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In Final Fantasy XIV, players can currently unlock and play a variety of battle jobs. However, while unlocking them is simple and quick, the same cannot be said for leveling all of them to the current level cap of level 90.

FFXIV has a job system that allows players to easily switch to a different battle job without the need to create an additional character for those who like to keep their options open and be able to switch into multiple different jobs depending on the mood and content they want to go into.

As a result, this article aims to assist FFXIV players by providing advice on how to best level up all of their battle jobs in the game, as well as which method is best for which players.

There will be five options available for players to try out and determine which is best for them. Of course, these options can be combined, and players can even do all five if they want to quickly level up their battle jobs in FFXIV.

That being said, here are some of the best ways to level up in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker:


5. Hunt Logs (best for early game)

Hunt Logs is an existing game system that has been introduced to the playerbase since the game's inception in A Realm Reborn. Having been in the game for so long, this method is best suited for newer players or battle jobs that have only recently been unlocked and are unable to access the majority of the game's content due to their low level.

How it works:

  • This content is available to all battle classes, meaning that it is only available for the game’s base battle class that can be chosen upon the start of the game.
  • So, newer battle jobs that are introduced in the later expansion such as Astrologian, Dark Knight, and others would not have access to hunt logs.
  • Hunt Logs is a book that players can open by pressing ‘H’ on their keyboard, or access it through the character menu of the game.
  • Players will have a set of 5 hunt log series to complete per battle class, and each series will contain a set of monsters that players will have to hunt.
  • Upon successfully killing the enemies listed, players will earn experience points. 
  • Additionally, monsters that are included in the player’s current battle job’s hunting log will have a mark on their head, making it easier to spot them on the field.
  • Completing a Hunt Log’s series will also give players additional experience as well as unlocking the next series of Hunt Logs that players can do.
  • Hunt Logs are a good and fast way for players to level up their low-level battle job from level 1 to the point that they are able to go to dungeons and do other content.


4. FATEs (best for early and late game)

FATEs are yet another piece of content that has been introduced since the beginning of the game in A Realm Reborn, and they are also a good way to level up low-level battle jobs, particularly for those who do not yet have access to dungeons and other battle content.

How it works:

  • FATEs are special events that can spawn in field areas, and has a progress bar that people in said field areas can fill up.
  • When the progress bar reaches 100%, the FATE is concluded as complete and all participating players will earn experience points, Gil, and Grand Company seals, based on their contribution to said FATE’s progress.
  • There are several kinds of FATEs, from slaying monsters, getting items and tokens from the field, protecting someone or an item, following a person, a boss FATE which requires a lot of people to slay, and many more.
  • FATEs are also required to do many other things in the game, such as Zodiac and Anima Relic Weapons, as well as the Resistance Relic Weapons in Shadowbringers.
  • In Shadowbringers and Endwalker’s field areas, players can also earn Bicolored Gems when completing FATEs, making it an ideal levelling system even for end-game players.
  • This is because Bicolored Gems will allow players to buy many unique minions, crafting materials, as well as Triple Triad cards and many more.


3. Dungeon Spam (best for early to late game)

Dungeons have always played an important role in MMORPGs, and FFXIV is no exception. The dungeon system was used by the game to enhance the storytelling of their main story quest line, as well as to serve as a ground for multiplayer.

How it works:

  • .Players will have access to dungeons starting from level 16 all the way to level 90. There are a lot of dungeons that are available in the game and can be entered currently.
  • With the arrival of Endwalker, players do not earn any more experience points from mobs, but gain a large amount of experience points upon slaying the bosses of the dungeons, so usually players will gain 3 big chunks of experience points, each for slaying a boss in the dungeon.
  • This means that players do not have to slay every single monster on the field, and could immediately go on to the boss room to gain loot and experience points. This will save a lot of time grinding for levels through the dungeons.
  • In addition, players will also be able to gain the equipment and gear that they can use as they level through the different dungeons, which will help them to be able to tackle higher-level dungeons.
  • Players will also be able to earn rare minions, orchestrion rolls, as well as some glamour that they can later put in the glamour dresser for future use by doing a lot of dungeon clears.
  • In Shadowbringers and Endwalker, players can also do dungeons with their Trust members, which may also level them up when players are using the Avatar System. When Trust members all reach level 80 and 90 respectively, players will be able to change their glamour as well as earn achievements and titles.


2. Bozja (best for level 71 and above)

Bozjan Southern Front is a combat instance introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion, with a strong storyline and the requirement to be able to craft Shadowbringer's relic weapon series, the Resistance Relic Weapons.

How it works:

  • Players must first unlock the instance by completing the Main Story Questline for Shadowbringers and completing the storyline of Ivalice by clearing through all three Stormblood’s Alliance Raids.
  • Next, players will be able to enter Bozjan Southern Front, an instance where players can enter with a battle job with a minimum level of 71.
  • Players can then kill mobs as well as complete the Skirmishes and Campaigns in Bozja to be able to earn huge experience points and be able to level up to level 72 and above very easily.
  • In addition, players can also receive quests for their relic weapons while doing Bozja, to be able to gain the required materials to be able to craft their relic weapons.
  • In doing so, players will be able to get a bonus of shiny weapons on top of fast levelling of their battle jobs.
  • Not to mention, doing Skirmishes and kills in Bozja will also increase your Resistance Rank, allowing you to take more quests regarding Bozja and unlock more areas, which will yield more experience points for you.


1. Daily Roulettes (best for all players)

So far, daily roulettes are the best way to level up battle jobs from low to max level. It's been a way to level up battle jobs since the beginning of the game, and it's still going strong today.

The Daily Roulettes are Duty Roulettes that players can complete, and completing each one will award players with a large bonus for doing so once a day. Players can see what Daily Roulettes are available to them by pressing U on their keyboard or selecting Duty from the Duty List Main Menu.

How it works:

  • Players will be able to queue for any duty roulette they have unlocked, given that their battle job has the required minimum level and gear level for said jobs.
  • Levelling Roulette gives huge experience points, and can be entered by any battle job from level 16 and above. It will let the players enter a random dungeon they have unlocked in FFXIV.
  • Main Scenario Questline Roulette is also another way to quickly level up battle jobs. Players can enter this after completing the MSQ for A Realm Reborn and queueing with a level 50 battle job and above. 
  • Additionally, Frontline also gives a lot of experience points and only requires a level 30 battle job for players to enter. The daily bonus Frontline gives can boost a level or two, and half a level or more for the higher-levelled battle jobs.
  • Other roulette options like 50/60/70/80 and Alliance Raids also give decent experience points, but the three mentioned before this should be prioritised first everyday.
  • Players can do Levelling Roulette and Frontline if they are short on time, as both of these tend to only take 20 minutes maximum, so players only need less than an hour to be able to boost a level or two for their battle jobs.

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