[Top 10] FF14 Best Sage Spells That Are Powerful

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The Sage battle job is the newest healer on the block!

Sage, the newest healer introduced in Endwalker's latest expansion, has a lot of advantages, including instantly casted abilities on healing and shielding, as well as an insane amount of DPS.

Sage is the game's newest shield healer, and they're frequently paired up with either White Mage or Astrologian in raids, as both of these are pure healers, rather than Scholars, another shield healer who's been around since A Realm Reborn.

Sage is extremely powerful and can cast a variety of offensive and healing spells while moving, making them a highly mobile healer. Sage, like a White Mage, is also said to be relatively easy to learn, with little to no other utility to the party aside from healing and damage.

This article will highlight ten of the best Sage Spells that players frequently use while using this healer, whether in dungeons, solo content, or even high-end raids such as Savage raids and Ultimate raids.


10. Zoe

A video describing the basics of the Sage healer job. See Zoe in action at 09:30.

Zoe is the first spell to be introduced in this article. Zoe is a support spell rather than a healing or offensive spell. However, it is still very useful and is often used with Pneuma.

Why Zoe is Great:

  • Zoe has a cooldown of 90 seconds and when used, it grants the Sage a buff that allows them to have a 50% increase in healing magic potency for their next healing spell. They are typically used in conjunction with Pneuma or, as a rare alternative, Eukrasian Prognosis.
  • It also has a cooldown of 30 seconds, so players can use Zoe before casting their healing spells several times before using the healing spell to help reduce Zoe's cooldown even further.
  • Not to mention that Zoe can be instantly cast and weaved in between other healing or offensive spells, which means that the Sage does not need to cast it specifically and can instead click it in between casting other spells.

Zoe details.


9. Rhizomata

A video describing the a level 90 Sage. See Rhizomata in action at 05:10.

Rhizomata, just like Zoe, is also another support spell that can help the Sage instead of a healing or offensive spell.

Why Rhizomata is Great:

  • Rhizomata has a 90-second cooldown, just like Zoe. It is also a very important ability that is frequently used immediately after it has come off cooldown.
  • Rhizomata will give you 1 stack of Addersgall when you use it. Addersgall is the Sagé's secondary resource, which does not consume MP when casting certain spells, but rather stacks Addersgall.
  • Sages will be able to cast exclusive spells and abilities that can only be cast with an Addersgall stack, such as Kerachole, Ixochole, Druochole, and Taurochole, while these stacks are available to them.

Rhizomata details.


8. Phlegma III

A video describing Sage's skill animations. See Phlegma III in action at 09:55.

Phlegma II is the first offensive spell to be featured in this article, and the one that is most often used by any Sages out there as it can deal massive amount of damage to the enemies.

Why Phlegma III  is Great:

  • Phlegma III is an AoE spell with two stacks, one of which is recovered every 45 seconds. It will deal damage with a potency of 510 against the first enemy and 50% less against the remaining enemies.
  • Phlegma III can also be cast instantly, which means Sages will be able to use it to damage enemies even while they are moving.
  • Phlegma III is also suitable for use in dungeons with a high number of mobs or in raids with only one boss to target. The reason for this is that Phlegma III deals more damage than their standard attack spell, Dosis III, which only deals damage with a potency of 330. This makes Phlegma III a very useful spell to have on hand at all times.

Phlegma II  details.


7. Kerachole

A video describing how to play Sage.. See Kerachole in action at 03:10.

Kerachole is the first healing spell to be introduced in this article, and one that is often used by Sages.

Why Kerachole is Great:

  • Kerachole has a 30 second cooldown and is a very useful AoE shield that provides a 10% damage reduction to all nearby party members for 15 seconds.
  • It consumes one stack of Addersgall rather than MP, and because it can be instantly cast and weaved between spells, Sages can actually use this ability by casting other spells in between.
  • In addition to the shield, Kerachole will grant a 15-second regen with 100 cure potency to all nearby party members, as well as restore 7% of the Sage's maximum MP. It is safe to say that it is a very useful healing ability.

Kerachole details.


6. Kardia

A video describing the use of Kardia.

Kardia is the bread and butter to a Sage’s proper gameplay. It is the first spell to be casted once the Sage entered the dungeon, and most often will be casted on the Tank, which will receive the most damage throughout the run.

