FF14: 10 Things To Do At End Game

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FFXIV’s main story questline is a very big part of what makes the game good.

MMORPGs are always the type of games where there is always a lot of things that players can do inside of its world. Of course, this also applies to Final Fantasy XIV. Its main story quest line is bulky enough that players might have to spend more than 100 hours just to complete it.

However, for older players and players who play the game a lot, there will come a time where the players have finished the main story quest line, geared up their battle jobs, and then ask a question 'what now?'

Well, this article is here to list out ten different things that players can do after reaching the endgame, and after beating Endwalker's main story quest line.


1. Eureka

Eureka is a land full of mystery.

Eureka is the first content that players can do after completing the main story quest line. This is an optional content that has been introduced since the Stormblood expansion, and contains a plethora of content that players can explore and complete.

Why this content is fun:

  • First of all, Eureka has its own growing questline that the players can complete and read and will add even more richness to FFXIV's lore in general.
  • Secondly, Eureka also has massive areas that players can explore, spanning in four different instances in total, which are Eureka Anemos, Eureka Pagos, Eureka Pyros, and Eureka Hydatos.
  • Eureka also has a completely different system than FFXIV's usual combat, introducing elemental levels as well as the elemental wheel that players can utilise to defeat stronger enemies.
  • In addition, Eureka is also the house of Stormblood's relic weapons, amazing looking weapons which players can get as a glamour for their battle jobs.
  • Not only that, Eureka also has their own elemental armour, amazing glam which players can wear as they are one of the only armors that can glow.
  • Lastly, Eureka also has a lot of other rewards and content waiting for the players, from rare minions that can sell for millions in the Market Board, as well as the all-amazing Demi-Ozma mount for clearing the Baldesion Arsenal.


2. Bozja

A land torn with war and the fight for freedom.

Bozja is the second content that players can try to do after completing the MSQ of Final Fantasy XIV. Bozjan Southern Front is also another optional content, but this one is introduced in Shadowbringers expansion.

Why this content is fun:

  • First of all, Bozja is a massive optional content that players can sink a lot of hours into reclearing. Not to mention, it also has a very interesting storyline of its own that ties back to the original lore from the main story quest line.
  • In addition, Bozja also has two different, very humongous maps that players can explore, namely the Bozjan Southern Front and Zadnor.
  • Bozja also has some additional mechanics in terms of its combat system, making the combat system feel different and innovative, which is perfect for players looking for more combat content that feels different than the usual routine.
  • Bozja also has a lot of rewards for the players who play and complete their content, ranging from exclusive mount like the Cerberus, to some minions,  titles, achievements, and many more.


3. Current Savage Raid

The glamour one can get from clearing the abyssos raid.

The term 'endgame' may differ from player to player, and for some, it may mean completing the main story quest line in the game from A Realm Reborn to the latest Endwalker expansion. However, for other players, it might be fully gearing their characters, and this is where the current savage raid takes part.

Why this content is fun:

  • First of all, the current savage raids are very challenging and are a fun experience for players who want more intensive gameplay compared to the main story questline's dungeons and trials.
  • Secondly, current savage raids are the best way for players to gear up their character for Best in Slot--so that their characters can clear content more easily with more stats and damage.
  • Savage raids also have unique mechanics that players have to learn and understand to be able to clear the raid, as well as sufficient DPS check for each raid. This is the perfect mode for players who want to look for a bigger challenge in FFXIV.
  • Lastly, the savage raids will also reward players with glams, as the current savage raid has glams that have glowy fire that makes it eye-catching when being worn.


4. Current Extreme Trials

Extreme trials are a good way to introduce new players to more difficult content.

Extreme trials might not be as difficult or challenging as savage raids, but they are by no means a walk in the park, especially for players who have never tried either extreme trials or savage raids before.

Why this content is fun:

  • Extreme trials are a great introduction for players who are new to the end-game combat content, as extreme trials require less DPS check as well as mechanics that are not as complicated.
  • Extreme trials will also reward players with enough gear for them to tackle savage raids, as a lot of the times, the gear dropped from dungeon is worse than current extreme trials.
  • In addition, extreme trials are there for players who might think that the boss they are fighting in the MSQ is too easy and does not fit their persona. Extreme trials will show a harder version of the boss that the players have to tackle.


