[Top 10] FF14 Best PvP Classes To Play

FF14 Best PvP Classes To Play
Sometimes the toughest enemies are other players. Bring on the challenge!

PvP has come a long way in FF14. Once upon a time, it was actually something of a running joke within the community. Thanks to a handful of recent updates, PvP has gone from a rather basic side activity to a more developed and infinitely more enjoyable gaming experience.

After a much-needed facelift, adding new modes and maps, and are-balancing of the PvP meta, players are now eager to duke it out for PvP-only rewards and, of course, bragging rights.

But which jobs are performing the best in 6.4? Here’s our tier list for top PvP jobs in FF14.


10. White Mage

Proving the White Magic can be devastating in the right hands!

Don’t let the healer icon fool you! White Mage is a powerhouse PvP job in Final Fantasy XIV. White Mages are an essential component of any team's makeup. 

White Mages maintain their comrades through severe damage with the use of effective AoE healing spells and strong single-target heals, shifting the balance of the battle in their favor. 

Additionally, White Mages can obstruct opposing movements and provide their team the chance to secure goals or take advantage of straggling opponents.

What makes White Mage so strong in PvP?

  • Fantastic healing abilities that help their teammates survive heavy fire
  • Exceptional damage abilities that can devastated groups of enemies
  • White Mages boast some of the more obnoxious crowd controlling abilities in PvP

What makes White Mage a great pick for you?

  • You want to play support but also be a significant threat to enemy teams
  • Healers are nearly impossible to kill without backup, so you’ll feel very confident and secure
  • The White Mage suite of abilities are very well-rounded, making it easy for them to adapt to any situation

PvP Power Score 72/100


9. Scholar

Who would have suspected that Scholar was capable of such absurd AoE damage?

In Final Fantasy XIV, the Scholar is a powerful option for PvP due to its versatility, potent healing powers, and clever pet management. Scholars have access to a fairy companion as part of their special healer job, which helps them support and heal the team. 

Scholars offer a number of gadgets and tricks for their teammates, including defensive buffs, heals, fantastic DPS, and group haste. This makes them exceptional supporters of their teammates.

Scholars enjoy a unique skillset that lends itself well to smart, strategic gameplay, but what exactly makes it so good in PvP?

  • Scholars employ fairies to heal while they are free to focus on supporting their teammates elsewhere
  • Scholars offer fantastic damage mitigation for their group, which helps them survive
  • Scholars enhance their group’s mobility, which can help them engage and disengage conflict as needed

Why should you consider Scholar for PvP?

  • Scholars are capable of disgusting DPS numbers thanks to their ability to apply damage over time effects to large groups of enemies
  • Scholars have a wide variety of tools to help their groups outpace their opponents
  • Scholars have great survivability thanks to their healing and are difficult to kill in one-on-one conflicts

PvP Power Score 76/100


8. Gunbreaker

Frustrate enemy teams with Gunbreaker's unique and versatile bag of tricks!

Gunbreaker's distinct mix of damage-dealing and tanking skills makes it a fantastic pick for PvP in Final Fantasy XIV. Gunbreakers can disrupt enemy formations while shielding comrades from injury by drawing attention away from their more susceptible teammates. 

Gunbreakers have access to a variety of offensive talents, allowing them to push opponents in PvP encounters and do massive burst damage. They are a formidable force on the battlefield and draw both experienced players and newbies to the PvP arena because of their capacity to stay in the frontline longer while doing significant damage.

Gunbreaker’s hybrid playstyle makes for a highly engaging experience, but what exactly makes it so strong in PvP?

  • Gunbreakers serve as the first line of defense for their squad because of their abilities to draw aggro and take damage
  • Gunbreakers possess powerful offensive skills that are difficult for enemy teams to ignore
  • Gunbreakers enjoy a number of great crowd control abilities that can easily shut down enemies

What makes Gunbreaker a great fit for you, though?

