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A miner paving their way through the dark depths of the most dangerous caverns in the world.

With Endwalker recently launched a few weeks ago in Final Fantasy XIV, the prices of items on the Market Board have been turned upside down, for better or worse. A lot of previously expensive materials, armours, and weapons may now become dirt cheap, while others may have seen an increase in prices dramatically. This, of course, also includes the myriad of new items added to the game.

Once finishing the Main Story Questline for Endwalker, which has also blown a lot of people's minds for good reasons, players may have found themselves starting to prepare for endgame, either through clearing Extreme trials, spamming Roulettes, or doing Gathering and Crafting. During this period of time, it is definitely a good time to make a lot of money. Gathering is definitely one of the ways to make big bucks. Not to mention, Gathering might be said to be a lot easier than crafting, and can be a good way to just relax and unwind, and enjoy the environment and sights the new and old areas may offer.

Ingots are essential materials for crafting many armors and equipment for players to use since day 1, even until now. Therefore, the use of ores has always been important and there is always a need for more and more ore, especially now, when a lot of players are preparing for endgame by leveling their crafters and creating new equipment, which require a lot of ores gathered by Miners.

This article will discuss ten of the best ores that players might sell with the arrival of Endwalker. ell in the Market Board currently for additional income and preparation for savage raids. Of course, the best ores for each server may vary, and this article’s aim is to help show some of the ones that are used very often currently in Endwalker.

Please do note, however, that some of the ores will include the name of the newest areas in the Endwalker expansion, and can thus be considered as a SPOILER.


10. Electrum Ore

An ore that players can gather at low level.

Electrum Ore is an ore required for a lot of different crafted materials, like Electrum Ingot, for example. It is the only item in this list that can be gathered by a low-leveled Miner.

Why Electrum Ore Is Great for Selling:

  • As it is a level 43 ore, any Miner with that level or even lower (with good gear) can gather this ore.
  • It is needed for a lot of stuff even at high level, and can be crafted into many items.
  • Electrum Ingot, which can be crafted with this Ore, is needed to create a Free Company’s Level 3 action, which is very useful for all players involved.

Best Places To Get Electrum Ore:

  • Gathered by a Miner at Bronze Lake, Upper La Noscea, (X: 30.0, Y: 25.0).


9. Molybdenum Ore

Another Ore that doesn’t need maxed level Miner to sell well.

Molybdenum Ore is an Ore introduced in the Stormblood expansion. Since it is a level 70 Ore, players can gather this particular Ore without a maxed-level Miner, whether it be in Shadowbringers or Endwalker now.

Why Molybdenum Ore Is Great for Selling:

  • It can be gathered with a level 70 Miner.
  • Although it is not a new Ore, it still sells quite well in the Market Board because it is an essential material to craft Manganese Ingot, one of the new Ingots introduced in Endwalker.
  • Manganese Ingot is required for many new Weapons and Armours that can either be worn during leveling Battle Jobs or submitted for Crafter Levequests.

Best Places To Get Molybdenum Ore:

  • The High Bank, The Lochs, (X: 11.3, Y: 16.6)


8.  Dimythrite Ore

An Ore introduced in Shadowbringers expansion.

Dimythrite Ore, while not introduced in the newest Endwalker expansion and instead in the previous one, Shadowbringers, they’re still selling really well in the Market Board, despite being one of the cheapest ores at the very end of the expansion before Endwalker release.

Why Dimithyrite Ore Is Great for Selling:

  • It is used to craft one of the most important items introduced in the Endwalker expansion, specifically Chondrite Ingot.
  • Chondrite Ingot itself can then be used to create many new weapons, armours, and even accessories used by both Battle, Crafting, and Gathering jobs. Safe to say, this ingot is used very frequently.
  • Therefore, the need for Dimythrite Ore is rising more than ever, and is a good Ore to sell, especially for players who do not have their Miners leveled up to 90 yet.
  • Dimythrite Ore is a level 80 Ore, meaning that players can gather them without having to max level their miner quickly.

Best Places To Get DImythrite Ore:

  • The Church of the First Light, Lakeland (X: 35.9, Y: 14.2)


7. Bismuth Ore

An Ore resembling Gold introduced in Endwalker.

Bismuth Ore is the first ore in this article that is newly added into the game through the newest expansion of Endwalker. It requires a level 85 Ore, but lower-level Miner may be able to mine this Ore successfully if they have enough stats and good gear from the previous expansion.

Why Bismuth Ore Is Great for Selling:

  • It is a newly added item, and therefore it is selling well in the Market Board because of the high demand.
  • Can be used to create Bismuth Ingot, which is required for many new equipment, especially for Crafter Levequests.
  • Since Bismuth Ore may make a lot of materials that can help level up Crafter through required Levequests materials, it sells for decent Gil in the Market Board.

Best Places To Get Bismuth Ore:

  • The Crushing Brand, Mare Lamentorum (X: 29.4, Y: 35,8)


6. High Durium Ore

One of the first few ores players can immediately gather in the new area.

High Durium Ore is one of the first few ores that players can mine upon the release of the Endwalker expansion. While it is a new Ore that has only been recently added into the game, it is a level 82 Ore, meaning that players can gather it easily even at level 80 with quite decent gear, and may also provide experience points while gathering them.

Why High Durium Ore Is Great for Selling:

  • As a new item added into the game and is used by many crafted items, it is in high demand currently.
  • It is used in many crafted items that are needed by Crafter Levequests, primarily at level 80-84, which is a good way to level a player's crafter initially. Thus, a lot of crafters are buying this particular ore.
  • Despite being a newly added Ore, it is still easy to gather provided the player has maxed their Miner to 80 in Shadowbringers.

