[Top 5] FF14 Best Chocobo Builds That Wreck Hard!

FF14 Best Chocobo Builds
The warrior of light with their Chocobo.

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that puts importance not only to you, the protagonist of the game, but also your lifelong companion, your Chocobo.

A player can get their first Chocobo after completing the level 20 Main Scenario Quests and joining one of the three Grand Companies available in Eorzea. After that, players will summon their Chocobos in the field to help them in battles.

Not to mention, you can also bring your Chocobo into The Gold Saucer and do a race with other players’ Chocobo, winning prizes.

This article will cover three of the best builds in Final Fantasy XIV for combat purposes, while the other two are for Chocobo racing.


5. Chocobo Racing Build 1 (Endurance & Stamina)

Chocobo Racing is one of the many mini-games that a player can access in The Gold Saucer. By winning tournaments in Chocobo Racing, players can earn MGP and even some rare drops from the achievements.

However, building the best Chocobo for the Chocobo Racing is crucial in winning the fights. Players can feed their Chocobos Grade 1, 2, or 3 feeds. These feeds can be bought or crafted by the players themselves.

These feeds vary from adding different stats to your own Chocobo. These stats are Speed, Acceleration, Endurance, Stamina, and Balance feeds.

The first racing build that is suitable for many maps is keeping the Endurance and Stamina up. This is because a Chocobo can quickly become tired and lethargic if being pushed to sprint in the race for too long. When a Chocobo’s stamina drops to 0, they would only be able to walk slowly, which can make other players zap through your player’s Chocobo.

Because of this, building up your Chocobo’s stamina and endurance is very important as it would allow your Chocobo to run even longer inside the arena, which can allow a higher rate for winning the match.


4. Chocobo Racing Build 2 (Speed and Acceleration)

This is a riskier Chocobo racing build and is mostly recommended for players who are used to playing Chocobo races. This build is suitable for players who know the inside and out of the maps and races they will participate in to not lose too much stamina even in the direst of situations.

This build will allow a player’s Chocobo to be much faster than other players’ Chocobos, allowing them to reach first place speedily compared to other players.

Not to mention, acceleration will also allow a Chocobo to run faster when a player asks their Chocobo to sprint, which allows a player’s Chocobo to reach the end line much faster.

As mentioned before, this build can be risky. A Chocobo might be easily exhausted if a player asks the Chocobo to sprint at the wrong time, walk into too many traps, and many other obstacles that a player must pass through during the race. Therefore, it is only a recommended build after a player has gotten used to racing in Chocobo Races.


3. Chocobo Battle Build 1 (Level 10)

For players who are not interested in Chocobo Racing, their Chocobos are still very useful in fields to help them beat the enemies on the field and clear many FATEs much easily. While a Chocobo’s level will sync to whatever level the player is on, Chocobo also has a separate leveling system called ‘Rank.’

A player may freely level their Chocobos’ rank up to level 10 at first, and their Chocobos may gain experience to increase their rank through fighting battles out in the open field with the players.

The first two Chocobo build for battles will be for players who only want to increase their Chocobo rank up to rank 10, as leveling a Chocobo from 11-20 will force a player to feed their Chocobo a Thavnairian Onion in the Chocobo Stable, which can be quite pricey in the Market Board.

When a player’s Chocobo ranks up, they will attain skill points allocated to three different sets of builds, mainly Tank, Healer, and DPS. This first battle build for a Chocobo is most suited for players who like to play DPS battle jobs.

For DPS players, they might want to allocate the skill points towards Healer and Tank skills. This will allow a Chocobo to help DPS players tanking the enemies and healing the player when their health gets a little bit too low.

This build will allow DPS players to survive longer in the field, whether fighting with enemies out in the open or clearing FATEs available throughout the map.


2. Chocobo Battle Build 2 (Level 10)

The second Chocobo Battle build is also for players who only wish to level their Chocobo up to Rank 10 and do not want to bother buying Thavnairian Onion to rank their Chocobo up even further.

Contrary to the previous one, this build is more suitable for players who prefer to play Tanks or Healers. Contrary to DPS jobs, Tank and Healer players will survive much longer in the field with their mitigation and healing skills. However, their DPS is low as compared to the DPS jobs.

For this, Tank and Healer players might want to allocate all of their Chocobo’s skill into the DPS skill tree, which allows their Chocobos to help deal a lot of damage to the enemies they are fighting in the field. This build will also allow Tank and Healer players to clear FATEs much faster.


1. Chocobo Battle Build 3 (Level 20)

As mentioned before, a Chocobo will automatically rank up every time a player summons them in the field and lets their Chocobo help defeat the enemies and FATEs in the open field. However, a player might realize that their Chocobo would not get more experience upon reaching level 11.

To solve this problem, a player must stabilize their Chocobo into a Chocobo Stable, available outside the apartments in the housing districts and even in the cities. Some players who are lucky enough to get a house can also buy the Chocobo Stable to put it outside of their house as well. In addition, most Free Companies who have a house would also have a Chocobo Stable in their house, and any player who has a Free Company that has a house might want to check out their FC’s house to see whether they have a Chocobo Stable inside of the house.

After stabling the Chocobo, a player must then feed it with a Thavnairian Onion. The only way to get this onion is through crossbreeding, which is only available through gardening, a feature that can only be accessed with players that have a house. For players who did not have a house, their only option is to buy an onion from the Market Board, ranging from 70k to 100k Gil, depending on the server.

In addition, a player must also feed this onion every single time their Chocobo rank up from level 11, which means that a player would need a grand total of 10 Thavnairian Onions to level their Chocobo’s rank up to maximum, which is rank 20.

However, after reaching rank 20, a player’s Chocobo will have enough skill points to allocate them into the Tank, Healer, and DPS skill trees. This is to say, this is the best Chocobo Battle build that can ever be accessed in the game.

A player with a Chocobo with Rank 20 can flexibly ask their Chocobo to switch between Tanking, Healing, or DPSing, according to the battle job that the player is currently playing. Not to mention, a player can also ask their Chocobo to switch what they are doing even in the middle of battle.

For example, a player can first ask the Chocobo to help DPSing the mobs. Then, when the player realizes that their health is low, they can easily ask the Chocobo to heal by pressing Healer Stance, a set of commands available in the Companion window, where a player can change a Chocobo’s barding, allocate their skill points, mount their own Chocobo. Many other options to interact with their one true partner in the game.

Safe to say, this is the best Chocobo build that can wreck hard in the game. While it can be pricey, time-consuming, and borderline annoying, having a Rank 20 Chocobo is very helpful for players for defeating mobs and clearing FATEs out in the open field!


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