FF14 Best Way To Level Alt Jobs 6.28

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Reaper is one of the two newest battle jobs in FFXIV.

One big advantage that Final Fantasy XIV has over other MMORPGs out there is the single lone fact that players can easily change into other battle jobs without the need to create a new character and having to do the main story and quests all over again just to experience the gameplay of another new battle job.

This system allows players to be able to play all battle jobs in a single character, saving a lot of time as well as grinding that they need to do. Of course, players will need to unlock these battle jobs first and level them accordingly to be able to play them to their full potential.

This article will help players to find the best ways to level all your alt battle jobs all the way up to level 90 in the newest patch that has just come out for FFXIV.


10. Dungeon Spam

Lapis Manalis is the newest dungeon added in FFXIV.

The first method that players can do is Dungeon Spamming with their respective alt jobs that they want to level.

This might not be as effective as some other methods, but provide a clear way for players to level their jobs very quickly to level 90. By doing dungeon spams repeatedly, players can easily level up some of their battle jobs to level 90 in a few days.

How this method works:

  • First of all, there are a lot of dungeons that players can delve into as long as the players have completed the main story quest line. 
  • The dungeons also all differ in the level requirement that is required of the battle job the player is on in order to enter the dungeon.
  • The way to do dungeon spam to be able to reach level 90 quickly is entering the most high-leveled dungeon that the player can enter at their current level and clearing them repeatedly.
  • After leveling up through the experience points the dungeon rewarded, the player can then move on to the next dungeon with higher level as long as they have reached the level requirement for said dungeon.
  • Repeat this process until the player has hit level 90 on their battle jobs.


9. FATEs

FATEs can be found everywhere in the fields.

Grinding FATEs is the second method that players can do in order to level up their battle jobs.

How effective this method is really depends on the player's ongoing quests and aims. It is more effective for some players, and not for some others. This will be explained further down below.

How this method works:

  • First of all, FATEs can give experience for the battle job that they enter the FATEs with. It is quite significant especially when the level of the FATEs they are doing are similar to their battle job's current level.
  • Doing FATEs as a way to grind levels is very efficient for players who also need to do FATEs for their relic weapon questline, from Zodiac, Anima, or even the Shadowbringers relic weapons, as some of them require the players to beat a certain amount of FATEs in order to progress their relic weapon questline.
  • Therefore, rather than doing the FATEs with a max leveled battle job, it will be killing two birds with one stone if the players use a non-levelled battle job in order to do the FATEs.
  • On top of that, doing FATEs in the Shadowbringers and Endwalker area will also allow players to earn Bicolor Gemstones, a special currency that can be used for a myriad of things, from exclusive mounts and even making Gil.
  • At some time, there are also some FATE trains going on in the overworld that the player can also join in order to increase their speed on clearing the FATEs even faster. These trains can be found in the party finder feature inside of the game.


8. Joining a Free Company

Free Company is a place for the community to flourish.

Joining a Free Company is the third method which can be done super easily, especially for players who don't have a Free Company in FFXIV yet.

This method is definitely very effective, as it doesn't take a long time to do, and can be done easily while doing other methods as well, which makes this method even more effective.

How this method works:

  • Free Company is a place where players can make a community, build and decorate houses, manage workshops, and chat among the other members of the Free Company. It is more known with the word 'Guild' in other MMORPGs.
  • Joining a Free Company can be easily done with the in-game method of Free Companies. Players without one can easily look up what kinds of Free Company is available on their server.
  • Due to the fact that Free Company has a member limit of up to 500 members, it is more likely that even the bigger Free Companies are actively recruiting, so new players are easily accepted into many types of Free Companies.
  • Players can also look up which kind of Free Companies available through the FFXIV unofficial discord or the official Community Finder feature from FFXIV.
  • Free Company, especially one that is medium-sized or large ones, usually always have two different buffs active 24/7. One of the buffs most often used by the FCs are the increase on experience that players can earn through battle.
  • If your Free Company has this buff on, it is definitely one of the easiest ways for you to be able to level up your alt jobs even faster.


7. Do Your Class & Job Quests

Dark Knight’s job quests are dubbed as some of the best stories that FFXIV has to offer.

Doing your class and job quests are incredibly important in FFXIV, make sure not to miss them!

These may not seem as important at first glance especially compared to the main scenario questline. However, these class and job quests are actually very important as not only does it give you a huge chunk of experience points, it will also enable you to unlock new skills and spells!

How this method works:

  • Every five levels from level 1 to 30, players will receive their class quests. After level 30, this will be then changed to a new term 'job quests', after players receive their soul stones for their battle jobs.
  • And then, from level 30 to 50, players will receive their job quests every 5 levels. From level 50 to 70, they will then receive job quests every 2 to 3 levels. 
  • Lastly, from level 70 to 90, players will receive 'role quests' every 2 levels. 'Role quests' are quests that are shared together with every battle role job. So, if a player has completed their 'role quests' for 'tanks' with a Paladin, they will not have to do it again for their Dark Knight, Warrior, or Gunbreaker.
  • Doing your class, job, and role quests will allow you to be able to help level up your character faster for two different reasons. The first one is completing the quests itself will give you massive experience points that can cut down your grinding time.


6. Eating Food

Eating food can also help boost your levels faster in the game!

Eating food may be a trivial thing in a game, but do not underestimate its powers!

This method, which is eating food, is similar in some ways with the Free Company ones, in the terms that it is used often with other methods in this article. It is also very effective and easy to do.

