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Demi-Ozma, a rare mount that can only be earned through clearing the 56-man raid in Eureka.

Eureka is a content introduced in Final Fantasy XIV's third expansion, Stormblood. It has four different open fields that players can explore as part of their battle job. Eureka attempts to emulate the concept of old MMORPGs in which players level up by slaying a large number of monsters.

As a result, in Eureka, players have a unique leveling system known as Elemental levels. Players will begin at level 1 and can progress to level 60.

In order to unlock more Eureka content, players must also level up this elemental level.

In Eureka, players can also grind the Stormblood relic weapon, which gives a nice, unique shine with each upgrade. Players can also upgrade their level 70 Antique Gear for Shiny armor, which is a popular item among players.

Eureka also contains an abundance of rare minions and mounts, which can be used or sold on the Market Board for millions of Gil. As a result, it's no surprise that many people have begun to flock to Eureka for a variety of reasons when they run out of things to do in FFXIV.

This article will assist in listing five of the best battle jobs that can be used within Eureka instances, as well as the reasons why these jobs were chosen.


5. White Mage

A White Mage with their new flowy job gear.

White Mage is one of the four healers currently available in the game, and has been playable since the game's founding. It is, in fact, the only healer job that players can start with when creating their character. Aside from Astrologian, they are also one of the two pure healers in the game.

Why White Mage is Great for Eureka: 

  • They have one of the most powerful AoEs among the healers, Holy, at level 70. This can deal a lot of damage to enemies and stun them.
  • As a pure healer, White Mage can also recover themselves or even the whole party from the brink of dying in mere seconds with their powerful regen heal.
  • Their single target damage, Stone IV, is also quite powerful among the healers, and will help them kill bosses faster in Eureka.

Pick White Mage if:

  • You like playing healer, particularly pure regen healer.
  • You like being able to stun your enemies with your AoE skill easily,
  • You want to survive in Eureka longer as a healer who can help themselves with heals, but also be able to deal good damage at the same time.


4. Sage

The newest healer available for all players to try out.

Sage is the newest battle job introduced in the Endwalker expansion with the Reaper battle job, and it has now joined Scholars as a Barrier or Shield healer. Sage, Eureka's newest healer, has several reasons why it is a good battle job for her.

Why Sage is Great for Eureka:

  • They can shield themselves with a myriad of different mitigation skills, making sure they could not die easily, which is ideal in Eureka instances.
  • Sages also have a lot of attack skills compared to the other healers, such as Pneuma, Dyskrasia, Toxikon, and others. These skills allow them to be able to kill the mobs in Eureka faster.
  • Sages may also put Kardia on themselves to be able to recover their lost HP when dealing damage to the enemies.

Pick Sage if:

  • You like playing a healer that deals a lot of damage.
  • You like a healer that can move easily, as all of Sage’s AoE skills do not need any casting, and a lot of their Shields can also be weaved instantly between each GCD.
  • You want to survive longer in Eureka by shielding yourselves from upcoming dangerous AoEs or attacks.


3. Warrior

Warrior, one of the tanks that can be played in FFXIV.

Warrior is one of the four tanks available in the game, as well as one of the first jobs available when the game first launches. Despite being a job that has been around for a long time, Warrior is still an excellent and powerful tank to play, particularly in Eureka.

Why Warrior is Great for Eureka:

  • Warrior has a lot of powerful mitigations that can keep them alive for a long time.
  • Warrior also has the shortest cooldown for their invulnerability skill, Holmgang, compared to other tanks.
  • Warriors also have a variety of different skills that can heal themselves, allowing them to recover after receiving a big damage.
  • Warrior also has a lot of powerful skills that can deal devastating damage to the enemies.

Pick Warrior if:

  • You want to be able to survive for a long time in Eureka. As a Tank, you are more likely to be able to survive hard-hitting damages from enemies.
  • You want to be able to deal devastating damage even as a Tank.
  • You want to be able to have an emergency skill, like Holmgang, when you are in grave danger and need invulnerability.


2. Paladin

Paladin, another Tank that is featured in this article.

Paladin, like Warrior, is a Tank Battle Job that has been available in FFXIV since the game's creation. They attack their enemies with a Sword and a Shield while also protecting themselves and their party members from harm.

Why Paladin is Great for Eureka:

  • Paladin is a Tank that has the skill of Clemency, a powerful healing spell that is able to heal themselves or other party members.
  • While Cooldown is much longer compared to Holmgang, Paladin could be said to have the most powerful invulnerability skill in the game, Hallowed Ground. This is because using this skill allows a Paladin to not receive any damage, while other Tanks’ invulnerability skills will only allow them to survive at 1 HP.
  • Paladin also has a lot of AoE skills as well as several powerful ranged skills, making this job able to attack the enemies even from afar.

Pick Paladin if:

  • You want to play a Tank that is least likely to die, with the help of Clemency and Hallowed Ground.
  • You want to be able to survive long even in Eureka instances with your party, as you can single handedly save yourself and your party with Clemency and other mitigation skills a Paladin has.
  • You want to play a Tank that has powerful AoE skills.


1. Red Mage

Red Mage, the most versatile DPS Battle Job in FFXIV.

Red Mage is without a doubt the best Battle Job to choose in Eureka for a variety of reasons. Red Mages, a Caster job introduced in the Stormblood expansion, can deal powerful spells and melee combos, heal themselves, and even resurrect their entire party in seconds.

Why Red Mage is Great for Eureka:

  • Red Mages has a dedicated AoE combo that is very powerful. This allows them to defeat a lot of enemies much faster.
  • Red Mages can also move quickly with Dualcast, allowing them to be able to dodge enemies’ attacks even as a Caster.
  • Red Mages also has Vercure, a powerful healing spell that is able to heal themselves up and avoid death.
  • Red Mage also has flashy, interesting skills that comprise of both spells and melee combos, making it a very versatile job to play.

Pick Red Mage if:

  • You like playing a unique Caster job that can cast powerful spells and deal devastating Melee combos with their sword afterwards.
  • You like playing a DPS that can still heal themselves, allowing you to be able to kill enemies quickly while having the skill to recover back to full health in seconds.
  • You want to have the power to be able to help your party, as Red Mages also has Verraise. With Dualcast and enough Mana, a Red Mage can resurrect all dead party members below 30 seconds.

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