[Top 5] FF14 Best Ways To Farm MGP With Less Effort

[Top 5] FF14 Best Ways To Farm MGP With Less Effort
I will complete those logs! Literally!

Once you hit the Gold Saucer, you will never go back!

Yep, that’s what they say! Once you have discovered Gold Saucer, it is hard to return to the main objective, the Main Scenario Quest, and fulfil your role as a Hero/Heroine, or in this case, become a gambler. Now, that being said, how do you get some MGP effortlessly?

5. Mini-Cacpot

I'm not a lucky person...

Mini-Cacpot requires some luck, and you can participate up to 3 times a day and win up to a total of 30.000 MGP. The idea is to guess which row/column/diagonal will give you the most MGP. It resets at the same time with daily roulettes, and you can use the ‘Gold Saucer VIP Card’ to get that extra MGP!

4. Jumbo-Cacpot

Did you win?

You can participate in Jumbo-Cacpot once a week. It will require you to guess four numbers; you can enter up to 3 combinations per week, and if you get all four numbers correct, you can get up to at least 1.000.000 MGP. If you come early after the number is drawn, you can get an Early Bird bonus! You can increase the bonus with the ‘Gold Saucer VIP Card’! If you don’t get any number correct, the consolation prize is more than enough to cover the participation cost.

3. Battlehall - Triple Triad

I must win! At least I can win this one!

There are four challenge logs for the triple triad. Win 3 times in Battlehall, Play 5 times in Battle hall, Play 10 Triple Triad 10 times, and Win Triple Triad 10 times. All you need to do is play and win ten times in Battlehall to get a total of 18.500 MGP from the challenge log! Pick the easiest opponent in Battlehall to ensure you win ten times in 10 games. If you get some cards, you can also trade them for extra MGP! Killing four birds with one stone, don’t you think?

2. Challenge Log

Just 10 minutes every week!

In just 10 minutes, you can get 29.500 MGPs from the Challenge Log! Well, isn’t that one tagline? But I’m not lying, and you can get that amount of MGPs by just sparing a good 10 minutes. Playing any mini-game in Gold Saucer and getting at least 100 MGP will give you 2.500 MGP from Challenge Log. The rest is from Lord of Verminion. I know you may say one game of Lord Verminion could take hours, but wrong. All you need to do is unlock Stage 4 (Little Big Beast) of ‘Verminion Challange.’ And repeat it five times. It will take less than a minute if you know the trick! A ‘Wolf Pup’ minion is all you need to get that done under 1 minute!

1. Fashion Week

Just 3 minutes every week!

Fashion Week, like its name, is something you can participate in once a week. They will give you some themes/topics that you will have to figure out what equipment is correct. If all equipment slots are filled and wrong, you will get 60 points and 10.000 MGP as a participation reward. If you get at least 80 points, you will get an additional 50.000 MGP! Fashion week is the easiest way to get quick MGP without any effort, all you need is two dyes and one correct item to get a total of 60.000 MGP. You can also use the ‘Gold Saucer VIP Card’  to get a 15% boost of MGP! This means you can get a total of 69.000 MGP! But how to know what items are correct and which dyes? The Twitter KaiyokoStar will guide you to get an easy 80 pts. Go check out their Twitter!

Now you have all the easy ways to get the MGP you need. Which do you think is the most efficient and effortless? You can get at least 108.000 MGP a week by just doing Fashion Week, Challenge Logs, and Triple Triad! Such a bargain! And with the amount of time spent, you can continue your journey to be the Hero/Heroine you are meant to be!

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