Best Places To Get High Durium Ore:

  • Akyaali, Thavnair (X:19.4 , Y:30.9 )


5. Manganese Ore

An Ore that is needed to craft Manganese Ingot.

Manganese Ore is also an ore featured in this article that has just been recently added into the game with the arrival of the newest Endwalker expansion. Manganese Ore is needed to craft Manganese Ingot with Molybdenum Ore, the Ore mentioned in number nine, and some forms of new Ink by Alchemists.

Why Manganese Ore Is Great for Selling:

  • As one of the Ores introduced in the new expansion, it is definitely selling well right now as many players need it for Ingots and Inks.
  • Ingots and Inks can also be used to craft other important items, like new weapons, armours, and so on that are useful when leveling Battle Jobs.
  • In addition, Ingots, Inks, and other items that require them to be crafted are also needed for a lot of Crafter Levequests, which is one of the fastest ways to level a player’s Crafter from 80 all the way to 90 right now.

Best Places To Get Manganese Ore:

  • The Hungering Gardens, Elpis, (X: 24,2, Y: 9,6).


4. Chondrite

Chondrite is one of the two high-end Ore featured in this article.

Chondrite is another new Ore introduced in Endwalker, and is also connected to one of the Ores listed in this article, which is Dimythrite Ore. To craft a Chondrite Ingot, players will need 1 Dimythrite Ore and 5 Chondrite, which makes this particular Ore also one of the best to sell currently.

Why Chondrite Is Great for Selling:

  • It is an essential material to craft the best Crafter and Gatherer gear on Endwalker's release, meaning that a lot of players will need this particular ore.
  • A single Chondrite Ingot will need 5 Chondrite in total, which is quite a big amount, meaning that there is a high demand in the market currently.
  • Chondrite Ingot also sells very well on the Market Board, so crafters who want to make profit through this Ingot may buy the Chondrite they need in large bulks.

Best Places To Get Chondrite;

  • Hollow of the Flesh, Ultima Thule, (X: 18.3 , Y: 12.2)


3. Rhodium Sand

The first difficult endgame material listed in this article.

Rhodium Sand is the first item that requires a player to be max level at Miner with good gear to be able to gather this particular Sand. This is a good option for players who tire of having to fight the entire server to sell the previous ores. This Sand can only be gathered by a maxed level Miner with a minimum of 2990 Perception and has unlocked the Ancient Mining Folklore in World Unsundered, a folklore book that can be exchanged with around 1600 White Gatherer’s Scrip in Total.

Why Rhodium Sand Is Great for Selling:

  • It requires high perception and unlocking the Folklore in __, meaning that players will need to spend some time to unlock this particular item. Thus, there is not a lot of competition in the Market Board compared to the previous lists.
  • There is a 90% chance that Rhodium Sand is an essential item to craft new endgame gear upon Savage Raids drop, which means a lot of crafters are trying to buy this now.
  • The price may spike upon the release of new gear that will need this particular material to craft them, especially on the first day or two of launch.

Best Places To Get Item Name:

  • Ktisis Hyperboreia, Elpis (X: 13.5, Y: 7.1)


2. Rime Dolomite

Another version of Dolomite introduced in Endwalker.

Rime Dolomite is a type of Dolomite unique to the cold weathers of Garlemald, and is another endgame material that can only be gathered by a maxed-level Miner who has also unlocked the Ilsabardian Mining Folklore which can be bought in Radz-At-Han.

Why Rime Dolomite Is Great for Selling:

  • Similar to Rhodium Sand, Rime Dolomite has strict restrictions and requirements to mine this Ore, which makes Rime Dolomite a rare item and sells very well on the Market Board currently.
  • Rime Dolomite also has a 95% chance to be needed in endgame crafting upon the release of Savage Raids, especially for new Weapons and Armours crafted by Blacksmith and Armorer. A lot of Crafters are buying this ore in bulk, which makes the demand very high currently.
  • Also similar to Rhodium Sand, Rime Dolomite may see a significant rise in price upon the release of new equipment with Savage Raids, especially in the first two days of release.

Best Places To Get Rime Dolomite:

  • Juturna Platform G, Garlemald (X: 32.0, Y: 34.8)


1. Lunar Adamantite Ore

A beautiful blue ore that resembles the color of the skies on the Moon.

The last ore to be featured in this article is none other than the Lunar Adamantite Ore. Similar to the other two listings before this, Lunar Adamantite Ore can only be gathered by a maxed level Miner and requires 2990 Perception and above to be mined. To mine this, players also need to buy and unlock the Celestial Mining Folklore for Sea of Stars.

Why Lunar Adamantite Ore Is Great for Selling:

  • Similar to Rhodium Sand and Rime Dolomite, only Miners with max level, good gear, and have unlocked the Folklore needed may mine this special Ore, which makes this particular Ore much more rarer in the Market Board.
  • Crafters are buying a lot of Lunar Adamantite Ore to prepare themselves for the release of new Equipment in Savage Raids, which means that selling this ore right now will give you a large profit.
  • There is a big chance that Lunar Adamantite Ore can become very expensive in the first few days after the release of Savage Raids along with new Endgame Crafted Equipment.

Best Places To Get Lunar Adamantite Ore:

  • Kydonia Knolls, Mare Lamentorum (X: 9.4, Y: 23.3)

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