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Gathering is one of the main side content that players can delve into when they want a non-combat content.

Gathering is a significant piece of side content that encourages players to explore the beautiful world that Final Fantasy XIV has to offer. The game has a lot of stunning field and city areas that are often overlooked because FFXIV players tend to go to battle content instances and rush through the Main Scenario Questline without stopping to admire their surroundings.

As of now, there are three Gathering Classes that players can unlock and level up, and all of them are available in FFXIV's three starting cities, implying that players can unlock them very early in the game, and that free trial players also have access to all three Gathering classes.

Because of the increased interest in the Gathering Activity among players, this article will discuss some of the best Gathering Gear that players can wear.

While this article will primarily discuss endgame gear that players may be able to purchase and some budget-based options, it will also discuss some gear that players can change into when leveling their gatherers to 90.


10. NPC Vendor Gear

The Velveteen Doublet Vest that can be bought off a NPC Vendor.

The first item introduced in this list is one that every player has easy access to–gear that can be purchased from NPC Vendors with Gil.

Why NPC Vendor Gear is great:

  • Easily accessible from low to high level.
  • Easy to buy with Gil, a common currency that all players have.
  • The easiest way to gear up when levelling up their gatherers without having to craft or grind.
  • Players can easily buy this in cities, field areas, and many more places so they can hear themselves up for gathering harder items.

How To Get them:

  • Buying them in any big cities, like Gridania, Ishgard, and Kugane.
  • Buying them in field areas.
  • Alternatively, players can also buy the High Quality version of this gear in the Market Board, since players might sell them for a lower price than the NPC Vendors, especially for higher-level equipment.
  • Players can also craft these gear themselves, since they need low requirements to do so.


9. Grand Company Gear

The Forager’s hatchet, a level 50 equipment for botanists.

The second item on this list is almost as simple to obtain as the first gathering set. It is a good piece of gear for those who have extra Grand Company Seals or do not want to spend Gil on gathering gear. Players can purchase main and off-hands for all three gatherers from their respective Grand Companies.

Why Grand Company Gear is great:

  • Easily accessible, since players just need to unlock and rank up their rank in their Grand Company, which can easily be done with seals and completing hunt logs.
  • It is suitable for players with a low budget or want to save their Gil for other things, and want to find an alternative way to buy their gathering equipment.
  • Equipment Stats:

The Forager’s Hatchet, Dolabra, and Fishing Rod Gives:

  • 143 Gathering
  • 82 Perception

How To Get Forager’s equipment:

  • Get your Grand Company Rank to Lieutenant or higher.
  • Have at least 7500 Grand Company Seals
  • Go to your Grand Company’s main city (Gridania/Limsa/Ul’dah), and talk to your Grand Company’s Quartermaster.
  • Buy the equipment for your gatherer. Note that 1 piece of equipment costs 7500, so buying all three will require 22500 Seals.


8. Job Quest Rewards Gear

Gyuki leather jacket, one of the rewards that can be claimed by players after completing their level 63 gathering job quest.

A lot of people seem to skip gathering job quests, especially those who level their gatherers quickly, such as through Ishgardian Restoration, and completely ignore gathering job quests for all gatherers.

However, there are a couple of reasons why Gathering job quests are beneficial, and here they are:

  • Gathering quests actually give very good experience points upon clearing them, with a lot of them allowing players to advance a free level.
  • With Endwalker removing all high quality gathering items, gathering job quests have become infinitely easier.
  • Job quests also reward skills that otherwise are unavailable for players to use.
  • Job quests also reward players with Manuals, powerful boosters that can help make the levelling process for gathering jobs much faster.

Why Gear from Job Quest Rewards are great:

  • They are completely free! No need for players to spend any Gil or Company Seals.
  • Very easy way for players to exchange their old gear for a better, newer, higher-level one without having to spend any additional resources.
  • Players can get other rewards like Materia, Manuals, and many others aside from gear.
  • Every gatherer gear is compatible with each other, so all three gathering classes can do their job quests and receive different pieces of gear and be able to get more free gear items.
  • How To Get Job Quest Gear:
  • Do your job quest for all gatherers! They will reward you with gear up until level 70 job quest.


7. White Scrip gear

The Landking Gear Set that can be bought with White Scrips.

White Scrips are another good and easy way for players to level up their gatherer jobs, as they are relatively easy to grind and obtain, and require no Gil to spend.

Players simply need to collect collectables and exchange them for White Scrips in major cities as well as extra safe areas such as Mor Dhona, Idyllshire, Rhalgr's Reach, and so on. Of course, the higher the item's collectability, the more White Scrips players will receive.

