[Top 15] FF14 Best Sage Weapons That Look Freakin' Awesome

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Sage on the battle on the moon

As the newest healer on the block introduced through the Endwalker expansion, which is also the newest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. Sage is also a shield healer alongside Scholar, and their main job on the battlefield is to protect their allies and prevent them from dying from taking too much damage.

Not to mention, Sage can also recover their allies’ HP by Kardia through dealing damage to the enemies, allowing the Sage to become the combat healer of the fight.

As one of the two new battle jobs introduced in the game, Sage has less weapon glamour choices compared to other, older battle jobs. Despite this, Sage still has its own fine choices that players can use to show the best glamour with the best choice of weapon glamour of a Sage. So, here are fifteen of the best looking Sage weapons in FFXIV!


15. Horkos

Sage with the Horkos weapon on hand.

Horkos is the first weapon to be featured in this article. It looks awesome because:

  • Horkos is a level 80 weapon for all Sages
  • It looks amazing as it has a pair of wings on the side of each weapon.
  • When combined together on the back, Horkos will look like a wing on the back of the Sage.

How To Get Horkos:

  • It can be earned in the Tempest through Grenoldt.


14. Hagneia

Hagneia, the weapon of the sages.

Hagneia is the second weapon to be featured in this article. It looks awesome because:

  • It is the same weapon that is played on the trailer by Alphinaud.
  • When combined with Alphinaud’s outfit, it may allow players to roleplay to become Alphinaud himself turning into a Sage.
  • It also looks very good on its own as it symbolises the birth of Sage into the game.

How To Get Hagneia

  • It is a level 89 weapon that can be received from the NPC Varsarudh in Old Sharlayan for 0 Gil.


13. Chondrite Magitek Wings

The magitek weapon of the Sage.

Chondrite Magitek Wings is the third Sage weapon in the article.

It is a special magitek weapon resembling those of the Garlean army. Why it looks cool:

  • It looks mechanical and is very unique, which suits those who are trying to look for a magitek-like weapon.
  • It also suits a steampunk look very much, which can complete the glamour set if a player is wearing a steampunk glamour.
  • It also looks very cool and allows players to roleplay as a Garlean sage.

How To Get Chondrite Magitek Wings:

  • It can be earned from the Chondrite Weapon Coffer by opening it as a Sage.
  • Chondrite Weapon Coffer can be earned by finishing the Endwalker MSQ ‘As the Heavens Burn’.


12. Windswept Milpreves

Windswept Milpreves is a green, sharp Milpreves.

Windswept Milpreves is a very cool weapon because it looks sharp and resembles the boss you can get it from in Endwalker MSQ.

Why it looks cool:

  • It has the same color tone and design to that of the extreme boss trial that you need to get it from in Endwalker MSQ, Barbariccia.
  • When sheathed, it will look like a flower of thorns on the back of the player.
  • It suits players who are going for a nature-like glamour set that can be completed with the appearance of this weapon.
  • How To Get Windswept Milpreves:

From opening the Windswept Weapon Coffer as a Sage.

  • Exchanging 10 Windswept Archfiend Totem to the NPC Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han.
  • Both the Coffer and Totem can be earned through the newest extreme trial of Endwalker, Storm’s Crown (Extreme).


11. Hellhound Pendulums

A red, sharp pendulum of the Sage.

Hellhound pendulums is the fifth Sage’s weapon that is featured in this article. It looks sharp and menacing.

Why it looks cool:

  • It is a level 1 Sage weapon that is good for any weapon glamor, particularly for those who like the color red.
  • It is also very suitable for players who have a red and fierce, menacing glamor for their sage, as this weapon will help complete the look.
  • It also has a black sheath that can make it look cool and furious when sheathed together on the back of the player.

How To Get Hellhound Pendulums:

  • By exchanging 10 Wolf Collars to the Collar Quartermaster in Wolves’ Den Pier.
  • Wolf Collars can be earned through PVP battles like the Feast, or exchanged with 1000 Trophy Crystal to Crystal Quartermaster.


10. Bluefeather Wings

The elegant weapons of the Sage.

Bluefeather wings are the sixth weapon to be introduced in this article. It is a very cool and gentle weapon for the Sages.

