidenced by the popularity surge and queue times when the Endwalker expansion was released, prompting the developers to halt sales for several weeks.

With the completion of the free trial period and the continuation of the game's sales, new players have begun to return to the game.

However, the new expansion has brought with it new updates, adjustments, buffs, and nerfs to old battle jobs, as well as the addition of two new battle jobs, Sage and Reaper.

With so many changes and options for players to choose from, players may find it difficult to decide which battle job to use as their primary. Fortunately, FFXIV is a game that allows players to play and access all battle jobs in a single character without creating an alt.

This article aims to compile a list of some of the best DPS available right now who can deal insane damage to enemies. The goal is to be able to provide new players with basic guidance in selecting their first battle job to main, or perhaps even a second battle job to try out, as well as reasons why these DPS jobs are chosen.


7. Red Mage

A fancy Red Mage in their Red Outfit.

Red Mage is the newest Caster DPS in Final Fantasy XIV, having debuted in the game's third expansion, Stormblood. As a Red Mage, players gain access to a plethora of powerful and fancy "Ver" spells, as well as a set of powerful Melee Combo rotations, which is a Red Mage's specialty rotation.

Why Red Mage is one of the best DPS currently:

  • It has a versatile rotation and moveset, which mainly utilise their Black and White mana and use these resources to do powerful Melee Combo.
  • ‘Dualcast’, their innate trait, has the ability to let a Red Mage be able to insta-cast every second spell they want to do, which increases mobility.
  • As a Red Mage also has a Resurrection skill named ‘Verraise’, Red Mages are also able to salvage a party from a wipe through insta-casting unlimited amounts of Verraise with their ‘Dualcast’, provided they have enough MP available.
  • Endwalker reduce the minimum amount of Black and White Mana needed to do their Melee Combo from 80 to 50, so Red Mages are able to save their burst during unfavourable moments.
  • This reduction also allows Red Mages to be able to do Melee Combos more often, which also increases the mobility they are allowed to do, as they do not need to cast their Melee Combo burst,
  • Endwalker also added a skillset to their Melee Combo finisher, and the fact that their Melee Combo finishers do not have to be cast in Melee Range makes it easier to be able to cast them even in long distance.
  • Endwalker update also adds more party utility to the job through revamping their party buff skill as well as adding a new party mitigation skill, Magicked Barrier, which is useful to mitigate incoming damage from the boss or enemies.

Red Mage Endwalker BiS:

DPS Rating:85 /100


6. Machinist

Machinists with their shiny relic weapon glam.

Machinist is a Ranged Physical DPS battle job introduced in the game's first major expansion, Heavensward. Unlike the other two available Ranged Physical DPS battle jobs, Bard and Dancer, Machinist focuses on dealing damage to enemies rather than buffing teammates, making this battle job a perfect fit for players who do not want to play a Melee or Caster battle job but still want a Physical Ranged DPS that can do a lot of damage to enemies.

Why Machinist is one of the best DPS currently:

  • Can deal a lot of damage to the enemies, and their DPS output can even rival some Melee and Caster DPS battle jobs.
  • Still has party utility through providing party mitigation, which helps lessen the damage the party takes with their skill.
  • Able to summon their own Machina, which also helps deal damage and contributes to the Machinist’s general DPS output in the party.
  • Very fast and speedy gameplay, which can be very fun for players, especially those who prefer these types of playstyle.
  • More powerful skill sets added in the Endwalker expansion, such as Chainsaw and Crowned Collider.
  • Added Reassemble charges, so now Machinists can get more crit-guaranteed hits towards the enemies, which contributes to more damage.

Machinist Endwalker BiS:

DPS Rating: 86/100


5. Summoner

Summoner with their Summoned Carbuncle.

The Summoner with their Ruby Carbuncle.

Summoner is one of the first battle jobs available in the game's relaunch, as well as one of the first two Casters available to lower-level players, alongside the Black Mage.

Why Summoner is one of the best DPS currently:

  • Summoner might be the DPS that has undergone the most changes and updates upon the Endwalker expansion, and therefore playing the job right now will feel completely different and new.
  • Summoner now has a much straightforward and consistent rotation, which is much more suitable for newer players interested in the job as compared to before, where their rotation is very strict and punishing.
  • Despite the pretty simple and easy-to-understand rotation, Summoner can still deal a lot of damage to the enemies, especially in their opener Bahamut phase.
  • Summoners also provide utility to the party through Searing Light, which increases the damage of the whole party, including themselves.
  • Another utility Summoners also bring to the party is the fact that they can provide a party regen for everyone and an additional powerful HP regeneration skill for a single party member in their Phoenix phase.
  • A lot of Spells that Summoners have are insta-cast, which makes Summoner a very mobile job, even as a Caster, allowing them to still be able to attack the enemies easily while moving to dodge AoEs and solve mechanics.
  • Summoners, just like Red Mages, also have Resurrection skill. While not as effective as Red Mages with their Dualcast, Summoners can still try to salvage a party from a wipe with this skill.

