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Samurai and pals in Kugane

When it comes to DPS, Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV fall into three categories. Physical ranged, Caster and Melee. These, of course, are meant to accommodate all kinds of playstyles, but with nineteen jobs available, choosing the right one can be a mountainous task, which is why today, we’ll be picking apart bit by bit, which DPS is the best. This week, we’re starting with the melee. Because all tanks are melee jobs, we'll include them in this list as well, so no one feels left out. 


Best Melee DPS


5) Dragoon

Dragoon on the moon

One of the earliest Melee Jobs available to players. A Dragoon uses spears and piercing moves to deal critical damage to enemies.

Dragoons use a series of positional attacks and jumping movement abilities to make for a fast and frenzied class, that deals heavy amounts of damage.

What Dragoon excels at

  • Fast and frenetic combos such as the Disembowel and Vorpal Blade combos, that deal massive amounts of single-target damage and debuffs.
  • A flashy piercing attack called Whirlwind Thrust is awarded when Dragoons hit level 90
  • Dragoon's numerous Jump weaponskills allow it to steal uptime and deal damage for longer periods of time than other jobs, which struggle to avoid boss mechanics.

Choose Dragoon if

  • · You like Ishgardian lore
  • · You’re a fan of spears.
  • · You prefer the forests of Gridania.

DPS Power Score 87/100













Level 70 Ninja

Beginning as a rogue, ninja features not only an interesting unlock, but a heart-warming job questline as well. The ninja wields dual daggers and deals damage through a series of ninjutsu.

Ninjas are a great melee job that meshes well with other jobs that dole out buff for DPS.

What Ninja excels at

  • · The Ten Chi Jin rotation can be a chore but ultimately satisfying when you see your damage numbers roll in 
  • · Raijin and Flying Raijin are the finale to this complicated rotation, that offers satisfying animations and brutal DPS. 
  • · Suiton and its execution takes precision, and rewards players for their timing. 

Choose Ninja if

  • You enjoy the assassin fantasy.
  • You’re great at coordinating attacks.
  • You’re a fan of Asian-inspired jobs.

DPS Power Score 88/100
















3) Monk

Level 80 Monk

In a flurry of fiery fisticuffs, Monk comes in at number three. The second Melee that had its origin in a realm reborn, Monks fight using fist and knuckle weapons.

Monk’s key to damage comes from a mechanic known as positionals. This involves monk players being aware of where they are positioned around the boss at all times, otherwise, their damage will ultimately suffer.

What Monk excels at

  • · Accelerating damage through the use of positionals and critical attacks.
  • · Buffing itself through the riddle of earth, riddle of air and riddle of fire abilities.
  • · In a recent patch, Square Enix reworked the critical hit stat, to make it matter more to Melee classes, Monk takes the most advantage of that update. 

Choose Monk if

  • · You like the fantasy of being a brawler.
  • · You like being active during boss fights.
  • · You want a class with a simple rotation.

DPS Power Score 89/100











Level 70 Reaper gear. 

Introduced in Endwalker, the Scythe-wielding Reaper Job focuses on positional attacks, along with well-timed integration of your voidsent mechanic.

Reapers operate as a type of anti-Dragoon. They share the same positional attacks but ultimately are very different in their execution.

What Reaper excels at

  • While monk lives and dies by its positional attacks, reaper often allows for the smooth alteration of where those attacks can come from.
  • Slice, Waxing Slice and Infernal Slice offer up a great introduction for newcomers to a class, that starts at level 70
  • Unveiled Gibbet, unlocked at level 80, pushes the Reaper's damage out of adequate and into top tier with its stack mechanic and complete alteration of the Reaper's skills to suit its new form.

Choose Reaper if

  • · You like positionals and bladed weapons.
  • · You enjoy the Grim reaper fantasy.
  • · You leveled dragoon at the start but don’t want to level another DPS


DPS Power Score 90/100












Level 90 Samurai.

First introduced in the Stormblood expansion, Samurai wield the Japanese sword known as a Katana.

