[Top 5] FF14 Best Way To Get Company Seals

FF14 Best Way To Get Company Seals
The three Grand Companies in Eorzea.

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that features three different Grand Companies that a player can join, with each Grand Company representing one of the three base cities that a player can start their journeys on. The Order of the Twin Adder represents Gridania, Maelstrom represents Limsa Lominsa, while The Immortal Flames represent Ul’dah.

Upon joining a Grand Company, a player can rank up until they reach a Captain. Higher ranks will allow players to buy more things from their own respective Grand Companies, including glamour, glamour prisms, crafting materials, and many other important things. However, to buy these things, players would need a special currency named Company Seals.

This article will list some of the five best ways that a player can earn Company Seals quickly in Final Fantasy XIV.


5) Grand Company Supply & Provision Missions

After joining a Grand Company, players will submit certain specific items for Grand Company Supply and Provision Missions. A player may earn Grand Company Seals and experience related to the item they are submitting.

There will be one daily request for each crafter and gatherer job, so players will be able to submit these specific items every day to earn experience and a lot of Grand Company seals.

In addition, players may also check the items they need to submit and the timer for the next reset in the Duty tab in the main menu, or simply click Ctrl + U inside of the game, assuming that the player’s keybind is set to default.

A thing to note is the star next to certain items every day, as they will give extra experience points for the players as well, which can allow a player to be more motivated in doing supply and provision missions.


4) Duty Roulette: Leveling & Guildhest

Another option to easily get Company Seals is doing two Duty Roulettes: Leveling Duty Roulette and Guildhest Duty Roulette.

A player will be able to get Company Seals upon clearing these Duty Roulettes. Besides, doing Duty Roulettes with a combat job can also earn them a significant amount of experience, so it will be killing two birds with one stone.

Players may also check full information about the rewards they get on Duty roulettes upon clicking the Duty tab in the main menu or simply pressing U inside the game, assuming that the player set their keybind on default.


3) Grand Company Leves

Levequests are optional quests that a player can accept to earn experience, such as Company Seals. Levequests can be accessed in different towns and field areas upon unlocking the NPC related to taking the levequests for each area, which will require a player to do a quick trial levequest to unlock future levequests.

Players may easily take these special Leves from the NPCs and clear them for a quick grab of Grand Company seals. Players will get 3 Levequests allowances every 12 hours, and they may stack up to 100 Levequests allowances at maximum.

While players can take Levequests from all three Grand Companies, they will, of course earn more Grand Company seals upon taking and clearing a levequest from their own Grand Company, so make sure to pay attention to which levequest you are taking!


2) FATEs

FATEs are duties that have a specific objective a player needs to do to complete it. FATEs also spawn in all field areas, and clearing these FATEs may earn players a lot of Grand Company seals.

These duties may include clearing mobs of enemies, defeating a boss, collecting items, and defending certain items or people from an enemy siege.

Players will also earn more Grand Company seals when clearing higher-level FATEs, so clearing FATEs in later-level areas, such as the Shadowbringers area, may also be a great option.


1. Dungeon Gear

The last and easiest way to earn yourselves some company seals are by submitting Dungeon Gear to your Grand Company.

This can easily be done upon talking with the NPC, where a player may submit the items for their Supply and Provisioning missions and choose the Expert Delivery missions. Here, players may submit green and blue-colored gear to their Grand Company for an exchange of seals.

Submitting high-level gear can earn a player more than one thousand Grand Company seals for one piece of gear alone. For this reason, players who desperately need Grand Company seals have to grab all the gear they can whenever they run a dungeon, trial, or even raids, as they would be able to submit them back to their Grand Company for a massive amount of seals.

Beware, though, that a player may also submit some of their important gears, so make sure to read carefully the name of the gear you are submitting before confirming, as there is no way to get back the gear that you have submitted to your own Grand Company!


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