  • Gunbreakers have access to gap-closing skills, which allow them to quickly attack opponents or move into different locations as needed
  • Gunbreakers can heal themselves, which further increases their ability to endure protracted battles
  • Gunbreaker is an excellent choice for players who like to bully opponents while keeping their teammates nice and pretty

PvP Power Score 80/100


7. Monk

Overwhelm enemies with lightning-fast combos!

Due to its quick-moving and fluid gameplay, the Monk in Final Fantasy XIV makes for a swift and powerful melee DPS profession on the battlefield. Monks are renowned for their lightning-fast combo chains and outstanding agility, which enable them to quickly close in on opponents and land deadly strikes. 

In PvP battles, their capacity to increase their own attack power and damage further increases their threat potential. In addition, their crowd control skills obstruct enemy movements, which helps them gain the upper hand in team or one-on-one battles.

Monks also enjoy a significant amount of survivability, thanks to their mobility and defensive skills.

But what makes them so great in PvP?

  • Monks can Shoulder Tackle enemies, making it easier for them to get up close and personal with anyone they choose
  • Monks have personal defense buffs that make it difficult to kill them one-on-one
  • Monks can do massive damage to single targets, which can easily remove a threat from the battlefield

What makes Monk a great fit for you?

  • Not only are Monks difficult to kill one-on-one, but they also have mobility skills that make them highly elusive
  • Monks possess a number of crowd control abilities, which are often used creatively to expand on their use
  • Monks boast a well-rounded skillset, making it easy for them to adapt as needed

PvP Power Score 81/100


6. Bard

Dazzle enemies with colorful lights that blind them to your deadly arrows!

Due to its special combination of mobility, support, and ranged damage in Final Fantasy XIV, the Bard is an excellent choice for PvP play. Bards are excellent at doing steady damage from a distance as a ranged physical DPS job, which enables them to put pressure on enemies and take over strategic locations on the battlefield. 

They are very evasive thanks to their mobility and quick repositioning talents, making it difficult for foes to close in on them. Additionally, bards offer the team crucial support with their songs, which can grant a variety of buffs and debuffs, improving the performance of their teammates and harming their enemies.

Why is Bard a great option in PvP?

  • Bards can pick off enemies from afar while maintaining distance and keeping safe
  • Bards support their teammates with songs that buff action speed, mobility, and defense
  • Bards come with a handful of excellent crowd control abilities that can be used to devastating effect in the right hands

Why should you choose Bard for PvP?

  • Bards support their teammates by keeping an eye on the big picture and filling in the gaps as needed
  • Bards are particularly good at silencing enemy healers
  • Bards can significantly improve the effectiveness of their teammates by playing smart and keeping their distance

PvP Power Score 82/100


5. Samurai

Samurai are natural duelists and few things are as scary as seeing one rush at you!

Final Fantasy XIV's Samurai class excels in PvP due to its potent burst damage, strong single-target abilities, and self-sustainability. Samurai are skilled at launching powerful direct attacks with their katana as a melee DPS job, making them formidable opponents in one-on-one battles. 

They can execute high-damage moves like "Midare Setsugekka" and "Hissatsu: Shinten" with timing and accuracy thanks to their Sen and Kenki mechanics. Self-healing is another benefit of the Samurai's "Meditate" talent, which enables them to survive protracted combat. 

Samurai can quickly defeat opponents and make a big contribution to the team's victory in PvP battles with their quick Sen buildup and effective combinations.

What exactly makes Samurai so strong in PvP?

  • Samurai specialize in massive single target DPS, making them a significant threat to even enemy tanks
  • Samurai have strong self-sustainability, which can help them survive one-on-one conflicts
  • Samurai have exceptional mobility, making it particularly easy for them to get up close and personal with anyone

What makes Samurai a good choice for you?

