[Top 5] FF14 Best DPS for Dungeons - What's the Best DPS to Play?

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Paglth’an, one of the dungeons available in late Shadowbringers era.

Dungeons are an important part of what makes Final Fantasy XIV so enjoyable. After all, the game has a large number of dungeons that players can explore and beat with both friends and strangers.

Dungeons are a good introduction to the battle mechanics in FFXIV and a good place for players to hone their skills before jumping into harder, high-end content such as the Savage Raids, despite being only a 4-man content with easier-to-understand game mechanics.

As a result, this article aims to assist players by listing five of the best DPS jobs for clearing dungeons in FFXIV quickly.


5. Dancer

The dancer is ready to weave her way through the mobs.

The Dancer is a physical ranged job available in the Shadowbringers era.

Why Dancer is great for dungeons:

  • Large AoE damage
  • Can increase the damage of a party member.
  • In an emergency, they can heal themselves as well as the rest of the party.
  • Mitigation to help the party take less damage.
  • Can dance partner a party member to increase their damage and speed up the dungeon clearing.

Pick Dancer if:

  • You enjoy dealing AoE damage.
  • You want a dance partner whose attack you can improve.
  • You want a DPS position with a simple rotation.
  • You want a DPS job that can attack from afar without casting.


4. Reaper

Reaper, collecting souls as they attack.

Reaper is the newest DPS job available in the Endwalker expansion, making them one of the most played DPS jobs currently.

Why Reaper is good for dungeons:

  • You enjoy dealing AoE damage.
  • You want a dance partner whose attack you can improve.
  • You want a DPS position with a simple rotation.
  • You want a DPS job that can attack from afar without casting.

Pick Reaper if:

  • You want to play a Melee DPS role with a straightforward rotation.
  • You want to be a DPS with a large AoE and single target damage.
  • You desire a DPs job that appears cool and dark.


3. Red Mage

Red Mage, the master of black and white mana.

Red Mage is a caster job introduced in the Stormblood expansion, and has both melee combo and magic combo.

Why Red Mage is good for dungeons:

  • Large AoE damage
  • Significant single-target damage
  • Dual Cast allows them to cast their second spell instantly every time, allowing them to move around the dungeon while attacking.
  • Melee Combo now has a single target and an AoE rotation, allowing them to deal massive damage to both mobs and bosses.
  • They have resurrection spells and, thanks to their Dual Cast, can instantly resurrect any dead party members without the use of Swiftcast.

Pick Red Mage if:

  • You want to play a Caster who can move around the field.
  • You want to be a DPS who can use both spells and melee combos.
  • In the event that the healer is unavailable, you want to play a Caster who can help resurrect their dead party members.


2. Bard

Bard, the songstress.

Bard is a Physical Ranged DPS job that has been available since the start of the game, and received a massive boost in the Endwalker expansion.

Why Bard is good for dungeons:

  • Large AoE damage
  • A plethora of songs to help boost the party's and their own damage.
  • Mitigations to reduce damage, as well as a free 'Esuna' skill.
  • When compared to before, single target damage is much better now.

Pick Bard if:

  • You enjoy playing songs to confuse your opponents and boost your party members.
  • You want to deal a lot of AoE damage.
  • To be able to attack from a distance, you want to play a Physical Ranged Job that does not require casting.
  • You want a Physical Ranged Job with a lot of variety in combos and the ability to play flawlessly.


1. Summoner

Summoner, the master of pets.

Summoner is another job aside from Bard that has received a massive boost of changes in the Endwalker era.

Why Summoner is good for dungeons:

  • Large AoE damage.
  • Significant single-target damage.
  • Is a Caster who can insta-cast more than half of their spells.
  • A plethora of summons assist in dealing damage to the enemies.
  • Buffs that increase the attack damage of the party members.
  • The Phoenix phase can also aid in the healing of the party members.

Pick Summoner if :

  • You want to play a Caster who is mobile and does not need to cast frequently.
  • You want a plethora of summons that you can use to deal damage to the enemies.
  • You want a DPS job that can do a variety of flashy skills.


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