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Final Fantasy XIV Sunspun Cumulus
Every player knows the real endgame is Glamour ... And mounts ... And Emotes!

The Final Fantasy XIV Online Store is home to unique and fun items that can’t be found in-game. You’ll have access to some of the best glamours, mounts, and emotes that money can buy. Though, it can be overwhelming to browse through the catalog. Hence, why this list exists.

From attire to mounts to emotes, we will cover the top 10 must-haves in FF14.  

10. Loyal Housemaid’s Uniform ($18)

I'm ready to serve ... Some whoopings!

Walk around town in this proper, yet adorable attire. Open a maid cafe with your friends, serving every Warrior of Light who enters your shoppe. 

Maybe slay a few Primals with your Zweihander while you’re at it, too. This is the quintessential maid outfit for any anime-esque video game and a must-have for otaku everywhere. It comes with five pieces–a brim, apron, wrist dresses, bloomers, and a set of pumps. 

Reasons to Buy Loyal Housemaid’s Outfit

  • Lets your character look cute while kicking butt
  • Dyeable if black is too basic
  • Absolutely fantastic for G-posing

Loyal Housemaid’s Outfit details


9. Drink Tea ($7)

Nothing like a hot cup of tea after a long day of grinding FATEs

If you’re like me, a fellow leaf juice enjoyer (or someone who really likes to gossip), this emote is a must. Imagine drinking Earl Grey in front of Nidhogg, right before you put him in his place.

It’s also a fan favorite for group poses, portraits, roleplaying in cafes, and going AFK while you yourself get a warm cuppa IRL.

Reason to Buy Drink Tea

  • Great for sophisticated (or funny) screenshots
  • Allows you express your love for the best drink known to existence 
  • Grants the ability to spill the tea (metaphorically, that is. You can’t spill the actual emote’s tea)

Drink Tea details


8. Fatter Cat ($24)

Look at the fluffer!

Have you ever wanted a bigger version of the Fat Cat minion? Look no further! Unlike the minion, it’s mountable! Why wouldn’t you want to travel across Eorzea on a big, fluffy kitty? 

With catnip sticking out of his sides, an adorable plaid saddle, and little ribbons on his feet, what’s not to love? Pair with a Lalafell and you have the perfect recipe for a cuteness-induced heart attack.

Reasons To Buy Fatter Cat

  • He has a really cute idol animation where he just lies on the ground, looking a bit like a mochi
  • He’s a chonker, giving the perfect amount of fluffy adorableness as you travel across the lands
  • He’s an account-wide mount, allowing you to spread the cuteness near and far

Fatter Cat details


7. Play Dead ($7)

Time to take a (forever) nap

You were probably wondering why there are a bunch of dead Lalafells scattered around Limsa Lominsa ... Or why your Paladin started tanking the floor even before approaching the boss.

I can assure you the Lalafells are fine (... relatively), and so is the Tank (… probably). Play Dead is dramatic as it is humorous.

I personally use this emote as a fun, yet slightly morbid, AFK marker. Each race and gender has a unique death animation; my favorite is the male Hyur’s.

There's just something relatable about how he lies on his stomach, stiff as a board. He looks more “done with it all” than actually dead. You’ll see what I mean in the store’s preview.

Reasons To Buy Play Dead

  • It’s fun to use in dungeons and raids, especially before particularly difficult bosses
  • It’s a great floor tank simulator
  • It’s a popular emote, allowing you to join the cool kids club

Play Dead details


6. Joyous Leaping ($12)

When you obtain the Emrald Gwiber after clearing Castrum Marinum on your 52nd try

What’s a great way to celebrate finally clearing A8S with your FC? Sure, you could type “gg’ or “tyfp” in the chat like everyone else but where’s the fun in that?   

Joyous Leaping allows you to literally jump for joy after accomplishing such a feat, helping you stand out from other players. . It comes with five jumping emotes, all filled with tons of energy and cheer. 

Reasons to Buy Joyous Leaping 

  • Has five poses to choose from
  • Allows players to recreate 1% of the 1980s
  • One of the most eccentric emotes in the game

Joyous Leaping details


5. Omega-F Attire ($12)

Sleek, sheek, and brings back some good memories

Based on the female form of titular boss of everyone’s favorite raid, Omega-F gives your character a somewhat sultry and intimidating appearance as they kill trash pulls with their scythe and take fantastic selfies. 