Why Kardia is Great:

  • Kardia is essentially a semi-permanent buff that will last until they exit the dungeon or the Sage removes it. During the duration of the run, the target party member, usually the Tank, will receive an unlimited buff.
  • It will grant the Kardion effect to the selected party member and will recover the target party member's HP with every magical attack dealt to the enemies, which can be triggered by spells such as Phlegma, Toxikon, Dosis, and Eukrasian Dosis.
  • Simply by dealing damage to the enemies, Sage will be able to provide passive healing to the chosen party member. It is extremely useful, allowing the Sage to deal more damage while healing less.

Kardia details.


5. Haima

A video describing all Sage spells. See Haima in action at 32:10.

Haima is the next spell to be introduced in this article, and it is one of the strongest Shields that the Sage has under their spellbook.

Why Haima is Great:

  • Haima is most commonly used on Tanks, especially before they take a Tankbuster. It is a massive shield that allows the Tank to take less damage and live with a higher HP.
  • Haima will erect a barrier that absorbs damage equal to 300 heal potencies and grants 5 stacks of Haimatinon for 15 seconds.
  • When a targeted party member is damaged by Haimatinon and absorbs the shield, a stack of Haimatinon is used to replenish the shield while also providing healing with 150 cure potency per Haimatinon stack.

Haima details.


4. Physis II 

A video describing how to use Sage in dungeons. See Physis II in action at 06:13.

Physis II is also another healing spell introduced in this article. However, unlike the rest of the spells introduced before, Physis II focuses more on raw healing rather than providing shields. 

Why Physis II is Great:

  • Because Physis II focuses on regenerating lost HP, it is a very useful spell, especially in emergencies where the player has lost a lot of HP.
  • For 15 seconds, Physis II will gradually restore the HP of all nearby paty members with a cure potency of 130. Furthermore, it will increase the HP recovered by healing actions by 10% for 10 seconds, effectively increasing the effectiveness of other healing spells.
  • Not to mention that Physis II can be cast instantly as well as between other healing or offensive spells, allowing Sages to easily weave this in between their other spells.

Physis II  details.


3. Panhaima

A video describing how to play Sage. See Panhaima in action at 02:40.

While Haima focuses more on providing a barrier to the Tank before a multi-hitting Tank Buster, Panhaima is an AoE shield that is best used before a multi-hitting raidwide AoEs by the boss.

Why Panhaima is Great:

  • Panhaima will cast a magical barrier around all nearby party members, absorbing damage equal to a cure potency of 200.
  • Panhaima, like Haima, will grant 5 stacks of Panhaimatinon, with each stack replenishing new shields and granting healing with a 100 cure potency per Panhaimatinon stack.
  • Panhaima is a very powerful shield that is frequently used before multi-hitting raidwides, and because it can be cast instantly, Sages can easily weave this ability in between their other healing or offensive spells.

Panhaima details.


2. Holos

A video describing why Sage is a good healer. See Holos in action at 06:13.

Holos is another healing spell that is very powerful unique to the Sage’s spellbook. It is also an AoE heal, and is most often used to take hard-hitting raidwides.

Why Holos is Great:

  • Casting Holos will instantly grant a healing recovery with a cure potency of 300 to all nearby party members, assisting them in regaining their low HP.
  • Holos will also grant a buff for 20 seconds that reduces all damage taken by 10% for all nearby party members, effectively acting as a Shield.
  • Holos can also be instantly cast and weaved in between spells, allowing Sages to use them in an emergency without having to cast them, and they can even weave it in between their other healing or offensive spells.

Holos details.


1. Pneuma

A video describing how to heal while dealing damage as a Sage. See Pneuma in action at 05:34.

Pneuma is the last spell to be introduced in this article and is also coincidentally the last spell that a Sage would learn, as Pneuma is a level 90 spell.

Why Pneuma is Great:

  • Pneuma is a very powerful and hard-hitting AoE Spell that will hit all enemies in a straight line with a damage potency of 330 for the first enemy and 40% for all remaining enemies. This makes the spell useful in both dungeons with a large number of mobs and raids with only one boss to target.
  • Pneuma, on the other hand, truly shines in its healing abilities, as it can heal all nearby party members with a whopping 600 cure potency. When combined with Zoe, it can increase the cure potency of all allies to 900, effectively healing them all to full health.
  • Not to mention that it will also activate the Kardia effect, making Pneuma a very powerful spell that can both deal AoE damage to enemies while also restoring a large amount of HP to all party members. It is unquestionably a must-cast spell.

Pneuma details.


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