[Top 15] FF14 Best Items to Farm!

FF14 Best Items to Farm
A Lalafell wears Spriggan Cap, Craftman's Singlet, and Calfskin Rider's Shoes with expensive dyes

Eorzean! What is your favourite item to farm?

As for myself, I like to farm cute mounts and cute minions for my collection. But, that is more of a waste of Gil than actually gaining it. So for you, I have 15 items that you can farm for Gil and where to get them! The early items on the list are beginner-friendly to farm. With a note, that it might differ from one server to another, as I’m playing on a Japanese Data Center.

15. Materia

Put it on your equipment to get bonus status!

Do you know that the materia from early equipment is quite expensive for a beginner? I don’t know why, but at least in the server I’m playing, it’s the thing. Materia I & II is more expensive than III or IV. So, don’t forget to extract that materia from your equipment!

14. Treasure Maps

Gotta dig that "X" mark!

You can gather a treasure map every 18 hours. This is why this item sells well on the Market Board. To farm this item you will need a Disciple of Land, Miner/Fisher preferred. You can farm it to sell or farm it for personal use and dig some Gils!

13. Skin/Hide

Wyvern Skin—"The coarse hide of a wyvern."

Leathers are mostly dropped from monsters, other than the ones that sold in NPC, they will sell well in the Market Boards, so do farm this, do not sell it to the NPC, for the Leatherworkers will buy it.

12. Fleeces/Cloth

Crawler Cocoon—"The sticky cocoon of a giant crawler."

Like the leathers, some fleeces are dropped from monsters, and a lazy Weaver like me and many others like me would prefer to buy it than farm it. Thus, it is good to farm some fleeces! Again don’t sell it to the NPC.

11. Approved Grade 4 Items

Grade 4 Skybuilders' Umbral Dirtleaf—"One of the only plants known to grow its leaves underground before allowing them to surface. The fine covering of dirt seems to have the adverse effect of hindering the leaves from doing...whatever it is leaves do, which may explain the shrub's rather short stature."

There is a special dungeon in Ishgard for gatherers or should I say “Disciple of Hands”. It’s called “The Diadem”. Gather the items there, and sell them on the Market Board, they will sell.

10. Demimateria

Fieldcraft Demimateria I—"A crystallized mass of residual spiritbond energies transferred to a tool by its maker during the crafting process."

Demimateria is not hard to farm, it is a bonus of desynthesising 20 or more items. They are used for crafting, you may sell it raw as it, or make it into a different item.

9. Dyes

General-purpose Jet Black Dye—"A rare and expensive black dye, used for coloring anything from cloth to metal."

Some dyes are extremely expensive for a dye. Yes, I’m talking about those dyes that can be traded with Skybuilder’s Scrip. If you are doing the “Approved Grade 4 Items”, you will get Skybuilder’s Scrip in process of doing so, you can trade it for these dyes such as Blue Dragoon Dye, Red Ruby Dye, Vanilla Yellow Dye, and many others.

8. Calf Leather

"A large piece of cured calf hide."

This is a drop from the treasure hunt. Zonureskin Treasure Map is the one you need to look for if you want to farm this item. You can get it simply from doing the digging, or from the portal that opened by it, leading to “The Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah” or “The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah”. The leather is created for glamour items Calfskin Rider’s set, if you can synthesis it with a Leatherworker, it can sell for a higher price.

7. Nutkin (Minion)

"That nutkins are infamous for being shy and timid creatures shows that this brave beastkin comes complete with a pair of iron acorns on him."

The Nutkin minion is a minion that will sit on your shoulder (or head, if you are a Lalafell) upon using the emoticon “/beckon”. You can get this from Dragonskin Treasure Map that opens a portal to Aquapolis, or from the “Leather Buried Treasure Map”. To get this map you will have to decipher other treasure maps such as Archeonskin, Boarskin, Dragonskin, Goatskin, Peisteskin, and Wyvernskin Treasure Map. Upon deciphering, you may get a chance to get that “Leather Buried Treasure Map” and by doing the treasure hunt this may be one of the drops. Other than that you can also farm it from the Palace of The Death “Bronze-trimmed Sack” or “Fête Present” by joining Fêtes of Ishgardian Restoration. This minion sells quite high.

6. Spriggan Cap

Ïs it a black rabbit? No! It's a Spriggan!

This is a seasonal event prize from 2016, but now, you can get it from the “Leather Buried Treasure Map”, just like the Nutkin minion. Do the treasure hunt, and if you are lucky this could be one of the drops. This item sells nicely and is expensive because of its cuteness.

5. Byakko’s Mane

"The brilliant white mane of the Far Eastern white tiger of legend. He probably won't miss it."

Byakko’s Mane can be obtained from desynthesising any Byakko’s dropped weapons or from the dungeon “The Jade Stoa (Extreme)”. The price for this item is expensive, and it's used to craft from the Byakko Cub minion, barding, and glamour weapons. It will sell for a higher price if you can synthesis it, but if you don’t have the Disciple of Hand, it's okay to sell it raw.

4. Seiryu’s Scale

"A shimmering scale that once protected the body of the most venerable serpentine auspice."

Just like Byakko’s mane, this is also can be obtained by desynthesising the dropped weapon from “The Wreath of Snakes (Extreme)”. The scale is also used for glamour weapon, barding, and minion, for a collector like myself.

3. Shinryu’s Scale

"Large, chitinous scale that once protected the legendary dragon, Shinryu (albeit not very well)."

Coming from “The Minstrel’s of Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain” and its weapon drop desynthesis, Shinryu Scale can be used for crafting a minion Wind-up Shindryu, glamour weapons, and barding. You can sell it raw, or make the weapon of your choice.

2. Scarlet Tailfeather

"A fiery red plume that previously adorned the auspice Suzaku."

From the dungeon “Hells’ Kier (Extreme)”, Scarlet Tailfeather is used to make glamour weapons, barding, and Scarlet Peacock minion. You can also get this by desynthesising the dropped weapon like others mentioned. This item is expensive, but not as expensive as the number one. 

1. Celestial Kimono Remnant

"This length of fabric was cut from the Lady of the Moon's own kimono."

Celestial Kimono Remnant is a drop item from the dungeon “The Minstrel's Ballad: Tsukuyomi’s Pain” or you can desynthesis it from Tsukuyomi’s dropped weapons. The price for this item is insanely expensive, and just like Byakko’s Mane, it is also used to craft glamour weapons, barding, and doll furniture. Of course, you can sell it at a higher price if you manage to synthesis the weapon or feel free to sell it raw.

Now, I know the items are harder as the list goes down, but it worth the Gil. Which lead to my question, what item are you planning to farm now? Do not forget to always check the Market Board before farming to know what your server is currently in need of!

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