FF14 How To Delete Character

FF14 How To Delete Character
Don't want to say goodbye!

Do you know you can make up to 8 characters in one server?

Is it not enough? Or do you happen to make a typo on the nickname? Well, if that is the case or there is not enough slot or even if you are playing with the ‘Entry’ membership tier, then you would probably consider deleting a character in Final Fantasy XIV. I hope it will never come to a character that has progressed far, but if you need to delete your character for any reason, here are the steps.

How to delete your character:

  • Login to your Final Fantasy XIV account.
  • Choose the server the character is in.
  • Choose the character you want to delete.

  • Right-click on the character.
  • Click the ‘Delete’ button.
  • Click ‘Okay’ to confirm your action.

Thus, the character will be deleted from the game. Extremely important to be cautious in choosing the right character, because once it is deleted there is no way to roll back.

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