[Top 10] FF14 Best Side Content to do After Finishing MSQ

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Empyreum–the newest housing district located in Ishgard which will be released in patch 6,1 of the game.

Almost every player and even people who do not play FFXIV knows by now that Final Fantasy XIV is a rare MMORPG which puts a heavy focus on the story of the game–or namely the Main Scenario Questline.

A lot of players have even played the game solely for the fact that many players has praised FFXIV’s storytelling from heaven to back, including long-term fans of the Final Fantasy franchise.

However, the infamy of FFXIV’s story has left some players in the game feeling stump and lost, and the question starts to appear, 

While it is indeed a great fact that an MMORPG like FFXIV has an amazing story that has even won themselves awards and a horde of players coming to rush in and buy the game, many players have been scratching their heads after they’ve finished the bulk of the story.

This article is here to help players who have finished the MSQ to gain an inkling of what kind of content they can do now after they’ve finished the MSQ. This topic will cover all aspects of the game that players can do as an option–ranging from battle-related content or non-combat stuff that players can explore and see which one may suit them the best.


10. Beast Tribes

Sahagin, one of the beast tribes available early on in the game in A Realm Reborn.

The first Side Content that players can do after finishing MSQ is Beast Tribes. It is an easily accessible additional content that players can actually access after reaching a certain point in A Realm Reborn’s Main Scenario Questline.

As of right now, there are a grand total of 14 Beast Tribes that players can unlock and rank up. This amount might be increased soon once Endwalker releases the newest beast tribes for this expansion.

Why Beast Tribes is a good Side Content:

  • It is a light side content to do, which doesn’t need hours after hours of grinding for it.
  • Players will only be able to take 3 quests per beast tribe a day, with a grand total of 12 quests in accumulation per day. Beast tribes is very suitable for players who want a more casual content that still provides fun and rewards.
  • Beast tribes also give players a big amount of rewards through doing small grinding like these. These rewards include mounts, minions, orchestrion rolls, specific dyes, combat materia, glamour, and many others. 
  • Beast tribes also provide experience points for battle jobs, as well as crafting and gathering classes. It becomes an easy way for players to help increase their levels doing small and easy tasks for the beast tribes.


9. Blue Mage

Blue Mage, the unique caster that is also essentially a copycat.

Blue Mage is a very unique battle job that can be classified more as a ‘side content’ rather than an actual battle job players can bring into regular content. This is because of the simple fact that players can’t. Aside from making a premade party and joining PF groups, Blue Mages could not queue for any battle content in the game, and is considered as a ‘limited job’.

However, despite its many limitations, there are many reasons why Blue Mage can be a very fun side content to do:

  • Master of mimicry, enjoy the grind of being hit by enemies and then being able to learn the skills they use afterwards.
  • With a whopping 104 spells to choose from, there is more than enough variety to build your optimal Blue Mage. 
  • Very, very versatile. Blue Mages can be anything they want, quite literally. Despite being classified as a Caster Battle job, Blue Mages have skills that allow them to be a Tank or a Healer as well.
  • Many achievements and rewards that are tied to Blue Mages, one of them notably being the Morbol Mount.
  • Very powerful in low level content as all their spells are automatically classified as a Level 1 skill, meaning they can use any skills they have learned, including ones that are learnt from level 70 mobs.
  • Very useful on events that need to do certain content synced, like the Moogle Treasure Trove event.


8. Housing

The true savage of FFXIV, Housing Savage.

Housing in FFXIV is interesting and players can buy their own private house for their own or for their Free Company and decorate it however they want. However, it has also earned the title ‘Housing Savage’ for the lone reason that it is very hard currency to get yourself a house due to the limited amount of housing available in the game, plus the fact that currently there is a hidden timer mechanic in every vacant lot in the game that forces players to wait for hours on end to be able to grab the house they want.

Despite this horrendous system currently, housing is still a nice touch that players can look upon after finishing MSQ. Not to mention, the system will get a revamp and it might become a lot better as developers are changing the housing system to become a lottery system, meaning players do not have to click and wait for hours anymore, nor fight players or even botters to get a chance on the house.

Therefore, it is recommended for players to get into this after the release of Empyreum and the revamp to the housing system. Why housing is a nice side content:

  • Allow players to just have a nice little abode that they can rest in. Players can also add some of their friends to become a tenant in said house.
  • Players can decorate their house to their liking, making it look nice and fancy, or homey and warm. Players who love to do decorating and stuff will find themselves spending hours on furnishing and decorating.
  • Houses can also become a community hub for other players, which players can check out in Party Finder, most often in the ‘Other’ tab. A lot of players have converted their house into a cafe, bar, club, and many others.
  • Gardening system. Gardening and crossbreeding plants is a good way to earn some passive income for themselves.
  • Players can place some NPCs in their own house that can help, such as Mender, NPCs who can sell basic materials, and so on. This allows a player to be able to get all they need in one area instead of having to go to multiple areas.