Samurai utilize a mechanic known as the Kenki gauge. A bar shaped like their sword fills as they perform combos. Used to deal high amounts of Damage once it was filled.

What Samurai excels at

  • ·A malleable rotation able to be switched up at a moment’s notice.When speccing, Samurai frequently have the option of hitting harder or more frequently.·        
  • The Sen and Kenki systems offer great resource management, and a system envious of other classes that may have to wait for opportunities to use their best moves. 
  • Namikiri and Kaeshi Namikiri are the apex of a Samurai’s moveset. They are awarded at level 90 and  are often the moves other members of the raid seek to buff when they’re ready. 

Choose Samurai if

  • · You like being top DPS.
  • · You’re okay with reading Japanese for your attacks.
  • · You appreciate the Ronin fantasy.











Best Tank DPS




Paladin on the moon.

Starting as a Gladiator, this sword and shield class transforms into the Paladin when it hits LVL 30.

Paladin is unique in that it deals both physical and magical damage, enabling it to tailor itself to a plethora of situations.

What Paladin excels at

  • · Shield oath is the Paladin’s tank stance, unlocked at level ten. It draws enemies in and holds their aggression. 
  • · Hallowed ground acts as a momentary invulnerability that enables Paladins to survive encounters where they’d otherwise die. 
  • · Introduced in Endwalker, the already hard hitting Confiteor gets an extension in the form of Blades of Faith, Blades of Truth and Blades of Valor.

Choose Paladin if

  • · You enjoy sword and shield tanking.
  • · You like a bit of magic in your tanks.
  • · You loved the Endwalker trailer.

DPS Power Score 60/100




3) Warrior

Warrior in the snow.

The axe wielding brute of Eorzea, Warrior is an unrelenting  monster of a tank that’s well equipped for most instances.

While not the best at damage warrior is great at mitigating to ease the load on healers.

What Warrior excels at

  • While other tanks block a percentage of damage, Warrior’s Shake it off ability actually heals the tank back to full HP. 
  • Holmgang enables them to stun in Pvp, which can turn the tide of an already hectic Crystalline Conflict match. 
  • The majority of tanks only have a two-skill AOE rotation. Warrior has three in the form of Overpower, Mythril tempest and Steel Cyclone. 

Choose Warrior if

  • You like axes.
  • You enjoy doing content without the assistance of a healer.
  •  You enjoy the berserker fantasy.

DPS Power Score 62/100


2) Gunbreaker

For this tank we go one expansion back. Gunbreaker wields a blade with cartridges, used to enhance its attacks.

Gunbreaker is an homage to Final Fantasy VIII and works by unleashing a barrage of attacks in quick succession.

What Gunbreaker excels at.

  • The No Mercy buff can enable a Gunbreaker to overtake a lesser DPS job.
  • The Gunbreaker's camouflage allows it to parry and defend against other tanks that only soften an enemy's damage.
  • Burst Strike and the cartridge mechanic only get more fun at level 90, when Gunbreaker unlocks Hypervelocity. 

Choose Gunbreaker if

  • · You love Final Fantasy VIII
  • · You want the combos of Samurai as a tank
  • · You want a great bodyguard storyline

DPS Power Score 63/100



















1) Dark Knight

Dark Knight is the Zweihander-wielding warrior of darkness in Final Fantasy XIV.

Right now, Dark Knights are the best DPS when it comes to tanking and raiding in the game, as it pertains to the latest patch, Zweihander-wielding of Endwalker.

What Dark Knight excels at

  • Living Shadow gives you a simulacrum partner to battle enemies with, acting like a fifth or ninth member of your raiding or dungeon party. 
  • Living dead turns you into a zombie to survive attacks, giving your healer and other party members time to recover from tough boss phases. 
  • At level 90 Dark Knight unlocks Shadowbringer, a move that not only they can use, but their simulacrum as well, offering almost double the damage from both sides.       

Choose Dark Knight if.

  • You like the aesthetic of Reaper but want to tank.
  • You want the highest DPS as a tank
  • Youlike two handed swords as your main weapon.  

DPS Power Score 65/100

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