Why it looks cool:

  • When sheathed behind the Sage’s back, it will make the weapon look like blue wings that the Sage has on their back.
  • It also looks very cool with a lot of glamour set, like an elegant set or when a player dons their Sage with a dress.
  • Not to mention, the wings-like tips on the ends of the weapon make it look less of a weapon and more like accessories.

How To Get Bluefeather Wings:

  • Opening the Bluefeather Weapon Coffer as a Sage
  • Exchanging 10 Ultimatum Token to Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han.
  • Both the Bluefeather Weapon Coffer and the Token can be earned through clearing the extreme trial of The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger Aria.


9. Tropaios Wings

Tropaios Wings, another weapon that can look like wings

Tropaios Wings are awesome Sage weapons that can suit a lot of glamour sets. Why it looks cool:

  • Just like Bluefeather Wings, Tropaios Wings, when sheathed, gives an illusion of the Sage wearing sharp wings on their back.
  • Tropaios Wings looks like four daggers combined into one, making it look like a deadly weapon that still looks elegant at the same time.
  • Because of its design and color scheme, Tropaios Wings can suit a lot of glamour sets that the player has for their Sage.

How To Get Tropaios Wings:

  • Exchanging 3,000 Trophy Crystal to the Crystal Quartermaster in Wolves’ Den Pier.
  • Trophy Crystals can be earned by participating in the PVP and increasing their Series EXP.


8. Wings of Divine Light

The white, shiny weapon of the Sage.

Wings of Divine Light is the seventh weapon of the Sage introduced in this article. Why it looks cool:

  • When sheathed like in the picture and similar to Bluefeather WIngs and Tropaios Wings, it will make an illusion as if the weapons are wings that the Sage has on their back.
  • This time, the Wings of Divine Light is very suitable when worn with light glamour colors or when a player wants to go for an angel-like glamour set as this weapon will be able to complete the set successfully.
  • Not to mention, the weapon by itself also exudes a light, gentle glow, making the weapon look even more ethereal.

How To Get Wings of Divine Light:

  • Opening the Divine Light Weapon Coffer as a Sage.
  • Exchanging 10 Umbral Totem to Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han.
  • Both the Weapon Coffer and the Totem can be earned by completing the extreme trial, The Minstrel’s Ballad: ___’s (spoiler) Call.


7. Abyssos Wings

The fierce newest weapon of the Sage.

Abyssos Wings is a very new weapon for the Sage as it has only been recently added with the addition of the new raids in FFXIV. Why it looks cool:

  • First of all, Abyssos Wings has a very noticeable reddish orange glow on their weapon, making it very eye-catching and unique.
  • Not to mention, the design of the weapons make it look like four very sharp daggers and knives, making the overall look even fiercer and more menacing.
  • It suits very well with the armour that comes with the new raid tier, or other armour that makes the Sage look powerful and menacing, so unlike the other healer glamour that may make them look more delicate.

How To Get Abyssos Wings:

  • A drop from the latest raid, Abyssos: The Eighth Circle (Savage).
  • It can be exchanegd with 8 Abyssos Mythos IV, which can be earned by clearing Abyssos: The Eight Circle (Savage).


6. Milpreves of the Round

Another glowy weapon for the Sages.

Milpreves of the Round is the third glowy weapon for Sage after Wings of Divine Light and Abyssos Wings. Why it looks cool;

  • It has a very gentle but bright blue glow on the weapons, making it look unique and eye-catching.
  • Not to mention, because of its design and color scheme, it can fit in with any of the Sage’s glamour set, be it a cool one, elegant one, or even a fierce one.
  • This makes Milpreves of the Round a very good weapon to be worn by the Sage with any kind of sets.

How To Get Milpreves of the Round:

  • It can be crafted by a Master Goldsmith at level 60.


5. Stonegold Milpreves

The next beautiful weapons for the Sages, Stonegold Milpreves!

