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By definition, the term "MMORPG" begins with two words, ‘Massively Multiplayer.’ This means that it is almost unavoidable that your gameplay experience will involve other people. Final Fantasy XIV, however, is different.

 The game contains an MSQ, or main story quest, which is a singular, personal experience for each individual player, allowing them the freedom to experience the story of Final Fantasy XIV however they see fit. Yet, with nineteen jobs to choose from, how is a discerning player supposed to choose the right class to go it alone?

 That is where this guide comes in. We sifted through all nineteen jobs to see which ones grant the smoothest and most comfortable playthrough of the MSQ, for those who want to go it, solo. This guide should also be prefaced with the statement that "best for solo play" does not always imply "best DPS," though we do have guides for those as well. Final Fantasy XIV also lacks a system for accurately determining which jobs concurrent players completed the MSQ with, as only jobs popular in raiding are included in their census data. Thus, these jobs were chosen based on personal experience which of them offers the smoothest playthrough of the MSQ. 



  10) Scholar

A scholar smiles at their pet fairy.

Scholar is the Healer branch to the book-wielding Summoner job. Both of them start as an arcanist and allow players to choose their path forward from there. While playing in parties you won’t find much struggle as a healer, in single-player MSQ portions, it can sometimes be a struggle to dole out DPS to clear story fights, especially in later expansions like Stormblood.

As a healer, the scholar does get their part to play in certain cutscenes. If there are spots where a certain character is injured, Scholar will help heal the character, while other DPS classes will stand there helpless.

What Scholar excels at

  • A collection of AOE in the form of "Art of War."
  • Adloquium and all of Scholar's other heals overheal party members and provide them with a membrane of extra HP, to survive enemy attacks. 
  • A resurrection spell acquired as early as level 12

Choose Scholar if

  • ·You love playing as an academic.
  • You don’t want to trouble yourself leveling a healer after leveling a DPS.
  • · You love Nymian lore in-game.

Solo Power Score 44/100



















A Bard poses with their weapon.

From the creators that brought you the term “Spoony Bard.” Comes the Job of the same name. Bard is one of the very first ranged DPS you can unlock and begins the game as an archer.

As a bard you get an AOE spell early on that helps with dealing with multiple enemies very quickly. Being at range also allows you better control of single-player situations.

What Bard excels at

  • Putting distance between themselves and their adversaries.
  • One of the first jobs to receive buffs based around the different songs the Bard Job learns. 
  • An outstanding performance system, where musicians can create midi files to play entire symphonies in-game. 

Choose Bard if

  • You’re musically inclined and want to show it off in-game.

  •  You love playing at range.

  • · You love the rhythm in your rotation.

Solo Power Score: 50/100







A Sage and their Nouliths.

One of the new jobs added in Endwalker, Sage, the new shield healer on the block, wielding the fantastical Nouliths.

Sage offers a moderate amount of damage, while still being a healer, which makes queue times easier. The only reason it comes in so low is that it starts at level 70, which means the only time it can be used for MSQ would be at the end of Stormblood.

What Sage excels at

  • Rapid healing and damage even through the tightest of boss mechanics. Abilities like Pepsis and Physis gradually restore the party's HP 
  •  OGCD heals in the form of Durchole, Ixochole, and Taurochole.
  • · OGCD shields like Haima and Panhaima 

Choose Sage if

  • · You want a healer that doesn’t feel fantasy
  • · You want to share a class with Alphinaud
  • · You enjoy stylish classes

Solo Power: 54/100




















7) Red Mage

Red Mage weilding Crafted Titania Rapier.

Introduced in Stormblood, Red mage is Final Fantasy XIV’s third caster class. It focuses on mixing white magic with black magic, to combine both healing and DPS capabilities.

Red Mage is the swashbuckling spell-slinging class.Its flashy spells and abilities constantly add zing to already frenetic battles.In-game red mages played a huge part in the Ala Mhigan rebellion, so if you want to play a rebel, Red Mage wouldn’t be a sad choice.

What Red Mage excels at

  • Combining melee and caster attacks. Red Mage players go from casting Verthunder and Veraero to the Riposte, Zwerchhau, and Redoublement combo in seconds.
  • · Fast and decisive moves and abilities like Displacement and Corps-a-Corps
  • · Proc-based battle rotation in the form of Verfire and Verstone. 

Choose Red Mage if

  • · You want to roleplay a swashbuckling musketeer
  • · You want to play a caster but don’t like the caster’s aesthetic
  • · Enjoy your class having ties to Ala Mhigo in Stormblood.

Solo Power: 57/100





Meteor Survivor.

As traditional as traditional gets.Paladin is Eorzea's sword-and-board adventurer.. They’re the first tank to appear on this list, but definitely won’t be the last.