Summoner Endwalker BiS:

DPS Rating: 88/100


4. Reaper

Being just like Zenos by channelling the dark power inside of you.

Reaper is the newest Melee battle job added in the Endwalker expansion, alongside Sage, the new healer. It is not uncommon for newly-added jobs to be extremely powerful in terms of damage output, and Reaper and Sage are no exception.

Why Reaper is one of the best DPS currently:

  • Reaper, as compared to other Melee battle jobs, are easier to learn, so it is much more suitable for beginner and new players who like or want to play a Melee battle job in FFXIV.
  • Fairly easy and straightforward major rotation while dealing a lot of damage. Reaper’s rotation is very highly linked with their resource and Soul/Shroud gauge, which makes it upfront and easier for players to see when they can and should use their major attacks.
  • Provides utility to the party. Reaper has a buff, Arcane Circle, that can boost the whole party’s damage up by 3% for 20s. 
  • Another utility that Reaper brings to their party is the usage of their shield, Arcane Crest, which can provide HP Recovery for the whole party when the shield is broken.
  • Slower GCD and Skill Speed as compared to other Melee DPS with less weaves to do, which is very suitable for players who could not play high skill-speed battle jobs like Monk or Ninja.
  • Powerful dash. A Reaper’s dash skill allows them to dash 15 yalms, which is a huge distance to cross, making them able to dodge AoEs much easier. In addition, they can also return back to their original position before dashing with Regress.

Reaper Endwalker BiS:

DPS Rating: 89/100


3. Samurai

A Samurai with their shiny, sharp Katana.

Why Samurai is one of the best DPS currently:

  • High DPS output. Samurai has always been a Melee Battle job that can deal an insane amount of DPS since Shadowbringers, and this stays true even in Endwalker.
  • Better and more powerful AoE skills, like Shoha II, Ogi Namikiri and Kaeshi: Namikiri
  • Added another charge to Tsubame Gaeshi, which allows a Samurai to now be able to do an additional Iaijutsu, especially Midare Setsugekka, one of their most powerful attack skills.
  • Added another charge to Meikyo Shisui, which allows them to execute skills without having to follow the usual rotation or rules, making it easier for Samurais to build up their Iaijutsu.
  • Very powerful and many varieties to the combo and rotation, which makes it a fun battle DPS job to learn and play.

How to build Samurai:

DPS Rating: 89/100


2. Monk

The Monk gets ready for the battle by practising their moveset.

Why Monk is one of the best DPS now:

  • A lot of changes to the job as a whole in the Endwalker update, and gets a lot of new, useful skills.
  • Got a lot of new buffs that can boost their damage as well as some that can boost their party member’s as well, making Monk having a utility in the party.
  • Has removed a lot of positionals, which makes Monk’s combo and rotation damage output a lot less punishing, especially in high-end content.
  • Monk also has Lunar and Solar nadi, new skills which are very useful and can deal a lot of damage.
  • Better skills and AoE attacks, such as Phantom Rush and Rising Phoenix.
  • The best Melee job to be played in current Savage tier.

How to build Monk:

DPS Rating: 92/100


1. Black Mage

Black Mage, the master of the Arcane Arts.

Why Black Mage is one of the best DPS currently:

  • Black Mages have been a monster since a long time ago, and this stays true in the Endwalker patch, with them still being able to do a lot of damage.
  • Paradox, Black Mage’s new level 90 skill, has allowed a Black Mage to be able to have more variety and damage in their rotation set.
  • Better AoE skills with High Fire II and High Blizzard II.
  • The addition skill, Amplifier, allows a Black Mage to get a Polyglot stack at will, being able to do more damage as well as add more variation to their rotation.
  • Have two charges of Sharpcast, which will allow them to have more procs, especially for Thunder and Fire.
  • Auto Enochian with Fire and Ice skills, which makes the job much more salvageable when they make mistakes or when they die.

How to build Black Mage:

DPS Rating: 92/100

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