  • Samurai are among the strongest duelists in the game and they are particularly deadly in one-on-one conflicts
  • Samurai easily delete most opponents who are foolish enough to come at them unprepared
  • Samurai support the team by analyzing the biggest threats on the field and taking them out

PvP Power Score 86/100


4. Summoner

Unleash Bahamut and Phoenix on enemy teams and watch them scatter before you!

Summoners can adapt to different PvP situations because they have access to a broad variety of offensive and utility spells as a caster class. They are a strong force on the battlefield thanks to the valuable support and additional damage their Egi pets provide. 

Their ability to do heavy damage to multiple targets puts a tremendous amount of pressure on opponents, gradually wearing them down.

Additionally, they have the ability to call upon Bahamut and Phoenix during battle, which gives them access to a sizable burst window that can help them win the conflict.

What exactly makes the Summoner so strong in PvP?

  • Summoners are highly mobile casters, making them very elusive in combat
  • Summoners can do fantastic damage to large groups of enemies, especially in third-party situations
  • Summoners can call upon Carbuncle to protect them in a pinch

What makes Summoner a great option for you, though?

  • Summoners excel in the fast-paced PvP environment, where movement and flexibility are critical
  • As the name suggests, these casters summon fan favorites, such as Bahamut and Phoenix
  • Summoners are capable of heavy burst damage that can be devastating against a group that isn’t paying attention

PvP Power Score 89/100


3. Red Mage

Bully enemy teams with debilitating status effects or swap to defense and support team healers!

Red Mages are a hybrid caster-melee class that can swiftly transition between using spells and melee attacks to adapt to various scenarios and enemy lineups. This flexibility makes them terminally lethal in PvP.

They can pressure opponents with both ranged and close-quarters strikes because of their distinctive playstyle, making them unpredictable and difficult to stop. Their strong burst potential in PvP engagements enables them to cast spells immediately after scoring a successful melee combination.

Red Mages can also heal their teammates, keeping them in the fight and supporting their squad in difficult situations. But, most importantly, Red Mages are able to swap modes in PvP, allowing them to modify their skillset to adapt to whatever challenge comes their way.

What makes the Red Mage so strong in PvP?

  • In PvP, Red Mages swap between modes, which allows them to buff their team’s defense or offense as needed
  • Red Mages are great support for the entire team since they are capable of great DPS and can heal in a pinch
  • Red Mages have fantastic crowd control abilities, which further bolster their already impressive supportive capabilities

What makes Red Mage the right fit for you?

  • Red Mage is the single best pick for flexibility and versatility, capable of handling any situation
  • Red Mage is easy to grasp but difficult to master, which makes it appealing for players who enjoy thinking strategically
  • Red Mage boasts fantastic mobility for getting into and out of trouble

PvP Power Score 92/100


1. Ninja

If you see a Ninja, it's probably already too late.

In Final Fantasy XIV, the Ninja is frequently cited as one of the greatest jobs for PvP because of its exceptional mobility, flexible toolbox, and potent utility. Players can chain together ninjutsu spells using the job's special Mudra system, giving them access to a variety of skills that can both cause damage and have strong crowd control effects. 

Because of the ninja's fast-paced action, foes find it difficult to anticipate their moves or successfully block their assaults. Ninjas are also excellent at applying pressure to targets, taking down opponents with precisely timed abilities, and exiting perilous situations quickly when necessary.

Ninjas are the assassins in FF14, and no job comes close to deleting other players as efficiently as they do.

What exactly makes Ninjas so strong in PvP?

  • It is difficult for foes to lock on to ninja due to their fast movement on the battlefield, which enables them to engage and disengage with ease.
  • Ninjas have access to exceptional crowd control abilities, allowing them to restrict enemy movement and actions
  • Ninjas can reposition and evade in a pinch by using their Hide skill

What makes Ninja a great choice for you?

  • You like to be up close and personal, with the ability to jump and out of combat as needed
  • You like to be the teammate that can delete threats with attacks that deal massive damage
  • You want to have enough defensive ability to disengage fights that aren’t in your favor

PvP Power Score 96/100

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