[Top 3] FF14 Best Starting Zones (And Why)

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There are many beautiful fields and places in FFXIV.

Final Fantasy XIV is a game with not only a lot of varieties of gameplays where players can explore, but also a place that serves a lot of beautiful and amazing places where players can explore and immerse in their beauty. Not to mention, their graphics have also only improved as time evolves, with their environment becoming more and more breathtaking.

Upon the start of the game, players have the choice to choose their own battle job, which subsequently allows a player to be placed in one of the three starting areas, namely Gridania, Ul’dah, and Limsa Lominsa. Today, this article will discuss the ranking of the three starting areas where players can start their journey in Eorzea.


3. Ul’dah

Ul’dah, the city of gold and poverty.

The first of the three cities in which players can begin is Ul'dah, which is known for its wealthy residents as well as the citizens of Ala Mhigan who are forced to live outside due to a lack of funds and access to the city.

Why Ul’dah is great:

  • The city is vast and filled with many options for markets, some of which even the players can browse on.
  • Many of the events in the game are also celebrated in Ul'dah, where the entire environment changes and follows the festival, making it a vital city to visit.
  • Ul'dah is also the city where players will first be introduced to Gold Saucer, a pleasure city where many people go to have fun and play mini games when they get bored of the battle content in FFXIV.
  • Gold Saucer, which has buildings similar to Ul'dah, is a really fun place where players can farm MGP to get mounts by playing fun mini-games like Jumbo Cactpot, GATEs, and many other things.
  • The Goblet, Ul'dah's residential district for players, is also a beautiful residential district with many waterfalls, fountains, and pools for players to enjoy.

Jobs that start in this zone:

  • Gladiator
  • Pugilist
  • Thaumaturge


2. Limsa Lominsa

The port city of Limsa Lominsa

The second starting zone available to players is Limsa Lominsa, the city with the highest population even in the Endwalker era.

Why Limsa Lominsa is great:

  • Limsa Lominsa is a beautiful port city that is a first love for any pirates as well as those who want to enjoy a beautiful cliff sea view.
  • The beautiful, open seas combined with the boats anchored in the seas create a very beautiful environment for players to enjoy and take a lot of screenshots on, which is great for those who enjoy taking pictures in the game.
  • Furthermore, the marble and stone white buildings of Limsa Lominsa make it a very aesthetic place that is still a favorite of many players today.
  • Limsa Lominsa is the only city where players can immediately access the Market Board without having to teleport to another mini aetheryte. This makes it easier for players who switch between worlds to search for and purchase items.
  • The Mist, the residential district for players in Limsa Lominsa, contains a large number of cliff-side mansions and houses that face the beaches, making it ideal for many players to make their beach house fantasy come true in the game.

Jobs that start in this zone:

  • Warrior
  • Arcanist
  • Ninja


1. Gridania

Gridania, the lush green forestry of FFXIV.

Gridania is the third city that players can begin in the game, and unlike Limsa's bustling seas and Ul'dah's bustling markets, Gridania offers a serene, peaceful environment to those who choose to live there.

Why Gridania is a good place:

  • A tranquil, beautiful woods city where players can enjoy and relax. With the music and atmosphere in the town and fields near Gridania, it is a good place for many players who want to enjoy the game more leisurely, talking to NPCs and generally having a good time.
  • Lavender Beds, a residential district for players near Gridania, is a lush, beautiful cottage where players can live out their dreams of building and living a cottagecore life in FFXIV.
  • It's also a welcoming environment with a pleasant atmosphere that makes the players feel at ease and at one with nature.
  • Not to mention that it is the home of Conjurers, the only healer class available to new players. This requires any new healer player to visit Gridania and meet other healer players.

Jobs that start in this zone:

  • Archer
  • Conjurer
  • Lancer

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