[Top 5] FF14 Endwalker Best Physical DPS!

FF14 Endwalker Best Physical DPS!
Everyone's DPS MATTERS!

Endwalker introduced two new classes, one being a DPS, and without doubt, made their way to one of the top 5! What are the rest? Let's check them out!

Endwalker expansions bring Reaper and Sage to the stage. As someone who played the selfish DPS, Samurai, I fear the new DPS will replace Samurai from the first-top-highest damage dealer in the realm. And my worry was proven correct; Reaper easily slides to being the first rank, but what are the rest?

5. Machinist

All you need is a gun and anrdoid.

Machinist is the straightforward ranged melee-DPS and the only one that makes it into the list. One of the reasons is that this ranged melee-DPS doesn't have to deal with RNG like the other classes in the category; ranged-physical DPS. This DPS with the gun is one of the most straightforward jobs to do some solo dungeons; you can solo deep dungeons with Machinist. "Tactician" is the party utility Machinist offers, which helps mitigate damage.

Why Machinist is one of the Best Melee-DPS:

  • Straightforward, no RNG for skills.
  • Deals significant damage, higher than that of the other ranged melee-DPS.
  • Easy to master.
  • Require good internet connection and PING, since the skills launch highly depend on it.
  • Have party utility that reduces damage-taken (Tactician).

Best Materia Build for Machinists:

  • Savage Aim Materia X/ Savage Might Materia X
  • Quickarm Materia X

Savage Aim and Savage Might are enough, but if you like that extra speed, you can go with a touch of Quickarm.

DPS Rating 80/100


4. Ninja

Do the "Naruto Run" and have special jumping animation.

On the top 4, we have Ninja. Damage-wise, Dragoon deals slightly more damage than Ninja, but Ninja is more versatile and can launch a ranged attack, no worries. That is why I instead put Ninja instead of Dragoon. Ninja has a fun rotation, and if you want to play Naruto, you might want to learn using Ninja. They also have mudras; hand signs that will create all kinds of Jutsu (skill) depending on the combination. Their "Trick Attack" indeed benefits other DPS classes in the party.

Why Ninja is one of the Best Melee-DPS:

  • Deal considerable damages, still in the top 8 if the magical DPS included.
  • Quick class, mobile and versatile (Ninja moves slightly faster than other classes).
  • Excellent party utility (Trick Attack). 
  • Not so much on the rotation, but it is a busy class.

Best Materia Build for Ninja:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
  • Savage Might Materia X

This class doesn't require more skill speed, narrowing their build to these specific Materia that add damage. However, if you want to complicate the job further, you can use Quickarm Materia X to add more speed.

DPS Rating 82/100

3. Samurai

All things cut into half before you know it.

Samurai is still the selfish DPS, with no party utility to offer. Despite having massive damage, I would put them on number 3 (also because the other classes that take spots 1 and 2 have higher DPS). Having a little positional is no problem. Samurai is relatively easy to learn. To be a great Samurai, you have to keep track of all the cooldowns to have optimized damage. Yes, you don't want your cooldowns to get overlapped.

Why Samurai is one of the Best Melee-DPS:

  • Straight forward combo, easy rotation.
  • Massive damages.
  • No party utility doesn't have to care about others, just yourself and your skill rotation.
  • And your self-buffs.
  • Despite no longer being the highest DPS dealer, you can still have a katana that hurt.

Best Materia Build for Samurai:

  • Quickarm Materia X
  • Savage Aim Materia X

You would want to attack fast and hit critical with Samurai. Quickarm Materia can bring you to a certain point, with some of their skills requiring a short cast. As they say, the faster, the better! When you have the desired skill speed, your Samurai can only get an optimal damage output.

DPS Rating 90/100

2. Monk

More attack skills, fewer stance skills.

The Monk in Endwalker gets yet another major revamp. Monk now requires less positional, and the rotation is less complex. They hit hard, more complicated than Samurai, and make a Samurai main like me bitter. How come a fist hits harder than a sword? But anyhow, they also have a lot of self-buffs and an exceptional party utility. Though it is not the best party utility, Mantra will still help healers keep up with the eels.

Why Monk is one of the Best Melee-DPS:

  • Need positioning for optimal damage output.
  • Not the most straightforward job, but very rewarding.
  • Monks deal massive, better than that Samurai.
  • Great party utility to assist healers.
  • Many self-buff like mitigation, damage buff, and even reduce auto-attack delay.

Best Materia Build for Monk:

  • Quickarm Materia X
  • Savage Aim Materia X

Monks, just like Black Mage, required more speed to be able to do their rotation and attack optimally. After getting the right amount of skill speed you want, continue with melding Savage Aim Materia.

DPS Rating 95/100

1. Reaper

Machinist has robots, Dark Knight has Living Shadow, Reaper has Ghost. Scarry ghost called Avatar.

Endwalker introduced a new job called "Reaper" and currently being the highest damage dealer in the DPS family. The rotations are easy to understand, do not have too many buttons, and offer a great party utility. Reaper is also a mobile class, and making the city map is filled with their "Regress/Threshold" not long after Endwalker release. Being the highest damage dealer and giving damage buff to the party, this is why this class outclasses Samurai.

Why Reaper is the Best Melee-DPS:

  • Have the highest rating of damage deal possible.
  • Offer a party utility that supports point number one even more.
  • Easy rotation understanding.
  • Less skill button than Samurai and Monk.

Best Materia Build for Reaper:

  • Savage Aim Materia X
  • Heaven's Eye Materia/Savage Might Materia X

As a reaper, all you need is damage. So make sure you fill all of that sockets with the red Materias.

DPS Rating 98/100


Now you know the current best Physical DPS in Endwalker. A major change is coming in 6.1, so keep yourself updated!

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