[Top 10] FF14 Best Items To Sell

FF14 Best Items To Sell
Thinking an evil plan to be the richest in Eorzea

We all need Gil!

Why do we need Gil? So we can spend it all on all the fashion gears we want, I mean.. Gil is essential to live in Final Fantasy XIV, well not really, your character can still live without food, but you get the point, right? There are many ways to farm Gil, you can get it from quests, dungeons, roulettes, ventures, the challenge log, and many more. In online games, one of the most common ways to earn some in-game currency is of course by making transactions with other players. Yup, you guessed it, from selling goods! The developer of Final Fantasy XIV does think carefully and thoroughly when it comes to this matter. Thus, Final Fantasy XIV has a great system for a very well balanced game. Everything is player-driven from gathering to crafting. You can sell anything and it will be most likely sold as long as the prices are competitive with other sellers.

For starters, you will get two retainers that each can sell up to 20 items. You are free to name your retainers, you can choose a job for your retainers, but it has to be one of the job lists you took, and then they will either do explorations or make items depending on the job you handpick. Since your retainers are the ones who sell items, their names will be shown on the Market Board instead of yours, thus you won’t get any people randomly sending you a “tell” to negotiate the price with you. Which is great! The only downside is probably you need to check on your retainer to update prices when necessary.

So, let us talk about what items would sell best in FFXIV! Please take note since I’m playing in the Japanese Data Center, what is sold on my server may vary from yours!

10. Materia

A quickarm Materia VIII

Many of the newbies don’t realize this is one of the easiest items to get and to sell, I too was a victim of ignorance. You can extract a materia from any equipment you wear that has 100% spirit bonds. For the early game, it is much easier for your equipment to reach 100% spirit bonds. All you need to do is extract the materia from the equipment. For middle level and up, you can get materia from dungeons and your squadron by setting the right chemistry. There is high demand in the Market Board for materia.

9. Glamour for Fashion Reports

Weekly Fashion Report Glam by Kaiyoko Star

Every week, a lot of people are participating in Weekly Fashion Reports for easy MGP. As a result, items that are needed for this particular event, be it dye or equipment, are always on fire. Analyze what items are in demand for the Weekly Fashion Reports and you are set to go. Make sure that you prepare it before the weekly judgement time, and that is before Friday!

8. Treasure Maps

This bottle is holding what appears to be a timeworn dragonskin map

Any Timeworn Map will suffice. Although if you are in early or mid-game, I suggest for you to get the Timeworn Dragonskin Map. You can get this item by gathering with any disciple of land’s job, but it's easier to use Miner or Botanist. You can get it from Idyllshire, The Sea of Clouds, Coerthas Western Highlands, etc. Please notice that the treasure map is limited to gather, for every 24 hours, you can only find one. If you don’t use it, might as well sell it!

7. Magicked Bed

This flying furnishing eliminates the need to get up in the morning─or ever. Modern magic put to good use at last!

This is suitable for you, Carpenters. The items necessary to craft this item are not difficult to gather, and if you are too lazy to gather yourself, you can always rely on the Market Board. The good news is, you will still profit from it. To be able to craft this mount you must already have in possession the “Master Carpenter VIII'' book. Since there is no HQ item for mounts, you just need to make sure you finish the progress.

6. Ao Dai

Take a look at a traditional Doman's Weave

This body equipment is crafted by the Weavers. This item is not so hard to craft and if you are lucky, you can profit 2 to 3 folds from the making cost. Like the Magicked Bed, you can get all the items from the gathering or the Market Boards. Since this equipment purpose is mostly for glamour, I don’t think that you need to try so hard to make it an HQ item. To craft this item your weaver needs to own the book “Master Weaver IV”.

5. Calfskin Rider’s Bottoms

Only true man wear so much leathers

For Leatherworkers, this is your item. This item also has a high selling price. Most of the items needed can be got from gathering, but one which is from treasure hunting or the Market Board. Since this is also glamour equipment, I find it not necessary to get an HQ. Oh, don’t forget to own a “Master Leatherworker VIII'' book so you can craft this item.

4. Facet Scythe

A level 80 botanist's secondary tool

For Blacksmiths, you can craft many gathering main hands, but this is the one I found most profitable and easy. The items required can all be gathered and crafted, except for one, you have to trade some White Crafters’ Scrip or buy it from the Market Boards. HQ item is necessary for this one since this is a secondary hand for Botanists. Remember that the “Master Blacksmith VII'' book should be in hand to be able to craft this equipment.

3. Byakko’s Mane

The brilliant white mane of the Far Eastern white tiger of legend. He probably won't miss it

This item is still on-demand. Byakko’s Mane can be obtained from desythesising a Byakko’s Rod or from the dungeon The Jade Stoa (Extreme). The price for this item is expensive, and it's used to craft specific minion, furniture, and glamour weapons.

2. Modern Aesthetics - Early To Rise

The realm's premier publication on beauty and fashion, this specific copy of Modern Aesthetics covers, in detail, techniques for weaving a simple-yet-elegant braid that can be employed by even those who are not yet fully awake

This hairstyle is on-demand! The price rarely goes down, but easy to skyrocket due to the high demand. This is one of the new hairstyles introduced in patch 5.45. You can get this from a dungeon Delubrum Reginae. If you are in the game for the game and not for the fashion, you should sell this on the Market Board once you get it.

1. Celestial Kimono Remnant

This length of fabric was cut from the Lady of the Moon's own kimono

You can get this item from the dungeon “The Minstrel's Ballad: Tsukuyomi’s Pain”. The price for this item is extremely high. To add more to the value, the glamour weapons that can be crafted from this item is very expensive because of the exquisite look. So, go hit this dungeon hard! 

That concludes my Top 10 Best Items to Sell on Final Fantasy XIV! But you should know that every item in Final Fantasy XIV has values, so if you don’t have any of these fancy items, it's okay. You may sell anything that suits your fancy, as long as the prices are decent it will always sell. Don’t forget to always pay attention to the market cycle. Hope this could help you bring some fortune!

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