[Top 5] FF14 Endwalker Fastest Jobs To Level (Ranked Fast To Fastest)

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FFXIV with its vast job system.

Final Fantasy XIV has a complex but also very interesting job system that entices many new players to try out the game, simply because being able to change out into many different jobs in one single character eliminates the need for players to create an alt character or a completely new character from scratch.

However, players must level up every battle, gathering, and crafting job and class before they can access the majority of the talents and configurations available to them. While most occupations and classes begin at level one, several fight jobs in the game begin at higher levels, allowing players to advance them to level cap faster than other battle jobs.

This article will go through some of the battle jobs that start at a high level or can be swiftly leveled. However, you must first attain the requisite level before you may access fight jobs that begin at that level. For example, in order to unlock Astrologian, players must have a battle task with a level of 30.

However, completing the Main Story Questline alone will easily sweep the players from level 1 to maximum level if they complete the Main Story Questline in one or two fight jobs, thus this is not something to be concerned about.


5. Blue Mage

Blue Mage is a battle job that is very fun and very different from the other battle jobs.

Blue Mage is a Caster introduced in the Stormblood expansion, the game's second expansion following the release of the Heavensward expansion.

What Blue Mage Excels in:

  • Very fun and different gameplay compared to the other battle jobs
  • Have a LOT of spells that they can learn (over 100) and each Blue Mage can set up to 24 Spells that they can switch at will, which is very flexible and can be based on the content that they are going for.
  • Can easily cheese a lot of easier and older contents, especially from A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. This makes it easy to do events and other weeklies such as Wondrous Tails.

What Makes Blue Mage Fast To Level:

  • Even though the Blue Mage starts at level 1, just like most battle jobs, it has a different levelling system and can level up from level 1 to 70 very quickly in a matter of hours.
  • Its maximum level is only 70.
  • Players can easily acquire levels for Blue Mage simply by defeating mobs that are higher levelled than them with the Blue Mage job.
  • This can be made easier by asking a higher level friend to help killing the mob on the side (without being on a party), and letting you as the Blue Mage deal the first blow to the enemies while your friends finish them off.

Leveling guide:


4. Dancer

The Dancer is the latest Physical Ranged DPS introduced in the game.

What Dancer Excels in:

  • Dancer is a Physical Ranged DPS introduced in Shadowbringers, and they excel in dealing massive AoE damage in close combat and single target damage to the enemies from afar
  • They can also choose a party member as a dance partner and significantly boost their damage throughout the battle with buffs.
  • Dancer also offers buffs like Shield Samba that can enhance the stats of all party members as a whole and increase their damage, as well as provide healing over time and protect them from damage by offering group mitigation.

What Makes Dancer Fast To Level:

  • Dancer is a battle job that is introduced in Shadowbringers, and unlike other battle jobs that start at lower level, Dancer starts at level 60.
  • As this battle job starts at level 60, players will already have a plethora of Dancer skills after unlocking them, which will make it easier to level a Dancer as they have more skills that can handle more enemies.
  • In addition, higher leveled battle job will have more access to higher level content, which adds more options to quickly level up Dancer to level 90.

Leveling guide:


3. Gunbreaker

The Latest Tank Introduced in FFXIV, Gunbreaker.

What Gunbreaker Excels in:

  • Gunbreaker is a very strong and aggressive Tank introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion. They utilise their sword and gun to deal damage to the enemies.
  • Gunbreaker has a fairly complex rotation and combo as compared to other Tanks, and this makes their game style really unique and has a lot of variety, as well as able to deal a lot of damage to the enemies.
  • Gunbreakers can also protect themselves and their party members from taking damage by using their abilities to reduce damage taken and provide mitigation in order to let them live through the harder content in the game.

What Makes Gunbreaker Fast To Level:

  • Gunbreakers, like Dancers, begin at level 60 rather than level 1. This also gives players access to a plethora of talents and powers after unlocking the battle job, as well as a plethora of stuff that is only available at higher levels.
  • Not to mention, as Gunbreaker is a Tank, which are highly searched for in a lot of content, they will be able to enter Dungeons and Roulettes faster with a shorter queue time, as a lot of people will need a Tank in their party as compared to DPS.

Leveling guide:


2. Reaper

The newest melee battle DPS introduced in Endwalker, the Reaper.

What Reaper Excels in:

  • Reaper is a very strong Melee Battle Job that has high DPS for both single target and AoE damage. This makes Reaper a DPS job that can tackle down bosses as well as mobs in dungeons quite easily.
  • Furthermore, when compared to other Melee DPS jobs, Reaper's combos and rotations are rather simple, straightforward, and quick to learn, making it an excellent choice for novices.
  • On top of that, Reaper also serves party utility by providing damage boost to all party members through a party buff, as well as providing healing over time when the shield applied by the Reaper is broken through damage.

What Makes Reaper fast To Level:

  • Reaper is the latest DPS job introduced in the game through the latest expansion of Endwalker, and it starts at level 70, which makes it significantly easier to level Reaper to the current maximum level in FFXIV, which is 90.
  • As players have significantly more skills when starting at level 70, most of the levelling grind would not be felt as players will be able to learn the rotation and skills of a Reaper as they level through by doing Dungeons.
  • Reapers will also have more content unlocked for them to try out as they are unlocked at level 70, meaning that they will have access to most of the game’s content up to early Shadowbringers content right away.

Leveling guide:


1. Sage

The Sage is the latest Healer Battle Job introduced in FFXIV’s Endwalker.

What Sage Excels in:

  • Sage is the newest Shield healer and they excel in instant abilities and spells that can protect their allies from taking damage and providing healing over time. Their instant abilities allow Sages to be able to put shields and heal quickly in emergency situations.
  • Sage also has higher DPS than other healers and more DPS skills. Toxikon and Phlegma are two examples of spells that can cause insane damage to single targets as well as AoE damage and can be cast quickly.
  • As a lot of Sage’s spells and abilities can be instantly casted, Sage can be very mobile while providing healing at the same time, allowing them to be able to deal damage, provide shields and heals, as well as moving through the arena fluidly.

What Makes Sage Fast To Level:

  • Just like Reaper, Sage is a new battle job introduced in the latest Endwalker expansion, which means that unlocking Sage will start at level 70 instead of level 1, and makes it significantly faster and easier to level a Sage to level 90.
  • On top of that, unlike Reaper, Sage is a Healer, which is often highly desired for a lot of content, especially in dungeons. This makes Sages able to queue up for things with a shorter queue compared to a Reaper.
  • Because of this, Sage can be instantly leveled up to maximum level fairly quickly, and players can also try to learn Sage’s skills and abilities through the roulettes and dungeons while getting new ones.

Leveling guide:


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