Why Gear from White Scrips are great:

  • It requires no Gil to purchase and therefore is a suitable way for players lacking in Gil to upgrade their gatherer’s gear.
  • White Scrip gear are usually the most powerful gear set on previous expansions, so it can last you for a whole ten levels before you need to buy another white scrip gear.
  • A lot of these Gears also look attractive and good, which makes them a suitable glamour item after you no longer need them. 
  • Submitting items to be exchanged for White Scrips also give you experience points, which also quicken your levelling progress for any gatherers.

How To Get White Scrips:

  • Custom Deliveries are an easy way to get White Scrips, as you can get almost 2000 White Scrips a week. You can do a total of 12 Custom Deliveries, with a maximum of 6 deliveries per NPC per week.
  • Collectables are the usual way on how people may get Scrips. While it doesn’t give as much as Custom Deliveries, Collectables are available all the time and unlimited, so players may grind as much White Scrips as they need.
  • Ocean Fishing. With the more points you get during the expedition, the more White Scrips you will get upon returning.
  • Crystarium and Sharlayan deliveries or gatherer job quests for level 70 to 90. Delivering higher collectability items will get you more Scrips.


6. Beast Tribe Gear

The gorgeous Trailblazer Set that can be bought from the beast tribes.

Trailblazer Set is a set that can be purchased with White Scrips, but it can also be purchased from another source entirely, beast tribes!

Beast Tribes are an optional side content that has been available since A Realm Reborn, with three beast tribes per additional expansion and five base beast tribes in A Realm Reborn.

The good news is that some of these beast tribes are only available to crafters and gatherers. In particular, the Moogle Tribe is a beast tribe in Heavensward that can be unlocked and leveled up with any gatherer or crafting class.

Why Gear from Beast Tribes are great:

  • Requires no Gil or Scrips nor Grand Company Seals
  • You can buy the Gear with the Beast Tribe Tokens, which you will get for completing their quests everyday. You can get up to 3 tokens a day per beast tribe.
  • Doing your daily beast tribes will allow you to rank up your reputation level with them, which will unlock rewards for you to buy.
  • These rewards include mount, minions, and many others that are exclusive to that specific beast tribe.
  • In this case, one of the beast tribes easiest and most accessible is the Moogle Beast Tribe, where players can purchase the Trailblazer Set with their Moogle tokens.

How To Get Trailblazer Set:

  • Unlock Moogle Beast Tribe after completing Heavensward Story Quest.
  • Do the quest that Moogle Beast Tribe will give you everyday, this will allow you to get 3 tokens a day.
  • Buy the set from the NPC in the Moogle Beast Tribes with the token you have grind over days.


5. Purple Scrip Gear

The Fieldsoph gear that is available in the Endwalker Expansion.

The first piece of endgame gear on this list is the Fieldsoph Gear, the newest Purple Scrip Gear available in the Endwalker Expansion. Purple Scrips can be used to purchase level 90 gear for gatherers. The Fieldsoph, in particular, is a Botanist-specific Gear.

Why Gear from Purple Scrips are great:

  • It is suitable for players who do not have any previous pentamelded Aesthete Gear, the previous expansion’s BiS gear for gatherers.
  • Pentameld Gears are very expensive, and players who are not willing to Pentameld the current new gear or do not have the Pentamelded Aesthete Gear are better off going with the Purple Scrip Gear.
  • This is because the Purple Scrip Gear has better stats compared to the unmelded BiS gear.
  • Purple Scrips require no Gil to grind, so it is also a suitable way for players who do not want to spend too much Gil on melding to go with the Purple Scrip gear.

How To Get Purple Scrips:

  • Gather level 90 Collectables, the higher the collectability rating, the more Purple Scrips you will get.
  • The timed node for level 90 Collectables will also give more Scrips, but players will need to pay attention to the Eorzea time to be able to gather them.
  • Submit the item that you have collected to get your Purple Scrips and buy your required gear for your gatherers.


4. Old Aesthete Pentameld

The old BiS gear for the last expansion, the Aesthete gear.

In Shadowbringers, the Aesthete Gear is the best in slot gear, but only when Pentamelded. Pentamelded, in a sense, means to Meld five Materia into a gear. Pentamelding, on the other hand, can be quite costly. This is due to the fact that most gears only allow two Melds, and adding an extra Meld has a low success rate, and the more Materia one melds into a gear, the lower the next percentage for melding is.