Though there is an Omega-M version, I find Omega-F slightly more appealing due to its open-back design and holes on its sides. Both Omega costumes are unisex, so you can choose based on your preferences rather than your character’s gender.

Reasons to Buy Omega-F Attire

  • Has a sleek, fresh look
  • Looks great with the edgier classes, such as Reaper and Black Mage
  • Perfect for those with fond memories of O12S

Omega-F Attire details


4. Sunspun Cumulus ($12)

Flying on a cloud seems pretty comfy, doesn't it?

So, there was this one 80s anime that featured some kind of alien monkey kid. I can’t remember what it was called, but I do remember that same kid riding a cloud that kind of looked like this one.

If you have a pure heart (or don’t) you, too, can ride this magical cloud. This pairs perfectly with Monk and Ninja characters to solidify that anime feel.

Reasons to Buy Sunspun Cumulus

  • Appears especially beautiful at night due to its glowing effect
  • Looks great in screenshots
  • Makes it easier to find seven magical orbs that grant your every wish

Sunspun Cumulus details


3. Garlond GL-IS ($37)

Never be alone with Alpha by your side!

It’s about time we got a new two-player mount in the Online Store, and I just love how this one looks! This Magitek motorbike allows for players to travel across Eorzea with an adorable Chocobo companion–Alpha. 

Not only does the mount have the right amount of detail, it also allows players to travel faster than most other mounts; the only other mount with enhanced speed in the Online Store is the single-player SDS Fenrir. 

Reasons to Buy Garlond GL-IS 

  • Allows the player and a friend to travel together in style
  • Travels faster than most available Mounts
  • Comes with Alpha by the player’s side

Garlond GL-IS details


2. Promise of Passion (Gold) ($10)

'Till incredibly long server updates do us part

FF14 allows its players to get married and invite 80 of their closest friends, guildmates, and strangers. There are three Eternal Bonding tiers–Promise of Innocence (Standard), Promise of Passion, and Promise of Devotion (Platinum). 

Promise of Passion is a happy medium between the rather limited free Standard option and the more grandeur $40 ($20 per person) Platinum package.

Besides, there isn’t much of a difference between the Gold and Platinum tiers; the latter has slightly more decorations available if you want to get your wedding just right.

I consider the main selling point of either package, however, the awesome two-person mount that comes with them–the Ceremony Chocobo. Given how most of the two-player mounts in the store are $29.99, $20 ($10 per person) for such a mount–and a bunch of other stuff–is a great deal.

You also get the Eternal Ring which allows the newlyweds to teleport to each other’s location at any time. Wedding guests also get two new minions–Bridesmoogle and Demon Box–if they stay throughout the entire ceremony. 

All packages give the e-spouses an adorable new emote–Embrace–which allows them to hold each other in a loving … Well, embrace! Additionally, they come with a variety of ways to make your virtual weddings yours, from special cutscenes to various lighting options. 

Reasons to Buy Promise of Passion (Gold)

  • Comes with the most affordable two-person mount in the shop
  • Gives players the unlimited ability to teleport–at least to each other–without having to pay Gil or use vouchers
  • Allows long-distance couples to have the (virtual) wedding of their dreams

Promise of Passion (Gold) Details


1. Phial of Fantasia ($10)

You're (probably) going to like the way you look

So, you’re walking about doing FATEs and whatnot. You look at your character and you decide they need a fresh new look. You teleport home, and summon your favorite fabulous hairdresser–the Aesthetician. However, you can’t quite make the changes you want. 

You want to do more than change your character’s hair color and facial markings–you want to make them taller. Or perhaps you want to give them heterochromia. Maybe, just maybe, you’re tired of being a big and tall Hrothgar and want to be an even bigger and taller Roegadyn.

The only way to achieve any of this is to get yourself a Phial of Fantasia. Fantasias allow you to mulligan your character entirely (except for the name; you’ll need another Online Store item for that). Finally embrace the way of the Lala and see what those dwarves are up to in Kholusia.

Reasons to Buy Phial of Fantasia

  • Allows players to change their race and gender
  • Grants players the ability to change the other parts of their character’s appearance completely–height, eye color, face type, voice, etc.
  • You’ll finally have your character look great in that one Glamour

Phial of Fantasia details

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