Paladins hold a unique spot for MSQ progression because they are the flagship class of ENDWALKER. This means that during the MSQ of the latest expansion, Paladin players will have special dialogue either available to them or said to them by NPCs in the game.

What Paladin excels at

  • Maintain enmity through a magical and physical rotation. Requiescat and Holy Spirit are  the apex of this rotation. 
  •  A sturdy defense against hard-hitting enemy attacks. Passage of Arms and divine veil are useful in this endeavour.
  • Early AOE rotation for holding enemy attention with Total Eclipse and Prominence.

Choose Paladin if

  • · You enjoy tanking
  • · You like fighting with a sword and shield.
  • · You appreciate fantasy knights.

Solo Power Score: 60/100







Ninja in Kugane.

The dual-wielding assassin class of Final Fantasy XIV, the ninja has risen in the ranks since its first implementation in early A realm reborn. Since Endwalker ninja has received several buffs that make it a go-to in raiding, that doesn’t mean it’s a slouch At MSQ either. Plus, being a ninja offers you special options during Stormblood.

Ninja’s starting class rogue also offers one of the best job quest storylines in the game. A heart-warming tale of loveable anti-heroes, trying to do the right thing in their own way.

What Ninja excels at

  • · A challenging yet satisfying rotation.
  • · The mudra system offers versatility in attack patterns.
  • · Timing your Trick Attack buffs can make a difference against bosses.

Choose Ninja if

  • · You enjoy Naruto.
  • · You’re up for a challenge when executing attacks.
  • · You love Doman lore.

Solo Power Score: 74/100








Dragoon weilding an Ironworks Spear.

Starting as a lancer, Dragoon is one of Final Fantasy 14’s early Melee classes, the second being monk. Using a series of jumps and plunges they deal high amounts of damage and critical hits to enemies.

Dragoons are the stars of the Heavensward expansion. Playing a Dragoon allows you special dialogue options and conversations, especially with future scion Estinien Varlineau.

What Dragoon excels at

  • · The Disembowel and Chaos Thrust combo deals massive amounts of single target damage and causes damage over time debuff
  • · Wyrmwind thrust is stylish and satisfying.
  • · Many of their weaponskills are great greeding in raids.

Play Dragoon if

  • · You’re a fan of Estinien
  • · You love floor tank memes
  • · Heavensward is your favorite expansion.

Solo Power Score 76/100









Gunbreaker is the fourth tank introduced in Shadowbringers. It wields a blade filled with aetheric cartridges, used to both enhance its slashes and bolster its defense.

Gunbreaker is a love letter to Final Fantasy VIII protagonist Squall Leonhart. Its attacks are fast and its damage is enough to keep up with some of the best DPS.

What Gunbreaker excels at

  • · The powder gauge both generates enmity and allows the enhancement of gunblade attacks.
  • · Gunbreakers learn continuation at lvl 70 which allows three additional OGCDs to their attack combo.
  • · Gunbreaker posses both a series of magical attack shields and physical attack shields.

Play Gunbreaker if

  • · You’re a fan of Squall Leonhart
  • · You’re a fan of Devil May Cry
  • · You like your tanking fast and stylish.

Solo Power Score 84/100









Let’s face it, as good as it does everything else, Final Fantasy XIV is an anime game. An excellent, award-winning, anime game with a great community, but an anime game nonetheless. Nothing says anime more than the katana-wielding Samurai job.Samurai uses a vicious series of combos to build up a resource known as kenki, before spending it in heavy attacks.

One of the few jobs that is the focus of the Stormblood expansion is the samurai.Given that Kugane and Doma are heavily Asian-inspired, it fits in comfortably with the theme.

What Samurai excels at

  • · A versatile and malleable rotation.
  • · An easily gathered and spent resource in the form of Kenki
  • · The melee burst damage in the game.

Play Samurai if

  • · You enjoy an affecting redemption story.
  • · You enjoy the ronin experience.
  • · You’re okay with Japanese names and iconography in your attacks.

Solo Power Score 95/100








 1)Dark Knight

The third tank, introduced in Heavensward, Dark Knight has to be one of the best ways to experience the MSQ. They wield two handed swords, and focus on channeling their inner darkness to strengthen their attacks.

Dark Knights end up being the stars of the Shadowbringers expansion, and have by far the best Job quest storyline in the entire game.

What Dark Knight excels at

  • Dark Knights are the best at mitigating magical damage in the game.
  • The Blackest Night is one of the most exciting tanking mechanics in the entire game. By allowing you to erect a barrier every fifteen seconds, you can use heavy attacks at no cost for a short period of time.
  • · Living Dead allows a Dark Knight to survive most heavy attacks, provided they’re healed to full health by the time their timer runs out.

Play Dark Knight if

  • · You want to experience the best Job quest story in the entire game.
  • · You love anti-heroes.
  • · You want to be a magical tank.

Solo Power Score 98/100

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