[Top 10] FF14 Best Titles That Are Excellent

FF14 Best Titles That Are Excellent
With some luck, maybe one day you can have a title like mine.

Do you like collecting fantastic titles and showing them that you have those titles to the world?

If you answer 'yes' to the question above, you have come to the right place! I will tell you some of the rarest and most cool titles that are attainable from the game! Yes, achievable because some of FFXIV's titles are no longer obtainable. But these are still available to collect!

10. Honest Gilionaire

Do that LEVE NOW!

Let's start with the number 10. This title is relatively easy to get, just a bit grindy, which is why out of the other nine titles, this title is owned by fairly a lot of players at 14%. You can get this title from Levequest. Any will do, but you will need to get a total of 10.000.000 Gil reward from Levequest and only Levequest. The title comes with the achievement "Who Wants To Be A Gillionaire?"

9. Moneybags

Good luck there!

This title requires luck; if you are not lucky, you can grind it too–but it will definitely take a while and consistency. From the achievement "Work Smarter, Not Harder," you will need to win a cumulative total of 1.000.000 MGP from the Jumbo Cacpot. Jumbo Cacpot is a weekly lottery system in the game. It is a game where you have to enter four numbers, and should you guess the correct numbers, and you can get loads of MGP. You will need to guess all four numbers to one-shot this title. You have up to 3 chances every week. This title is owned by 5.3% lucky people, and my alternate character is one of them.

8. Blue Ranger

Patience is the key!

You will get this title from the achievement "Jack of All Trades IV"! Owned by 1.6% of the player base, this title is for the Blue Mages. You will need to complete 90 types of routine missions in the Blue Mage Log to get this title.

7. The Trinity

Triple triad is the game!

Getting even rarer now, with 1.3% of the player base acquiring the title "The Trinity" from the achievement "Always Bet On Me." If you like to play Triple Triad in FFXIV, this will be your achievement! By winning 1000 triple triad roulette matches, you can get this achievement.

6. The Knight of Glory

PVP/Frontline on certain days!

Jumping to 0,5% of people had the title, "The Knight of Glory" is another rare title from the achievement "In A Blaze of Glory VI." To get this title is less of a chore than "Ultimate Thrillseeker" it's just rare seeing the people doing this content, yup do the frontline. You will need to win a total of 300 notorious monsters on any Grand Company.

5. The Devourer

Grab 'em before they are gone!

Down to 0.2% now, this title is attainable for getting triumphant in 1000 matches at the Feast! Yup, you have to do PvP, specifically the Feast, to achieve "Breaking Fast With Champions"!

4. Ultimate Thrillseeker

Grinding is the way!

Another 0.2%, this is more grindy and will take more time than "The Knight of Glory", but the players running the content are active. Join a Hunt Train in your Data Center, and you are set. Yup, this has to do with The Hunt! You will need to slay 5000 rank S elite marks to get the title and achievement "Bring Your S Game VI."

3. Mahjong Master

Play those tiles!

From the title, I bet you could tell this one is from playing the mini-game Mahjong. Indeed, we have Mahjong in FFXIV. By getting a mahjong rating of more than 2000, you can get the achievement "Tile And Error III" and the title attached. Again 0.2% of the player base achieves this title.

2. Lone Hero

Patience is the key!

The last two titles are from the deep dungeon; although they are owned slightly more than the previous few titles, I consider these a few of the most challenging titles to earn. To achieve "Heaven Is A Lonely Place II" and its' title, you will need to do a Heaven-on-High solo and clear all 100 floors. Yep, alone; this is why Heaven is such a lonely place.

1. The Necromancer

Practice makes perfect! Tutorials are great!

With only 0.4% owning the title, you will need dedication and hard work to get this title. Hailing from the achievement "Pal-less Palace III," you must do and clear all 200 floors solo in Palace of the Dead, should you want to earn the title.

Believe it or not, there are other titles with no one having them; there are also "Legacy Titles" that are no longer obtainable. Do you agree with me that these are the ten compelling titles to have? If yes, which one is your favorite? I would love to have "The Necromancer" or "Lone Hero," but I don't know if I'm prepared for such devastation, are you?

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