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Get yourself a top-tier mount!

Hydaelyn has three accessible continents—Aldenard, Ilsabard, and Othard. This summer, it’ll be four with Tural. 

And, of course, there is The First which mirrors Hydaelyn. All these places span far and wide and would take forever by foot to fully travel.

Thankfully, mounts make this task a lot less cumbersome (and cooler). While every player at least level 30 is granted a chocobo after an ARR MSQ, there are over 200 mounts players can collect with a bit of effort.


15. Fat Chocobo 

See Fat Chocobo in action

There’s just something adorable about flying a chubby chocobo across the air as you guide it with some gysahl greens (or, if flying, cake). Its soft, yellow feathers provide a comfortable seat for your character. This mount is also a bit more special compared to your regular chocobo. 

You can only obtain it through acquiring the A Realm Reborn’s Digital Collector’s Edition. If you don’t have the Collector's Edition, you can get it as an upgrade through the Mog Station for $19.99 USD. 


14. Magitek Death Claw

See Magitek Death Claw in action

This is one of the most unique mounts in the game. Instead of being an animal or a conventional vehicle it's, well, a claw.  A claw that picks you up and takes you to where you need to go, having you dangle about.

Getting this mount is easy, too. Just go to Jonathas in Old Gridania (10.6, 6.2) and trade in six achievement certificates for the Magitek Death Claw Identification Key.


13. Morbol

See Morbol in action

This terrifying plant-based mount is only earned by the most dedicated Blue Mages. It is often sought after due to its rarity and the amount of effort it takes to get it. 

Blue Mages must have the True Blue achievement to receive this mount as a reward. This achievement has two prerequisite achievements–Blue Unchained and Masked Conqueror. The former requires BLUs to complete three raids–T5, T9, and T13.

The latter comes with a greater challenge–completing A4S, A8S, and A12S. What’s more is that your party during each of these raids must consist of just BLUs, Undersized Party is turned off, and Silence Echo is enabled. At least this mount gives you bragging rights after achieving such feats.  


12. Bomb Palanquin

See Bomb Palanquin in action

This mount is the bomb!

Okay, I know I deserve some booing for that one. Though, it does have a spooky and somewhat steampunk look to it. That’s pretty neat. This mount comes with glowing bombs that will guide you through many nightly travels. 

Achieve this mount by buying it from the Kobold Vendor in Outer La Noscea (21.6, 17.8) for 120,000 gil … After you complete all the Beast Tribe quests required for it. You must have a Trusted reputation with the Kobolds before acquiring this mount. 


11.  Astrope

See Astrope in action

This regal Pegasus is gold-plated and elegant. It’s a mount fit for kings … Or mentors, and the only the most dedicated mentors at that. On top of being beautiful, it is also a two-seater. 

It can only be obtained by acquiring the achievement I Hope My Mentor Will Notice Me VI. Complete 2,000 duties in the Mentor’s Duty Roulette and this beauty is yours!


10. Firebird

See Firebird in action

This bird looks outright angelic, soaring through the daytime skies and emitting some lovely and majestic particle effects. It’s introduced in the aptly titled expansion pack, Heavensward. This large avian bird is worth the effort to get it.

You must obtain all seven Lanner mounts from the Heavensward Extreme trials before unlocking the Fiery Wings, Fiery Hearts quest from Walking Atlas in Idyllshire (7.5, 6.1):

  • Thok ast Thok (Rose Lanner)
  • The Limitless Blue (White Lanner)
  • The Minstrel's Ballad: Thordan's Reign (Round Lanner)
  • Containment Bay S1T7 (Warring Lanner)
  • The Minstrel's Ballad: Nidhogg's Rage (Dark Lanner)
  • Containment Bay P1T6 (Sophic Lanner)
  • Containment Bay Z1T9 (Demonic Lanner)


9. Cerberus

See Cerberus in action

Rue the day and strike fear into your foes with this colossal, beastly mount. Better yet, rue the day with three of your closest friends as this mount can hold four players. 

To get this intimidatingly awesome mount, you must obtain the Savage Queen of Swords I achievement by clearing Delubrum Reginae (Savage). A challenging task, for sure, so it’s only fitting you have this ferocious mount for compensation. 


8. Garlond GL-IS

See Garlond GL-IS in action

SDS Fenrir is no longer the only mount that gives you a speed boost. Enter the Garlond GL-IS. Plus, you can enjoy these enhanced speeds with a friend as you travel the world.

Not only does this mount have style, it also comes with Omega-raid favorite Alpha, the most adorable and loveable mascot to join you on your travels. This mount is obtained through the FFXIV Online Store for $37.


7. Mikoshi

See Mikoshi in action

Ever wanted Namazu to carry you to your destination in a stylish mikoshi? Well, you’re in luck! This flashy mount will take you where you need to go. As you may have guessed, you’ll need to put in the work to get such a luxurious mount.

The Mikoshi can only be obtained through several Namazu Beast Tribe quests, most of which require gathering and crafting. 

