Top 5 FF14 Best PvP Classes That Are OP

FF14 Best PvP Classes
Samurai is a beast!

Top 5 FF14 Best PvP Classes That Are OP

Final Fantasy 14 has a variety of PvP platforms that cater to many types of players. They have everything from 4 vs.4 to a 90 player battleground. We all know how savage PvP can be, so we are here to analyze some of the best jobs for the PvP arena.


5. Red Mage

Red Mage is a ranged DPS that offers a lot of support to your team members in PVP. Syncing up DPS with your fellow Melee teammates is a Red Mages specialty. It has some of the best utility in PvP. Red Mages are the extra support you need to secure your kills. 

Why Red Mage is OP in PvP:

  • Red Mage has high mobility; even for being a caster. It has a gap closer and a back step, allowing you to engage or withdraw at any moment while fighting your foe.
  • Red Mage is one of the only DPS that has a healing skill. This can save you or your teammate if you’re in a tight spot with no healer around. Who needs a healer when you have a Red Mage? 
  • It has some of the highest damage output for DPS in PvP compared to all other DPS jobs, while also having amazing utility.
  • It has a skill that offers damage buffs and defensive buffs to any party member of your choice. 
  • It has ranged and close combat skills, giving you an upper hand to control an attack from the opposite team.


4. Samurai

Samurai has an incredibly unique toolkit that can allow you to take the lead in any PvP match. If played correctly, Samurai can be the very backbone of your team. Cut your enemies in half and carry your party to victory!

Why Samurai is OP in PvP:

  • Samurai's gauge has no timer. You can fight without worrying about losing your meter for burst damage.  
  • Specific burst abilities that Samurai has can be cut short, allowing you to withdraw from fights if the odds aren't in your favor.
  • It has a DOT (damage over time) ability that you can place on your target. Even if your enemy runs away, you can still chip away at their health until you catch up. 
  • It has a single powerful ranged attack that can kill your enemy if they try to run from you last minute. 
  • Samurai has a defensive ability that negates 50% of the damage taken for the next three attacks. This skill also works on giant LB (limit break) attacks and can save your life in a dire situation. You basically have the ability to be a tank for a short about of time.


3. Dragoon

Dragoon has finally graduated from being the designated “floor tank.” Dragoon’s ole now is to create high-pressure DPS and kill enemies quickly. From a PvP standpoint, Dragoon is extraordinarily aggressive and has the least amount of utility. If you're interested in a DPS that provides ample opportunity to oppress the enemy with its quick pressure, high spike damage, and flashy acrobatics, Dragoon is the job for you. 

Why Dragoon is OP in PvP:

  • It has the highest burst damage of all melee  DPS. 
  • It has a variety of jumps that also provide damage during use. Being mobile and providing extra DPS is definitely a plus. 
  • Even though Dragoon is a close combat fighter, it has a couple of ranged attacks that add to your burst damage. Or can be used as an extra move to kill your enemies as they run in fear. 
  • It has AOE (area of effect) abilities that can add extra high-pressure damage to those around you. 
  • Dragoon has a damage buff that not only buffs your DPS but also a teammate of your choice.


2. Black Mage

Glowing staffs, long robes, an evil laugh, and a menacing aura boiled down in a cauldron to create a mean, lean, nuking machine; Black Mage is a killer DPS in the PvP arena.  Its role is to elicit pressure and create sparks and explosions with pinpoint accuracy. You can control the flow of the match with your surgically timed spells. 

Why Black Mage is OP in PvP:

  • Black Mage is the most powerful caster DPS in PvP. Even experiencing one spell from a Black Mage can be devastating. 
  • It has the most potent AOE damage in the game. You can kill multiple enemies at once. 
  • Black Mage has several ways to cast spells instantly. No cast times mean consecutive, deadly, explosive damage. 
  • It has an ability that can bind your enemies to the ground, unable to move for a couple of seconds. Bind your enemies to the field and then blow them up with your massive damage. Make sure to practice your evil laugh for this technique! 
  • Black Mage has a beneficial defensive skill that can convert its MP into HP.


1. Machinist

The Machinist's toolkit is an infinite bag of tricks that all come together with a single goal in mind: to make sure your burst is as deadly as possible. As a ranged DPS, typically your role is to support your melee. However, Machinist is so powerful you can often take the lead for yourself. 

Why Machinist is OP in PvP:

  • Machinist has the deadliest burst damage of all the DPS jobs. Be ready to pop a cap in someone’s ass. 
  • It doesn't need to build up resources like most DPS. Its burst is available at a moment's notice. 
  • Maneuverability is one of its strong points, making it hard to catch for close combat fighters. 
  • Machinist has strong defensive skills that make it one of the hardest DPS to kill. That’s right, it basically invincible. 
  • It can shoot its target backward to regain and maintain distance from their enemies.


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