7. Crafting/Gathering

A Carpenter crafting their own furniture and weapon.

Crafting and Gathering is a nice, non-combat side content that players can explore after finishing their Main Scenario Questline. Some players have even started to do these before they finish half of their Questline.

Why Crafting and Gathering is a good side content: 

  • There are 8 Crafting classes and 3 Gathering classes available, so players have a lot of Content, Quests, and things to do.
  • Crafting and Gathering is the best way to make a lot of money/Gil at the moment. 
  • Players can also save a lot of money once they got their Crafters and Gatherers leveled up, as they can gather and craft the things they need by themselves instead of having to buy them from the Market Board.
  • In FFXIV, players can’t get through crafting by doing it haphazardly. Instead, they have to do a specific set of rotations to ensure a successful and high-quality craft. This makes the content fun and interesting to do for players who are into crafting and gathering.
  • There are many achievements players can get that is only unlockable through Crafting and Gathering, like the Pteranodon and Hybodus mount. 


6. Relic Weapon Farm

The last stage of the Anima Weapon Relic for Bards, Terpander Lux.

Relic Weapons are a set of Weapons that are tied with every expansion of the game, meaning that the base game and all the expansions up until Shadowbringers currently have a set of Relic Weapons that players can grind. Relic Weapons are also usually the BiS weapon for the expansion, especially the last stage.

Currently, there are four Relic Weapon Sets that players can explore and grind, namely the Zodiac Relic for A Realm Reborn, Anima Relic for Heavensward, Eureka Relic for Stormblood, and Resistance Weapon Relic for Shadowbringers.

A lot of relics usually have a long or even painful grind, and therefore made certain Relic rarer than the others due the grind needed to upgrade the weapons. Each Relic Weapon set have different stages, with every few stages making the weapon look beautiful, shining, and distinctive than normal Extreme Trial Weapons.

Why Relic Weapon Farm is a good side content:

  • Get your best weapon glam by grinding out the relic you want for your specific job. Feel free to browse around to look for the Relic you want for your own battle job, as players have their own preferences with looks. Note that the stats boost of the old weapons does not matter anymore in Endwalker.
  • A unique glam for you to show off. Grab your weapon and show them off to your friends or even to strangers in Limsa. Some people may even recognize it and applaud you for the grind that you have done (especially related to Zodiac Relic Weapon).
  • Achievements and Titles that are related to Relic Weapons, Collectors and future Completionists might want to get a headstart on doing their Relic Weapon Farm, since the grind can be long.


5. Ultimate Raids / Old Savage Content

The first Ultimate Raid in the Game, The Weapon’s Refrain.

The next side content in this list is best suited for hardcore players who are looking into more challenging content to do after they have completed the Main Scenario Questline or has even completed the current Savage Raid tier.

Some older, hard content that hardcore players might want to try out:

  • Old Savage Raids, can even try with minimum ilvl so it would make the fight feel as if it’s being done when the content is relevant:
  • Bahamut Raid or more often known as T1-T13 (Normal and Savage)
  • Savage Alexander Raids (A1-A12s)
  • Savage Omega Raids (O1-O12s)
  • Savage Eden Raids (E1-E12s)

Ultimate Raids. These are currently the hardest content in the game, and it is recommended that players have previous synced Savage experience before jumping into this. Upon clearing, players will get a totem which they can exchange for a very distinctive and shiny weapon for their battle job.

  • The Weapon’s Refrain (Ultimate), or more commonly known as UWU.
  • The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate), more commonly known as UCOB.
  • The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate), more commonly known as TEA.
  • Dragonsong War Ultimate, upcoming in 6.1 patch.

Harder content that has more players:

  • Delubrum Reginae (Savage), 24-48 players. Unlockable after reaching Rank 15 in Bozjan Southern Front in Shadowbringers. Clearing this for the first time will give players a Cerberus mount as a reward.
  • The Baldesion Arsenal, 56 players. Unlockable after reaching the last level and finishing all Eureka quests. Clearing this for the first time will give the player an achievement reward with Demi-Ozma mount. 


4. Mount Farming

The mecha-dragon, a “free” mount after players got their hands on all the Shadowbringer’s Extreme trial mounts.

Mounts are always a big part of any MMOs out there, including FFXIV. A lot of players, new and old, have seen mount farming as a way to establish their position in the game, namely that they have cleared a lot of content.

