[Top 10] FF14 Most Useful Jobs To Play!

[Top 10] FF14 Most Useful Jobs To Play!
Let's show them what we capable of!

Having a hard time deciding what best class to play in Final Fantasy XIV?

All classes in Final Fantasy XIV are actually well balanced, and make sure that you can clear any content with any class. But there are some reasons why one class is often seen more in raids than the other! This time I will not be including the selfish DPS such as Black Mage or Samurai! So bear with it, and let's get into the stuff!

10. Summoner

One button class!

After the revamp Summoner has not only become easy to play but also deals a lot of damage! In addition to that, Summoners can also use Resurrection spells that can help raise someone from death; only 2 DPS can do this, which makes Summoners valuable!

Why Summoner is useful:

  • Radiant Aegis will create a shield/barrier for you or a party member of your choosing, reducing the damage taken.
  • Searing Light will increase the damage dealt to you and nearby party members.
  • Resurrection can resurrect a fallen party member.
  • Easy to play and master. 
  • Deals great damage as a DPS!

9. Dragoon

Bring it on!

Play correctly, and Dragoon can be a valuable job for your party, but play wrongly, and you get a floor tank. Dragoons are like a double-edged sword; they do high amounts of damage and have useful party utilities.

Why Dragoon is useful:

  • Lance Charge will increase your damage.
  • Life Surge will ensure your damage is critical and heal your HP from some of the damage you deal with.
  • Battle Litany will increase the critical rate of you and your party members.
  • Dragon Sight increases your damage and a chosen party member.
  • Deal a considerably high amount of damage, though a bit complex to play.

8. Paladin

I will protect you and myself, myself first.

Paladin is one of the most useful tanks. In terms of defense and mitigation, Paladin has the skills for it. They have awesome close-distance and long-distance attacks, so you do not have to worry about not DPS-ing properly from a long distance. 

Why Paladin is useful:

  • Passage of Arms mitigates damage for the party in a cone behind you.
  • Divine Veil creates a barrier and heals your party member upon activation.
  • Clemency heals a selected party member.
  • Intervention reduces damage is taken and grants regeneration to certain targets.
  • Have the best invulnerability among tanks.
  • Have both long and close-distance skills.

7. White Mage

Can't go wrong with a White Mage!

White Mages are the basic healer that is easy to master and play. They offer party utilities, cover the basics of healing, and a friendly healer. White Mage also deals a considerable amount of damage thanks to Blood Lily. 

Why White Mage is useful:

  • Divine Benison creates a barrier on selected targets.
  • Aquaveil reduces damage taken for certain targets.
  • Temperance will increase healing potency and reduce damage taken for yourself and all nearby party members.
  • Asylum creates an area where it will regenerate you and your party members' HP within the area.
  • Benediction allows White Mage to fully restore someone HP, this is unique to White Mage.
  • The Presence of Mind reduces spell cast time and recast time.
  • Thin Air allows you to resurrect someone without using any MP.

6. Dark Knight

Can't see anything but the food on the table.

The Dark Knight is a great tank. It is fun to play, has 2 phases of attack, and has SSS rank mitigation "The Blackest Night". Dark Knight, like Paladin, has 2 phases, the one where you use physical attack and the other where you use up all of your MP.

Why Dark Knight is useful:

  • Abyssal Drain drains HP from the area attack you launched.
  • Oblation reduces damage taken for a selected target/party member.
  • The Blackest Night creates a barrier around the self/target party member that absorbs the damage.
  • Dark Missionary reduces magic damage taken by self and nearby party members.
  • Better invulnerability after the update; now Dark Knights can restore their HP!

5. Monk

Don't talk to me I'm busy!

Monk is one of the highest damage dealers in Final Fantasy XIV, but quite hard to master. They are a very busy job, and it would require you to focus on your rotation very much as your damage depends on it. Unlike other classes that deal a big amount of damage, Monks still offer party utilities.

Why Monk is useful:

  • Riddle of Earth reduces damage taken to self.
  • Riddle of Fire increases damage dealt to self.
  • Riddle of Wind reduces auto-attack delay significantly.
  • Mantra increases HP recovery via healing actions.
  • Deals a crazy amount of damage, but a very busy job!

4. Bard

Why launch 1 arrow when you can launch many?

Bard is the second-best range to play in Final Fantasy XIV. Every song a Bard has to offer gives the party members buffs. Their rotation depends highly on the songs they are playing. They are fun to play, and if you like the classic job of bow and arrow, you may wanna go with Bard.

Why Bard is useful:

  • Raging Strike increases damage dealt to self.
  • Battle Voice is no longer deaf to your own songs, increasing the direct hit rate of self and all nearby party members.
  • Troubadour reduces damage taken by self and nearby party members.
  • Nature's Minne increases HP recovery via healing for self or a party member.
  • The Warden's Paean Bard's version of Esuna removes debuff from the enemy.
  • Mage's Ballad increases damage dealt to you and all nearby party members.
  • Army's Paeon increases the direct hit rate to you and all nearby party members.
  • The Wanderer's Minuet is increasing critical hit rate for you and all nearby party members.

3. Astrologian

With the power of the stars and The Twelve!

Astrologian has some amazing skills and spells. They are often used in raids because they are not only able to heal but also shield from damage. Since the healer is separated into barrier healer and pure healer, I think that Astrologian is still a hybrid. Astrologian also have a lot of buffs too!

Why Astrologian is useful:

  • Exaltation will reduce damage taken and restores some amount of HP when the duration is over.
  • Lightspeed is a skill unique to Astrologian; it will reduce casting spells by 2.5 seconds and make most of your healing and attack spells without casting time!
  • Collective Unconscious will also reduce damage taken for you and party members around you, additionally regenerating HP.
  • Draw & Play these skills will allow you to draw a card, and based on what card it is, you can boost up to 6% of members' damage.
  • Divination will increase the damage dealt to you and nearby party members.
  • Astrodyne will give you buffs depending on how many sign types you manage to get, from restoring MP to increasing damage dealt. The buff covers it all.
  • Neutral Sect will increase the healing potency, which is a great help to a certain type of mechanics.

2. Red Mage

It's red because I'm Red Mage!

Other than being capable of using Verstone and Verfire, Red Mages are known as a versatile class! They can heal, resurrect (on level 64) they can raise without casting thanks to the dual cast, boost damage and reduce damage taken while increasing HP recovery; on top of that, Red Mage is fun and easy to play. 

Why Red Mage is useful:

  • They can heal with great potency.
  • Embolden can help you, and your party deals more damage!
  • Magick Barrier will reduce damage taken and increase HP recovery!
  • Red Mage is known as Raise Mage and can raise without having to swiftcast!
  • Fun to play with the dualcast!

1. Dancer

Looking elegant but deadly!

Dancer is very useful in every raid; in fact, this is the most used physical ranged DPS in Final Fantasy XIV. Dancers are known to be highly versatile. They can heal, boost critical, mitigate damage, boost damage, and give HP regeneration!

Why Dancer is useful:

  • Closed Position skills help your dance partner to get some of the buffs that a dancer can offer!
  • Just like its name, Curing Waltz helps cure the party members around you and your dance partner.
  • Devilment will increase the critical hit rate of you and your dance partner; it also gives you the Starfall Dance ability for more damage.
  • Shield Samba will reduce damage taken to all nearby party members.
  • Improvisation will give HP regeneration, and upon Improvised Finished, all nearby party members will get shields.
  • Standard and Technical Steps buffs.

In my opinion, these are the most useful jobs to play for raids! Which one do you enjoy playing most? I personally main Dancer, Paladin, Red Mage, and White Mage!

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