Keep in mind that the Mikoshi Flute requires 20 Namazu Koban and is the most expensive item at the Namazu Koban Exchange by far—the next most expensive item is 8 Namazu Koban. 

Be prepared to level up your Fisher, Culinarian, and other gatherers and crafters for the luxury of being courted by Namazu. Wasshoi! Wasshoi! 


6. Landerwaffe

See Landerwaffe in action

This sleek, mechanical, draconic two-person mount is a must have. All you need to do is unlock and complete The Dragon Made quest in The Locs (11.5, 22.5) given by Warmachina Fanatic. 

The only thing the quest requires you to do is search for the wyrm-machina on Ayls Lls, head to the Flagship, and then blow the Landerwaffe Flute. 

How do you go about unlocking this simple quest? Well … You need to obtain all seven Gwiber mounts from these Extreme Shadowbringers trials:

  • The Dancing Plague (Fae Gwiber)
  • The Crown of the Immaculate (Innocent Gwiber)
  • The Minstrel’s Ballad: Hades's Elegy (Shadow Gwiber)
  •  Cinder Drift (Ruby Gwiber)
  • The Seat of Sacrifice (Gwiber of Light)
  • Castrum Marinum (Emerald Gwiber)
  • The Cloud Deck (Diamond Gwiber)

Not so simple now, is it? However, if you’re a hardcore player, this mount is worth the several hours—if not days—it takes to unlock.


5. Kirin

See Kirin in action

This majestic, mythical beast is perfect for flying all over Eorzea and beyond. It looks especially amazing at night. To get this incredible mount, you need to complete the following Extreme trials and obtain each of their Nightmare mounts:

  • The Howling Eye (Xanthos)
  • The Bowl of Embers (Aithon)
  • The Navel (Gullfaxi)
  • The Whorleater (Enbarr)
  • The Striking Tree (Markab)
  • The Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Boreas)

Only then can you unlock the A Legend for a Legend side quest, given by the Wandering Minstrel in Mor Dhona (21.7, 8.7). This quest gives you the Kirin. Additionally, you get six beautiful elemental horses through your hard work. The effort seems more than worth it. 


4. Kamuy of the Nine Tails

See Kamuy of the Nine Tails in action

This white and scarlet nine-tailed demonic canine looks absolutely amazing, especially when it flies in the air. However, not unlike the Kirin, Landerwaffe, and Firebird mounts, you must collect several other similar mounts via trials before getting this one. 

After you obtain the following mounts from the Extreme versions of their trials, speak with News Hawker in Kugane (11.6, 9.9) to receive A Lone Wolf No More to get the mount:

  • Reveling Kamuy (The Pool of Tribute)
  • Blissful Kamuy (Emanation)
  • Legendary Kamuy (The Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain)
  • Auspicious Kamuy (The Jade Stoa)
  • Lunar Kamuy (The Minstrel's Ballad: Tsukuyomi's Pain)
  • Euphonious Kamuy (Hells’ Kier)
  • Hallowed Kamuy (The Wreath of Snakes)


3. Level Checker

See Level Checker in action

Look, you're on TV! This fun mount shrinks your character down while carrying them in its metallic interior. It can only be obtained after you complete the Endwalker MSQ and with 12 Chi Bolts. 

You can spend these bolts at Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han (10.6, 10.0) to get the mount. However, getting Chi Bolts is no easy feat. 

Players can only get Chi Bolts from the FATE Omicron Recall: Killing Order in Ultima Thule (34.5, 21.5) which spawns once every 48 hours ... In Server Time (a.k.a real time), not Eorzean Time. 

While it may take some time to get this mount, just like with relic weapons, it is well worth investing the time to get something that looks cool and stands out from the rest. 


2. Miw Miisv 

See Miw Miisv in action

Float inside this starry, cute little, semi-transparent jellyfish-like creature! It is a hybrid between an Ea and another alien species. This charming mount comes with a variety of fun particle effects you can mess around with.

To get this mount, you must complete a series of Omicron beast tribe quests. Once you obtain rank 7 (Sworn), you get the achievement Fully Caffeinated

From there, you can go to the N-0589 vending unit in Ultima Thule (27.7, 24.7) and purchase it for 18 Omicron Omnitokens. 


1. Demi-Ozma

See Demi-Ozma in action

This mount is ever changing and never boring. Acting as a non-interactive portal to other words, it constantly changes scenery and shape. One moment it’s a triangle, the other a square, and then a small planet. 

The mount requires the player to acquire the We’re on Your Side I achievement. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, like most of the other cool mounts on this list, it takes a little elbow grease. Okay, maybe a lot of elbow grease.

Players would need to unlock Eureka and defeat the area’s boss—the Baldesion Arsenal. Eureka is unlocked through the And We Shall Call It Eureka side quest, given by Galiena (9.8, 12.5). And that quest is unlocked upon completing Stormblood’s MSQ. 

If you can get through that, the multiple FATE bosses (they’re technically called Notorious Monsters, but they’re essentially the same thing), opening at least 100 boxes in the hopes of the mount but only come across fireworks instead, then you’ve more than earned this awesome prize.

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