[Top 5] FF14 Best Job For Beginners - What's the Best Job to Play?

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A group of adventurers ready to tackle the epic 24-man Alliance Raid.

As of now, Final Fantasy XIV is a game that has 18 different battle jobs that a player can choose from. The good thing in FFXIV is, a player can play all the battle jobs available in the game. Switching what job they want to play is just as easy as switching the weapon the player is currently wearing.

However, while this is undoubtedly a good thing, new and upcoming players might be overwhelmed by the plethora of choices given to them. 

For this reason, this article will discuss five of the best battle jobs available in FFXIV that are best played by beginners and players who are still new to the game.


5. Machinist

A Machinist player with their gun withdrawn.

Machinist is one of the three physical ranged DPS battle jobs available in the game, and is one of the DPS that is quite beginner-friendly.

The main reason for this is because, as a ranged DPS, Machinists do not have to worry about positionals like Melee DPS, or casting time like Casters. 

In addition, compared to the other two ranged DPS classes in the game, Machinists do not have any RNG-bound skills, making it easy for beginner players to remember their rotation and easier to keep a consistent DPS output throughout the whole fight.

Not only that, Machinist also has pretty straight-forward and stable opener skills, which makes new players able to understand their jobs even more, without having to adjust according to the fight they were fighting.

For these reasons, Machinist is one of the jobs that a beginner player can choose through their journey in Eorzea.

However, one disadvantage of this job is that players would only be able to unlock it after they’ve reached the Heavensward expansion, which might take a while to do, as they have to clear the entirety of A Realm Reborn first before they can unlock this battle job.


4. White Mage

A White Mage’s most explosive spell, Afflatus Misery.

White Mage is the only healer being featured on this list, and there are several reasons why White Mage is the healer among the three healer jobs available in FFXIV that is suitable for beginner players.

The first reason is that White Mage is a pretty straightforward healer job. Instead of having to shield before receiving damage like Scholars or deal with a plethora of cards and buffs like Astrologian, White Mage usually only heals their allies after they receive damage and cast their offensive spells otherwise.

In addition, White Mage’s healing skills are very strong, meaning that they can heal up their dying allies pretty quickly, which is very suitable for beginner healers who tend to panic upon seeing their allies’ low health.

Lastly, White Mage also has good mana management on higher levels with the existence of Thin Air. This skill allows a White Mage to cast all of their spells without any mana cost for 12 seconds, which makes it ideal for fights that require a lot of healing or to resurrect several dead people.

For this reason, White Mage is deemed the best healer job suited for beginner FFXIV players who want to choose a healer job as their main battle job in the game.


3. Warrior

A Warrior of Light ready to wreak havoc among the enemies.

Warrior is one of the four tanks available to be played in Final Fantasy XIV and is also the only tank featured in this list. Like the White Mage, a Warrior has reasons why it is a very suitable tank job for beginner players.

Many beginner players have some doubts about going as a Tank for their main chosen job, as they have anxiety about having to lead the battle and trying to manage their mitigations and doing damage at the same time.

For this reason, a beginner player who is looking to be a Tank can try choosing a Warrior. This is because a Warrior’s skills are pretty straightforward, and their combos and rotations are not that complicated.

In addition, Warriors is also one of the four tanks that have a plethora of mitigations available, which makes them a battle job that doesn’t easily die. Not to mention, their strongest skill, Holmgang, can keep them alive for several seconds even after their HP reaches 1. Holmgang is also the invulnerability skill among the four tanks with the lowest cooldown timer, which makes the Warriors able to take more damage and tank busters when doing the whole fight.

For this reason, Warrior can be seen as one of the suitable tanks for beginner players looking to dip their toes into tanking in Final Fantasy X


2. Red Mage

A Red Mage casting their spells.

Red Mage is one of the four Caster Jobs available in Final Fantasy XIV and is undoubtedly one of the easiest caster jobs, especially compared to Black Mages and Summoners.

One of the reasons why Red Mage is a suitable job for beginners is that their rotation and openers are pretty simple. 

In short, a Red Mage only has to pay attention to their Black and White mana and cast different spells to keep them relatively similar in number. After reaching a specific amount of both manas, a Red Mage can then do a melee combo rotation before returning to casting spells to fill their Black and White mana back up.

In addition, Red Mage is the only caster job that does not have a Damage over Time, and so they do not need to pay attention to when to place their DoTs on the bosses as enemies, as opposed to what Black Mages and Summoners have to do.

Not to mention, a Red Mage also has an ability called Dual Spell, which allows them to instantly cast the second spell right after successfully casting the first spell. This allows a Red Mage to have instant-cast every two spells they did, which allows them easier movement around the arena, allowing them to dodge mechanics easier than Black Mages.

For these reasons, a Red Mage is dubbed as the caster that is best suited for beginner players who like to cast spells to defeat their enemies.


1. Dancer

A Dancer ready to dance their way through the midst of the enemies.

A Dancer is, undoubtedly, one of the battle jobs that are highly favored by many beginner players out there. For this, of course, there are several reasons why Dancer is a job that can be called ‘the beginner players’ favorite.’

Firstly, Dancer’s rotations can be called pretty simplistic. There would be a highlight around the skills they are supposed to press next, as the highlight would appear around the skill every time a Dancer manages to trigger an RNG skill to come alive.

This highlight solves the problem of many beginner players who tend to be confused about what buttons they are supposed to press or what skills they should weave in between their GCDs. The appearance of this highlight allows a player to easily see the skills they would need to press.

Another reason is that a Dancer’s dancing skills will also show what buttons they need to press for both Standard and Technical steps, so beginner players would easily be able to deal a lot of damage by doing both Standard and Technical steps successfully, as they can easily see what combo and buttons they need to do their steps.

Dancer is also a physical ranged DPS, which have the advantage of being able to move easily across the arena without having to worry about staying close to the boss like Melee DPS or timing their movements every time like most of the caster DPS, which allows them to easily do and dodge mechanics in the fights.

For this reason, beginner players might want to choose Dancer as their battle job as it is pretty simplistic and straightforward to play.


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