5. Ultimate Raid

The shiny weapons from clearing ultimate raids.

Ultimate raids are also well-known as the hardest content that the game has to offer. This is perfect for players who have cleared all current and old extreme trials and savage raids.

Why this content is fun:

  • Ultimate raids are not called the hardest content without any good reason. They are extremely punishing, require a very high DPS check, and mechanics that are very intricate and at times very difficult to understand and execute correctly.
  • Because of this, ultimate raids are the perfect content for players who want a bigger challenge after finishing all other combat contents that the game has to offer, including extreme trials and savage raids.
  • Ultimate raids also reward players who have successfully managed to clear them with a legend title as well as a very iconic weapon that has a very bright shine.


6. MGP Farm

Gold Saucer is the best place for one to unwind and relax.

MGP Farm is the perfect content for players who are burnt out from combat in FFXIV, and want to do something else other than crafting and gathering.

Why this content is fun:

  • The Gold Saucer is a place that is full of mini-games, GATEs, and many more, content that is extremely fun to do and a side content that is completely optional but interesting.
  • This place is also jam-packed full of rewards that players can buy with MGP, the currency that the players will get for playing the content inside of the Gold Saucer.
  • These rewards are also varied, from minions, outfits for glamours, exclusive mounts, orchestrion rolls, and many more. 
  • Not to mention, Gold Saucer also has a lot of achievements and titles that the players can go for, which is perfect for completionist players who want to do every single content in the game.


7. Hunts (A & S Ranks)

Players banding together in hunts.

A & S Rank hunts are the next content that the game has to offer for players who want to do more combat content, but one that is not as difficult as extreme trials or savage and ultimate raids.

Why this content is fun:

  • It is extremely easy to meet new players who are also into hunts and become friends with them to hunt A & S Rank monsters together.
  • Hunting these rank monsters will also reward the players with specific currency that differ from expansion to expansion. 
  • These currency can then be used to buy some glamour, mounts, fashion accessories, and many more.
  • Hunting the A & S Rank monsters will also reward players with some recent tomestones, which can then be used to buy new, better gear for their battle jobs.


8. Doing Old Savage Raid & Extreme Trials

There is a lot of old content that the players can do.

While older savage raids and extreme trials won't reward the player with any more best in slot for their battle jobs, it is by no means useless to do anymore.

Why this content is fun:

  • Doing old content synced is a good way for players to beat challenging content from old expansions for those who seek for more thrill in their journey in FFXIV.
  • Old Savage Raids will also reward players with beautiful glamours as well as exclusive mounts that can only be earned by beating the last raid of every tier.
  • Old extreme trials will also have shiny weapon glamour that the player can farm as a fashion accessory for their battle jobs, as well as specific mounts.
  • For players who only want to do old content for the glam, it is also easier to clear them now with the unsync party function.


9. Relic Grind

Relic weapons are very beautiful and eye-catching.

Relic Grind is a way for players to spend even more time grinding in Final Fantasy XIV, as most of the relics can only be earned by grinding that consumes a lot of time.

Why this content is fun:

  • Because of how time-consuming relic grinds can be, having relic weapons, especially the last stages of the relic, is such an achievement and an accomplishment for the player who has successfully done it.
  • Not to mention, the relic weapons are also extremely cool and beautiful, as well as being a very eye-catching weapon to wear in general for your battle jobs.
  • It is also the perfect content to do for players who like to collect things, as collecting every single relic in the game for every expansion will also reward the players with a specific achievement and even title.


10. PVP

Frontline is a type of PVP that the players can do.

PVP can definitely be seen as an optional content to do in FFXIV, and is a good way for players who have reached the end of the main story quest line and want to do more things in the game that also includes other players in the game.

Why this content is fun:

  • PVP is a way to test your mettle against your fellow players, by battling it out in the arena and winning or losing in certain maps and PVP modes.
  • PVP also has a lot of mount rewards that players can collect if they become serious PVP players.
  • Not to mention, PVP also has a lot of achievements that players can do to earn titles, minions, mounts, and so much more.
  • Doing PVP will also reward players with a specific currency that can only be obtained by playing PVP. This currency can then be used to buy a myriad of things, ranging from glamours, mounts, minions, decorations, and so much more.

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