[Top 5] FF14 Best Ranged Class

FF14 Best Ranged Class
Taking the Red, Seriously

6 out of 17 classes that are currently available on FFXIV are ranged, which ranged classes intrigue you the most?

One of the great things that Final Fantasy XIV has to offer is that you can play all classes in one character, that is the beauty of Final Fantasy XIV. Exclude our clown, Blue Mage, there are currently 6 Ranged DPS, with 3 being Magical, and 3 others are Physical. If you are a beginner in the game and you wish to know more about the ranged classes, this guide is for you. If you just simply want to expand your classes, this article is also for you! Here are the top 5 ranged classes in Final Fantasy XIV, based on my opinion!

5. Archer/Bard (BRD)

Shining, Shimmering, Soul Stone

This class started at level 1, and it’s one of the available classes during character creation. On level 30, the quest “A Song of Bards and Bowmen” will be available from Luciane (Archer’s Guild Master) allowing you to unlock the class “Bard”. As you progress with your Bard, you will find that your rotation depends on the song you play, and each song gives different buffs to your party members. Bard’s job gauge is Song Gauge and Soul Voice Gauge. Song Gauge change depends on the song you play, while Soul Voice Gauge increases with every Repertoire effect from each song, and is depleted when using the Apex Arrow (acquired at level 80). There is some RNG for the abilities although not as much as Dancer, some of the Bard songs may trigger cooldown reduction of other abilities or activate another ability.

Why Bard is great:

  • Bard offers great party utility such as damage buffs, heal buff, mitigation, and debuff removers.
  • Being able to deal damage while moving around/dodging enemies attacks.
  • Beginner-friendly.

You should pick Bard if:

  • You like dealing damage as much as you like to support.
  • You prefer a non-positional class.
  • You don’t mind some RNG elements when using some abilities.
  • You like performing music. Other than the songs you play on battles, Bard can also perform music with instruments, to unlock this feature talk to Simpkin in Old Gridania once you have completed the Bard job quest “A Song of Bards and Bowmen”.

4. Red Mage (RDM)

Watching your teacher in action

The class begins at level 50, you will attain your soul stone as soon as you finish the first job quest “Taking the Red” in Ul’dah. You can take this class when you have any Disciple of War or Magic at level 50 and must have purchased the Stromblood expansion. Red Mage is a rapier wielding mage with a combination of both ranged and close-combat during the burst mode. The job gauge is called Balance Gauge, just like the name, you need to balance the black and white mana to enter burst mode. Red Mage is unique for its ‘Dual Cast’ trait, after casting one spell, this trait allows the next spell to be cast in instant. Tips: cast the shorter spell and use the dual cast on the longer one, that’s how it works. They have some RNG abilities, but it is not complicated, just use it when it becomes available.

Why Red Mage is great:

  • Offers good support utilities such as Vercure (heal) and Embolden (magical damage up buff).
  • One of the 2 DPS that actually can resurrect.
  • Have several instant abilities.
  • Not always on casting (Dual Cast). 
  • Not a complicated class once having a grasp of the basics.
  • Versatile, very great for end game content.

You should pick Red Mage if:

  • You don’t like too much casting, but still want to play a caster class.
  • You are okay being the “healer replacement” of the party when your healer died.
  • Fine with positional adjustment when on casting, but overall freer than a Black Mage.

3. Machinist (MCH)

She once holds a gun in her hand, and she is changed forever

The class started at level 30 allowing you to acquire the soul stone once you finished the first job quest “Savior of Skysteel”. Unlike most other jobs, this class can only be taken once you have reached Heavensward expansion in story progression, for the class can only be taken once you have arrived at Ishgard. You are required to have at least one Disciple of War or Magic at level 50 to take the job quest. Machinist is the only straightforward job in the Physical Ranged DPS family, which is why this job is considered simple to play yet hard to master. THERE ARE no RNG abilities or skills to trigger other skills because all you need is to pull the trigger.

Why Machinist is great:

  • The only pure Ranged DPS so far.
  • Still offer party utility “Tactician”, which reduces damage taken.
  • Great damage dealer done right.
  • Getting all the heat.
  • Great for beginners.

You should pick Machinist if:

  • You do not want any RNG triggered ability.
  • You like guns.
  • You like drone guns.
  • You like flamethrowers even more.
  • You like robots and technology even more than you like guns and flamethrowers.

2. Dancer (DNC)

Your beautiful dance partner

The class started at level 60, your soul stone will be directly in your possession once you completed the first job quest “Shall We Dance”, the complete opposite class of Machinist. To take the job quest, you must have at least one Disciple of War or Magic at level 60 and have the Shadowbringer expansion. Dancer is a heavily RNG based job, with each skill may trigger the activation of other skills, and the other skills can trigger the activation of another skill(s). Dancer is known as a support-oriented DPS class like Bards are.

Why Dancer is great:

  • Dancer offers great party utility such as mitigation, healing, damage buff and critical rate buff.
  • Still does damage while looking elegant.
  • Very agile.
  • Dances and deals heavy damage to the enemies.

You should pick Dancer if:

  • You are fine with RNG, even better if you befriend the RNG god.
  • You want to deal damage while still being supportive to your party members.
  • You are a free bird, likes to move around.
  • You don’t mind extravagant SFX and VFX.

1. Thaumaturge/Black Mage (BLM)

In your hand, unlimited destructive power

The class started at level 1 as Thaumaturge and was available on character creation. Upon reaching level 30 job quest “Taking the Black” will be available from Yayake, allowing you to advance to Black Mage. They say, once you go black you never go back. You have Elemental Gauge, which will be active depending on the magic you use. In short, you have 2 phases when attacking, the fire phase where the damage is, where you deplete and spend all your MP. Ice phase, where you restore your MP. Thunder spells are for DOT and don't affect your Gauge. Enochian and its related skills will be available for use depending on your Elemental Gauge. For maintaining your Enochian, you will be granted Polyglot, which allows you to use even bigger magic called Xenoglossy.

Why Black Mage is great:

  • Currently the highest damage dealer in the realm.
  • A rewarding job especially in endgame content.
  • Not a complicated job, but you must be aware of the surroundings.
  • Great for the meme.

You should pick Black Mage if:

  • You like to deal heavy boom-boom damage.
  • You don’t mind casting.
  • You don’t care about party utility, you care about yourself and where you should place your Ley Lines.
  • You care so much about your position that you will do anything to dodge the enemy AoE but somehow still inside your Ley Lines range.
  • You are a Lalafell. Especially if you are a Lalafell and you like Vivi.
  • You are addicted to ether.

Well, that is all about the 5 ranged classes. I hope it helps you in deciding the range class you want to play! If you are still looking for the class that suits you, remember that playing what you enjoy is the best feeling and with enjoyment comes mastery! Do not over-complicate things with the rotations and the right thing to do, the right thing to do is to enjoy! Learn it at your own pace and as long as you savour the job you are playing you will get hooked just fine!

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