How this method works:

  • First of all, food is an essential thing that you should have on all times if you are trying to level your alt jobs in FFXIV. This is because eating any kind of food will have a 3% experience buff for 30 minutes.
  • While 3% of experience points buff might not sound like much, it is definitely worthwhile. This is because 3% will definitely stack up to a huge amount of experience points if you use food every time you go into any combat content. 
  • Not only that, it is also a passive buff that can be stacked up to 1 hour, so you don't have to keep an eye on it too often. 
  • In addition, food is extremely easy to get. A lot of the main story quest line will reward you with food. In addition, if you run out of free food, you can always buy the extremely cheap 'Boiled Egg' food for only 5 Gil per egg.


5. Daily Frontline

Frontline is a massive PVP with a lot of players.

Frontline might be a PVP content, but it is also incredibly useful for players who are not really interested in PVP.

Frontline can be seen as one of the daily challenges under the daily roulette section. This means that players can do frontline once a day to get additional rewards and bonuses.

How this method works:

  • First of all, while Frontline is a PVP game mode, it is actually also very useful for PVE players who want to level their characters up.
  • Once a day, under the Duty Roulette menu, players can choose Frontline under the menu 'Daily Challenges'. Doing Frontline this way will allow players to be able to earn huge experience points as well as useful Tomes.
  • The reason why this mode is worthwhile to do is because he experience points given by the daily challenge is extremely big. It can even increase 2-3 levels if your battle job is very low-leveled.
  • In addition, you only need to do it once a day. While Frontline might see a slow queue when people are busy, you can easily find a fast queue near reset time as well as the weekends.


4. Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges are easy and fast to do.

Weekly Challenges is a way for players to be able to get even more experience points while also doing some of the things that have been listed in this article.

Weekly Challenges might seem unimportant at first, but they are easy and effective to do, especially since it can be done alongside the other methods in this article.

How this method works:

  • First of all, the Weekly Challenge will reset every Tuesday. This can be seen in the Challenge Log, where it will list out all the challenges players can take on during the week and complete them for rewards.
  • Under the Battle menu of the Challenge Log, players can find the requirements of what they need to do during the week. Most of the tasks are usually pretty similar and can be predictable, making for an easier time to grind.
  • The reason why this method is so effective is because you can do them alongside doing the Duty Roulette dungeons, doing weekly Wondrous Tails, and so on, all things that can also further increase your experience points for your respective battle jobs.


3. Bozja Southern Front

Bozja is a very good way to level your characters and have a fun time doing it.

Bozja Southern Front has successfully won the third place in the methods to grind out your alt level battle job to 90 in this article.

Even though battle jobs above level 71 are the only ones who can use this method, Bozja is the perfect way to grind your character up from level 71 to 85, or even 90.

How this method works:

  • Bozja Southern Front can be unlocked after completing the Shadowbringers main story quest line as well as the Stormblood's Alliance Raid quest line.
  • Bozja Southern Front works similarly to Eureka, but unlike Eureka, completing the FATEs which are more known as Skirmishes in Bozja will grant you a lot of experience points.
  • There are also Critical Engagements, rare boss battles that can be joined by a lot of players for them to beat and earn a lot of experience points as well as mettle, a different experience points for your Bozjan Southern Front Resistance Rank.
  • Bozja will also reward you with a myriad of things for doing its content. From its exclusive relic weapons, to their mounts, achievements, titles, and many others.
  • They also have some exclusive raids that you can do after progressing far enough, which are Dalriada and Delubrum Reginae.


2. Main Story Roulette

Porta Decumana is the new trial added in Endwalker.

Main Story Roulette has been significantly improved after the arrival of Endwalker, simply because the developers have changed the way the Main Story Roulette works.

It is definitely the second best method to level up your character effectively as it gives one of the most experience points compared to other daily roulettes.

How this method works:

  • Choose the Main Scenario under your Daily Roulette menu.
  • The Main Scenario Roulette will then allow you and three other players to enter one of the three different dungeons, which are Castrum Meridianum, The Praetorium, and The Porta Decumana.
  • With the arrival of the Endwalker expansions, Castrum Meridianum has become a 4-man dungeon with a lot of its cutscenes cut or even skipped entirely, and some battles are also quickened, allowing for a quicker run of said roulette.
  • In addition, The Praetorium, which takes an agonizingly long amount of time to clear before, has been cut to two, with the first part being The Praetorium and the second being The Porta Decumana. They have also cut a lot of the long battles and walks shorter as well as the dialogues and cutscenes.
  • In conclusion, doing the Main Story Roulette is definitely worth your time now especially with the huge amount of experience points they can provide.


1. Leveling Roulette

There are more than 80 dungeons in the game currently.

The Leveling Roulette has officially won the first prize of the best method to level your alt jobs in this article.

The sole reason why it's still the best method to level your alt jobs is because of how efficient it is.

How this method works:

  • Choose Leveling under your Daily Roulette menu.
  • The Leveling Roulette will allow you and three other players to enter a random dungeon from the pool of dungeons that all four players have unlocked.
  • The reason why this method is very effective is because players only need to do it once a day for the daily experience bonus.
  • The daily roulette bonus for doing this roulette will also give you a huge chunk of experience points that can help you significantly in leveling your alt jobs.
  • In addition, because of the massive pool of dungeons that Leveling Roulette can throw you in, there is a lot of variety and fun that can be found in this dungeon.
  • A lot of dungeons also don't take a lot of time, and with only having to do it once a day, the Leveling Roulette is perfect to do for players who don't have a lot of time to play but still want to level their characters up to level 90.


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