Stonegold Milpreves are the next weapon to be introduced in this article. While its not shiny like the other two predecessors, it has a very unique design. Why it is cool:

  • It looks very intricate and exquisite, making it one of the most detailed Sage’s weapons as of now.
  • It also looks very cool, as if they are towers with a shield barrier surrounding them when being used, making them look elegant but also menacing.
  • When sheathed, Stonegold Milpreves will create an illusion as if the Sage has a very intricate flower design on their back, making them look ethereal.

How To Get Stonegold Milpreves:

  • Opened from White Oak Weapon Coffer by a Sage.
  • Buying it from Shai-Tistt in Crystarium.
  • Crafting it as a Goldsmith
  • Earning it as a reward from Sage’s quest of Sage’s Path of level 70.


4. Empyrean Dzi

The flaming red weapons of the Sage, Empyrean Dzi!

Now back to shiny weapons, Empyrean Dzi has come to the article to show off its amazing design! Why it is cool:

  • It is a very unique weapon that has a flaming design all across the weapons, making it look very shiny and eye-catching.
  • Not to mention, the flames make it suitable for any kind of glamour that want to show off the flaming weapons, making it a very versatile weapon glamour.
  • In addition, it is a pretty rare weapon since getting it might be a bit grindy, which makes it even more unique and eye-catching.
  • It also has a key-like design on the weapon, making the weapons seem like the key for some grandeur chest.

How To Get Empyrean Dzi:

  • Exchanging 10 Empyrean Aetherpool Grip to Confederate Custodian at The Ruby Sea.
  • Empyrean Aetherpool Grip can be obtained by grinding the Deep Dungeon Heavens’ on High.


3. Padjali Milpreves

The super bright, eye-catching weapon, Padjali Milpreves.

If it’s a case of brightness and being able to catch attention, Padjali Milpreves excels on that particular part. Why it looks cool:

  • It is very bright and eye-catching, and suits well with bright or even darker glamour set that can even enhance the brightness and beauty of Padjali Milpreves clearer.
  • It is also one of the shiniest weapons that Sage has right now, especially when unsheathed, when it will show its brightness on full force.
  • It also suits any type of glamour set, from fierce to sexy, or even elegant and graceful, making it a very versatile weapon glamour.

How To Get Padjali Milpreves:

  • Exchanging 3 Aetherpool Grip to E-Una-Kotor in South Shroud.
  • Aetherpool Grip can be earned by running the Deep Dungeon Palace of the Dead.


2. Kinna Milpreves

The rose-like weapons of Kinna Milpreves.

Kinna Milpreves is another shiny weapon of the Sages. While it is certainly not as bright as Padjali Milpreves, it got its own charm. Why it looks cool:

  • First, it looks very elegant with its design and light as well as color scheme, making it a very subtle weapon but still draws attention because of its glow.
  • It suits a lot of glamour styles, especially dark red sexy ones or elegant ones that stood high above the rest, making the Sage look even more out of the world with this weapon.
  • It has a very flower-spell like design that looks enchanting and gorgeous when unsheathed or even sheathed.

How To Get Kinna Milpreves:

  • Exchanging Padjali Milpreves and 6 Aetherpool Grip to E-Una-Kotor in South Shroud.
  • Just like before, Aetherpool Grip can be earned by running the first Deep Dungeon of Palace of the Dead.


1. Ultimate Milpreves of the Heavens

The last weapon on the list as well as the most intricate.

Ultimate Milpreves of the Heavens, being the last weapon on this list and winning the first spot, definitely has the honor of winning the throne. Why it looks cool:

  • First, it is the only ultimate weapon for Sages currently, making it look very unique, since wearing it does not only make you look good, but also showcases your ability as a player.
  • This is because you can only gain this weapon after completing the newest ultimate raid, which is the hardest content in the game currently.
  • The shine of the weapon is also bright and very eye-catching. Not to mention, the design of the shine with the weapon is also very detailed and very intricate, making it look like an exquisite, hand-crafted specialized design.
  • It suits with almost any type of glamor, as it shines bright on its own and can gain a lot of attention.

How To Get Ultimate Milprives of the Heavens:

  • Clearing the newest Ultimate raid on the block, the Dragonsong’s Reprise: Ultimate.
  • Players can then exchange the Dragonsong Totem they can get from clearing said raid to Nesvaaz in Radz-at-Han.

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