This side content is incredibly vast and includes almost every single content the game has to offer. Players who want to get into mount collecting might want to check out ffxivcollect to get a grasp on what kind of mounts they like, as well as to see whether the grind would be worth it.

Here is a list of some of the rarest and best mounts in the game currently:

  • Astrope, a 2-seater majestic mount, but players will need to complete a grand total of 2000 Mentor Roulettes for it.
  • Pteranodon, which will require players to gain 500k points in every disciple of the Hand and Land in Ishgard Restoration.
  • Any PVP Rank Mounts, as they are limited per season with only a limited number of people being able to get them.
  • A and S rank-hunts mounts, such as Triceratops, Centurio Tiger, and Victor, which require players to defeat thousands of A and S rank mobs.
  • Expensive mounts that require millions of Gil, such as the Resplendent Vessel of Ronka and Gilded Mikoshi, which cost 25 and 50 million Gil respectively.


3. Important Side Quests

Bow down to the gentleman.

Another side content players can do is doing through many side quests the game has yet to offer. While a lot of Side Quests are also pointless and just there to help boost your character’s level if you have nothing else to do, some other Side Quests can be very interesting and are also very important in the long term.

Some of the important Side Quests:

  • First and foremost, all of your class and battle job quests, including role quests in Shadowbringers and Endwalker. Early battle job quests, especially, will be needed to unlock new skills.
  • Level 80 battle job quest, which is available to be taken from the NPCs related to your battle job after you have reached said level and have cleared all previous job quests. This will give a closure to the job quest’s story.
  • Alliance Raid and Normal Raid storylines, which will allow you to unlock those Raids as well, which means more content to do.
  • Any other blue quests in general. This will allow you to unlock a huge myriad of things, from new dungeons, to new features such as glamour and sightseeing log.
  • Interesting yellow quests that have huge storylines: such as the Hildibrand storyline most notably. Others include the Delivery Postmoogle, Tales of the Dragonsong War, Doman Enclave Restoration, and many others.


2. Gold Saucer

The favourite gambling area of NPCs and players alike.

Gold Saucer is a side content that is unlockable pretty early on in the story, with players being able to unlock it after they are able to travel by the airship. Gold Saucer is a very popular place since it provides a lot of mini-games that players are available to use all day long.

Why Gold Saucer is a good side content:

  • It has a lot of mini-games that are enjoyable and fun, such as Triple Triad, Mahjong, Chocobo Racing, many small machines scattered around the area, as well as GATEs, special events that occur every 20 minutes in Gold Saucer.
  • A lot of Mini-Games from above will also have their own achievements that players can fulfil, adding even more points to their completionist book.
  • Players will be able to receive MGP after completing these mini-games, which they can exchange for many items, including exclusive mounts, minions, emotes, hairstyles, glamour, furniture, and many more. 
  • There are also simple mini-games that are available for players who do not want to spend too much time in Gold Saucer but still yield decent to big MGP rewards, such as Mini Cactpot (daily), Jumbo Cactpot (weekly), and Fashion Report.


1. Glamour – the real Endgame

A viera looking dashing in his costume.

The term ‘Glamour is the true Endgame’ is not a lie. This is because, in FFXIV, glamour that are available for players to use are scattered everywhere, from cheap items they can just buy off the Market Board to completing Eureka and even Ultimate Raids.

Hunting for Glamour is not too different like hunting for mounts, as there will be a lot of content that players need to do in order to get their hands on a specific glamour. However, the hunt for glamour will cover a lot more aspects in the game.

Some areas where players can get Glamour from:

  • Eureka and Bozja, which is primarily to hunt for Relic Weapons in Stormblood and Shadowbringers expansion.
  • Shiny Weapon Glams in all Relic Weapons as well as Ultimate Raids.
  • All treasure maps, from new to old ones.
  • Market Board! A lot of glam will be able to be sold in the market, which players can first try first on their character before buying them.
  • Mog Station. This is the home for many glamorous people out there, but it will require real money to be able to purchase them.
  • Dungeons, Raids, and so on. Every single instanced content in the game will have glamour that your characters can try on and loot. Some of them look very good and unique.
  • Crafted. There are many glams out there which can only be crafted by a Crafter, although non-crafters can also easily buy them from the Market Board.
  • Limited-time events will also give players a lot of rewards that can only be earned during that time period (although the game might add them later on to the Mogstation after a year), such as the Heavensturn, Hatching-tide, Valentione’s day, All Saints’ Wake, Moonfire Faire, Starlight Celebration, as well as collaboration with other games and developers’ events.

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