FF14 Best Class - What's the Best Job to Play?

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The Warrior of Light ready to take the battle to the moon.

Final Fantasy XIV is perhaps one, if not the, most popular MMORPGs currently. Some studies and analytics have even revealed that FFXIV has beaten WoW in terms of subscriptions in July 2021.

The game currently is now enjoying a huge upsurge of new players coming in, mainly as a result of Asmongold, one of the most popular streamers in WoW (World of Warcraft), decided to try FFXIV. The game is now jam-packed with new players that the developers had to add to kick away AFK (away from keyboard) players that have been idle in the game for more than 30 minutes.

FFXIV implemented a system where a player can change their jobs just by switching out their weapons. For example, if a player wants to switch from being a paladin to a white mage, all they need to do is switch their sword and shield with a trusted cane!

With that said, new players might still be wondering  what are the best jobs that can be played in FFXIV currently. As leveling and gearing up a job is quite time-consuming, they might want to choose the best jobs for them. And this article will provide you with this information!

The Best Jobs in FFXIV to Play:


1) Astrologian

An Astrologian wielding the power of the stars.

Astrologian is, undoubtedly, one of the best healers in the game currently. As of now, it is the only healer that can switch between Regen and Shield healing. In addition, they also give one of the most powerful buffs for the party. Astrologian is a job that is introduced in the first expansion of FFXIV, Heavensward. 

To become an Astrologian, a player has to complete the main story quest ‘Before the Dawn’, and take the blue quest ‘Stairway to the Heavens’ in Ishgard to become an Astrologian.

Why Astrologian is great:

  • It is the only healer currently that can switch between regen and shield healing. Because of this, Astrologian can be paired up with either White Mage or Scholar with no problems.
  • Mobility. Astrologian can move between each skill, making them have ample time to dodge and do mechanics while still dealing optimal damage.
  • Buffs. Astrologian’s specialty is to draw cards and give them to players, including themselves. These cards will enhance the damage of a player either by 3 or 6%. In addition, Astrologian also have divination, which can enhance all party member’s damage dealt by 4-6% for 15s.
  • oGCDs healing. Astrologian can weave in oGCDs (off global cooldown) healing between attacks, such as Essential Dignity, Earthly Star, Celestial Intersection, and Celestial Opposition. This makes Astrologians able to heal party members while still doing damage.
  • Healing costs less mana. Scholar’s and White Mage’s most powerful single healing target (Adloquium and Cure 2) costs 1000 mana, while Astrologian’s (Benefic 2) only costs 700 mana. In addition, Scholar’s and White Mage’s party shield and regens cost 1000 (Succor) and 1300 (Medica 2) mana respectively, while Astrologian’s only cost 800 mana (Aspected Helios).

Pick Astrologian if:

  • You like healing, and can’t decide between being a shield or regen healer. You can do both!
  • Likes mobility. As you can move every single GCD while still dealing damage, Astrologian is a perfect job for those who don't like to sit still but like healing!
  • Likes to give buffs to your party members. As Astrologians can deal card-enhancing damage as well as divination, they have one of the most powerful buffs in game currently.
  • Likes to deal damage while healing. As Astrologian have a lot of oGCD heals, they can weave heals for party members even while dealing Malefic (their damage dealing skill).
  • Likes the aesthetic of stars.

An Astrologian saving their party members with the Astral Stasis ultimate ability.


2) Gunbreaker

A Gunbreaker ready to slash all that hinders his way.

Gunbreaker is one of the two new jobs introduced in the Shadowbringer expansion pack. It utilizes a sword that has cartridges to deal devastating damage to the enemies even as a tank. Aside from big damage, Gunbreaker is also one of the tanks that have a lot of mitigation to deal with damage from enemies and bosses.

To become a Gunbreaker, a player must have owned the ‘Shadowbringers’ expansion pack, reach level 60 in any of the battle jobs, and take the blue quest ‘The Makings of a Gunbreaker’ in Gridania to become a Gunbreaker.

Why Gunbreaker is great to play:

  • Among the four tanks, it can deal the most damage if played correctly.
  • The combos are interesting and vary from fight to fight, which makes a player not get bored while playing it and able to experiment the best combos best suited for a specific fight.
  • It has a lot of mitigation and even heals for oneself, allowing a Gunbreaker to live longer when under siege by attacks.
  • It has several party mitigations that can help lower the damage taken by a party or a single member.
  • Gunbreaker has two damages over time (DoTs), Sonic Break and Bow Shock, which can help lower the enemy’s health even further.

Pick Gunbreaker if:

  • You like to lead the fight as a tank, and still be able to have a myriad of combos and deal a lot of damage to the enemies like a DPS.
  • Likes to learn several combos and the intricacies of the fight to find the right combo for each fight.
  • Likes to be able to stay alive for long as well as help the party to lower damage taken.
  • Likes the flashiness of sword and gunplay.

A Gunbreaker destroying his enemies.


3) Summoner

A Summoner ready to wreak havoc in battle with their spells and summons.

Summoner is currently one of the strongest DPS in the game, and uses their arsenal of summons and damage over time to weaken their enemies. This job is very suitable for a player who likes magic, casting, and summoning. 

In addition, their summons are a myriad of old enemies that a player has defeated throughout the game, making it a bit nostalgic and even exhilarating.

To become a summoner, a player must start with the Arcanist class, or reach level 15 and complete the main story quest ‘Call of the Sea’ to be able to take the blue quest ‘So You Want to be an Arcanist’ in Limsa Lominsa. After reaching level 30 in Arcanist, a player can complete the class quests to become a Summoner.

Why Summoner is great to play:

  • Uses their arsenal of summons to adjust to each mechanic and fight accordingly.
  • Is very mobile, especially for a caster. Has two phases where they can move freely while still dealing a lot of damage.
  • Has various spells that can be dealt to bosses, mobs, and even to protect themselves.
  • Can help the party by giving a buff that enhances their damage as well as a regen during their phoenix phase.
  • The job’s intricacies and tools vary so that a player won’t be bored by playing a summoner and can experiment which summon and attack is best for a specific fight.

Pick Summoner if:

  • You like to deal a lot of damage with the help of your summons.
  • Likes casting and magic, but does not like staying still for the entirety of the fight.
  • You want to have arsenals of spells and summons that can be called forth according to your needs or the fight’s mechanics.
  • Want to help the party even as a DPS by giving buffs and even regens.
  • The idea of summoning is very interesting for you, or you like the aesthetic of dragons and summons.

A Summoner wielding the powers of Bahamut.

Those are the three best jobs in FFXIV currently, which one is your favorite?


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