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In Final Fantasy XIV, Retainers play an important role in all players' livelihoods in the game. This is due to the fact that retainers can make the players' jobs in FFXIV much easier in a variety of ways. For one thing, retainers will aid in the storage of a large number of inventory items. One retainer can hold 175 inventory slots, so the two original retainers can hold a total of 350 inventory slots.

Furthermore, retainers will assist you in selling items on the Market Board, whether they are things you no longer need, things you gather or craft specifically to sell, or a variety of other items. Simply place it on the selling board, set the price, and wait for the Gil to arrive!

You can also send your retainer to Ventures to retrieve some items. Each Venture will cost you one or two Venture coins, which can be obtained in a variety of ways, including Beast Tribes, Grand Company Seals, Levequests, and so on. Some of the items they bring back can be very profitable when sold on the Market Board!

That being said, many players may be unsure of which class is best suited for their retainer, and this article will help point you in the right direction. It should be noted, however, that Retainers can only level their jobs based on whether you have unlocked them and the level of your character. That is, if Miner is not unlocked, you will be unable to set your retainer as a Miner. Similarly, if your Botanist is only level 30, your Retainer will be unable to level up above level 30.


5. Your Starting Class

A Paladin ready to protect their allies from harm.

Depending on what each player requires and what class they have leveled, a retainer could be assigned to either a battle or a gathering class. However, keep in mind that this is your first class, not your job. This is due to the fact that you will need to purchase a copy of Modern Vocation, which can be purchased from a Retainer Vocate for 40 Ventures, in order to give your retainer a battle job, which is an upgrade of the initial class battle job.

Why it is a good choice to leave your retainer jobless initially:

  • You do not have to pay 40 Ventures for the Modern Vocation copy.
  • You can change your retainer to any job later on once you’re decided which battle job you like and will level to maximum level.
  • Changing your jobless retainer with a disciple of war or magic class is completely free. 

Leave your retainer jobless (not classless!) if:

  • You’re still not sure which battle job you are going to main, especially if you do not feel comfortable playing the initial battle class you choose when creating your character.
  • You have an aim to unlock the new battle jobs that require a player to be on higher levels, such as Astrologian and Dark Knight at level 30, Red Mage and Samurai at level 50, and so on.
  • You want to save your Ventures for now.


4. Your Main Battle Job

The Soul Crystal of the newest healer, Sage.

This is a follow-up to the previous point. When you've progressed far enough in the game and cleared a significant amount of content, you may have discovered which battle job you particularly enjoy and want to devote your time to leveling to max level. This is a good time to give your jobless Retainer a copy of Modern Vocation and assign your primary battle job to them as well.

Why Your Main Battle Job is a good choice:

  • Your retainer can only level up their battle job according to your own level on that particular battle job. Allowing a retainer to have the same battle job that you main makes it way easier for you to level them to maximum level.
  • You do not have to level another job just so that your retainer will be able to level up further.
  • All Retainer battle jobs have the same option of Ventures they can go to. All Retainer battle jobs, be it Tank, Healer, or DPS, will also yield the same materials from their expedition and hunting you sent them to. Because of this, you do not have to worry about choosing a Tank or a Healer job if you maintain either one of them, since your Retainer will get the same yield as a DPS one.
  • You can easily give them your old gear to them, so that they will be able to go to higher level Ventures and be able to get even rarer drops for you.

Pick your main battle job as your retainer’s job if:

  • You are sure that you will level your main battle job to a high level so that you do not have to change your retainer battle job. This is because you will need to reset your retainer's level if you want to change their jobs.
  • You do not like gathering, and therefore do not want a Retainer that can gather.
  • You want to get special items that could only be gained through retainer battle ventures.


3. Miner

A Miner digs deep into the ground to find rare valuables.

Miner is one of three Gatherer classes available to players in Final Fantasy XIV. A Miner's job is to dig into veins in order to obtain rare ores, sand, crystals, and a variety of other items. You can use your Miner to mine any materials you've previously gathered. Not to mention that you can send them on quick and highland explorations for rare materials.

Why Miner is a great class for your Retainer:

  • It can help you collect the rare ores you need without having to gather them yourself.
  • You can make a lot of money by asking your retainer to gather materials and selling them on the Market Board.
  • You can save time if you are a crafter by asking them to get the materials you need for crafting.
  • You can get rare items by sending them for quick and highland exploration.

Pick Miner for your retainer if:

  • You like gathering yourself, because you need to level your own Miner to be able to level up the level of Miner in your retainer, as well as gather the materials you need first before you can send them to mine.
  • You like to craft, especially as an Armorer, Blacksmith, or a Goldsmith, and therefore can save a lot of time by asking your retainer to get the stuff you need.
  • You like to make money and want to get your retainer to mine rare items.


2. Botanist

A Botanist is a gatherer job that communicates with nature.

Botanist is another option for your retainers because it is a gatherer job in Final Fantasy XIV that players can level up on their own. A Botanist, like a Miner, may go out to gather logs, seeds, flowers, and a variety of other natural resources.

Why Botanist is a great class for your retainer:

  • A Retainer with the Botanist class may be able to help you get specific materials you need that you have gathered yourself.
  • They may also get some rare rewards through sending them to quick and woodland explorations.
  • In addition, both Miner and Botanist Retainer can also help you collect rare, timed node materials that would otherwise force you to wait for them to spawn in-game.

Choose Botanist if:

  • Similar to the Miner, you must like gathering and becoming a Botanist to be able to level your Retainer to a high enough level so that they may gather more items.
  • You are also a crafter, especially Carpenter, Culinarian, and Alchemist, that requires a lot of materials that can be earned through the Botanist class.
  • You want to get specific rare and timed node materials for crafting or selling for Gil.


1. Fisher

Just like the name implies, they catch fish all day long.

The Fisher class is the final gatherer class that players can unlock in FFXIV. A Fisher's job is, as the name implies, to catch fish, whether with a rod or a spear. Fish, unlike Miner or Botanist, is only required for specific crafting items, and many fish types may not even be required at all. However, there are numerous advantages to converting your retainer into a Fisher.

Why Fisher is a great class for your retainer:

  • Because there are not a lot of players that own a Fisher retainer, rare and specific items that could only be earned through Waterside Exploration, a Venture unique to the Fisher retainer, sells for a lot of money in the Market Board.
  • They can also help you catch some fish that could be needed for specific crafting items, especially in Culinarian. 
  • A lot of Waterside Exploration may bring you back rare, cute, and silly Minions that you can use or sell for millions of Gil in the Market Board.

Pick Fisher if:

  • You do not mind fishing or are willing to go Ocean Fishing, the fastest way to level your Fisher from 1 to 90.
  • You are patient, as there is no guarantee that Waterside Exploration may bring you the rare items that you want.
  • At the same time, you also desire a lot of Gil, as if you are lucky, Waterside Exploration may bring you many rare and unique items to the Fisher Retainer.

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