The Aesthete Pentameld Set is fantastic for the following reasons:

  • It is mostly suitable for players who did a Pentameld last tier and do not want to do melding so soon in this tier. Rather than going for a Budget Meld or a Purple Scrip Gear set, it is best for them to keep their Old Pentameld Set.
  • It is a much cheaper option rather than trying to go for a Budget Meld Set for a very small boost stat, since the Budget Meld stat does not give much of a boost for them.
  • The Old Aesthete Pentameld stats are still enough to gather most materials except for some high-end ones. 
  • Unless players who have this Pentamelded set want to gather some current tier end-game gathering on their own, it is better to keep their Aesthete set for now.
  • It is best for those who want to save Gil to wait for the next update for the new gathering gear added to the game.


3. Mid-tier Meld

The gorgeous AR-Caean Set of Gathering.

The AR-Caean Set of Gathering is featured in all three best sets in this article, but the difference is in the melds that the players choose to add to the gear.

Why the Mid-tier Set is Beneficial:

  • It requires way less Gil to invest into, as this set will require less expensive Materia and less melds in general.
  • There will be new BiS for gathering in the next update, so players who want to save on money should definitely go with the Mid-tier set.
  • It is also a suitable set for players who are not intensely crafting or gathering in Endwalker.
  • Players will still be able to gather important materials, but with less buffs and benefits that the high-tier Meld can get.

The build for the Mid-tier Set is credited to the Teamcraft as well as The Balance team.

Mid-tier build status:

  • 3350 Gathering
  • 3350 Perception
  • 801 GP

Mid-tier set uses:

  • Still has a decent GP of 800, which allows players to be able to use all the necessary skills.
  • It also hits the minimum requirement for some legendary buffs, although not all, they are still highly valuable and will help a lot.
  • The set also hits  the minimum requirement to hit maximum collectability when gathering collectables.
  • Players also have flexibility in melding other optional Materia for their own need and preferences. 
  • For example, they can add some GP Materia to be able to use more skills in one node.
  • Additionally, players can also meld the Accessories similar to the next high-tier meld that this article is going to introduce so that this set can be used after the next update arrives.


2. High-tier Meld 1

The first high tier meld that players can choose to build, like the previous one, is of the AR-Caean Gathering Set, which is also known as the BiS set for the current tier. However, unlike the Mid-tier Meld, the High-tier Meld, as the name implies, is a set that heavily melds a lot of Materia into the set, and thus can be very expensive, depending on your melding luck as well as the price of Materia in your server.

Why the High-Tier set is superior:

  • It is a very suitable set for players who want to spend hours on gathering and farming a lot of things on the field.
  • This set may last the player for quite a long time, possibly even after the next BiS for the gathering set is out.
  • Making this set can turn a lot of profit for the players by gathering high-end materials and getting a lot of them from all the buffs that are made possible by the melds that have been inserted into the gear.
  • Players will be able to get more yield from nodes that they are gathering from, which makes gathering time a lot more effective and useful.
  • Players will also be able to cap out on collectable items from meticulous action, which is a lot more reliable than relying on intuition.

The build for the High-tier Set is credited to the Teamcraft as well as The Balance team.

High-tier build status:

  • 3490 Gathering
  • 3309 Perception
  • 885 GP

High-tier set uses:

  • Being able to use more skills on each node, as now you have 885 GP.
  • Able to unlock the buff for +2 Yield for many available nodes in Endwalker, making it easier to gather large amounts of materials.
  • Players will be able to get maximum collectability on collectables with Meticulous actions, which are more reliable and can be consistent.


1. High-tier Meld 2

The second High-tier Meld that will be offered in this list is of the same rank as the previous one, as the set that the player chooses will be based on their own preferences as well as their style of gathering and playing the game.

Why the second High-tier Meld is beneficial:

  • Higher perception than the previous meld build.
  • High perception means that players will be able to get the +40% Boon Bonus for gathering nodes.
  • Boon bonus means that players will be able to get a higher percentage for the boon, which will allow them to get an additional item for every gathering.
  • High perception means that players will also be able to get an Intuition Proc Chance when gathering Collectables.
  • Intuition Skill, while not very reliable, can get maximum collectability very fast with minimum GP requirement.

The build for the High-tier Set is credited to the Ariyala and Gillionaire Discord.

High-tier build status:

  • 3258 Gathering
  • 3506 Perception
  • 906 GP

High-tier set uses:

  • Being able to use more skills on each node with a whopping 906 GP
  • Able to unlock Boons, which require less GP and will give you more opportunity to get more yields when lucky
  • Unlock Intuition Proc, which allows you to be able to get easy high collectability, especially when lucky.

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