[Top 5] FF14 Best Classes To Play With Controller

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One of the epic battles happening in Endwalker expansion.

Final Fantasy XIV is a game that can be played with a controller and is available on a variety of platforms. However, because of the numerous skills and combos available in Final Fantasy XIV's battle jobs, it can be difficult to play the game with a controller, as the players would need to shuffle through the skills frequently, making it difficult to respond to some mechanics in time, especially if they aren't used to playing in controller.


5. Ninja

Ninja is the first Melee Battle Job that is great with their blades in order to strike their enemies at the dark.

Ninja was one of the first Melee Jobs introduced in the game, appearing in the early days of A Realm Reborn's patch and beginning as a Rogue.

Why Ninja is one of the best Class to play on Controller:

  • Ninja’s Ninjutsu attacks can feel really connected when playing on a controller, and it feels like players can set their skills in the controller based on the Ninjutsu and other skills the Ninja has.
  • Playing Ninja on a controller will also feels really fast and connected while players are firing off attacks after attacks.
  • Ninjas also have several DoTs and debuffs skills that can be assigned accordingly based on the type as well as the cooldown.
  • This way, players can play the Ninja smoothly but still able to deal fast and connected attacks at the enemies.


4. Dark Knight

Dark Knight is a Tank which utilizes the power of Darkness in order to deal damage to the enemies.

Dark Knight is the third Tank added to the game with the Heavensward expansion.

Why Dark Knight is one of the best Class to play on Controller:

  • It is not an overly complex job especially compared to some other Tanks like Paladin and Gunbreaker, where they have different or fast combo skills which require a lot of buttons.
  • Dark Knight’s combo is fairly simple and easy to understand, and players can assign the skills easily through the basic combo as well as some skills that eat the Dark Knight’s secondary resources.
  • Dark Knight does not need too much macro as well, with a lot of skills being instantly activated and does not need to be placed manually by hand.
  • Dark Knights also do not have as much skills that can be placed on another party member aside for a few, and this makes it easier as they don’t need to target other party members too much in a battle.


3. Red Mage

Red Mage is the newest caster in the game which is good with both Melee Combos and Magical Spells.

Because some procs on the same button, Red Mage is one of the best classes to play on Controller.

Why Red Mage is one of the best Class to play on Controller:

  • Red Mages combo differ greatly between AoE and single targets, so it is incredibly easy to split the controller setting to accommodate AoE combo and single target combo.
  • A lot of Red Mage’s skills and combos, like their Melee Combos’ finishers, are placed only at one button, which makes it easy to deal fast attacks and combos without having to shuffle through the skills constantly.
  • Red Mages does not have as many skillset as other Casters, which makes it easy for players to assign the buttons and does not need to shuffle it as much.
  • As Red Mages also have a Casting and Melee Combos, players can also assign the skills based on these Combos, making it easy to shuffle through whenever needed and stay on that shuffle during the combo easily.


2. White Mage

White Mage is the first and still one of the strongest pure healers in the game.

Conjurer is the only healer that players can begin the game as, and they will eventually evolve into the all-powerful White Mages.

Why White Mage is one of the best Class to play on Controller:

  • White Mage is one of the, if not the most, simple healers to play due to its uncomplicated combo and strong healing spells.
  • Compared to the other pure healer in the game, Astrologian, with the many card combos and buffs it has, White Mage is definitely the safer option to play on a controller as it requires less weaving and skill space.
  • During a bad situation, White Mages can also quickly heal up their party members quickly with their spells and heals as they have very high healing potency.
  • White Mages also have uncomplicated attack combos with less resources to play with, only Lilies.


1. Warrior

Warrior is a strong Tank which bulldozes through their enemy ranks with their raging powers.

Warrior was one of the first Tank Battle Jobs introduced in the game, with players beginning as a raging Marauder in Limsa Lominsa.

Why Warrior is one of the best Class to play on Controller:

  • Warrior has a simple combo compared to Paladin and Gunbreaker, with a clear single-target and aoe combo, and makes it easy for players to adjust the setting of their buttons according to whether the skills are single target or not.
  • Warriors are also simple and do not need a lot of weaving especially compared with Gunbreaker or Paladin, and makes it easy for it to play with ease.
  • Warrior’s extra skills and mitigations also makes them able to heal up fast and protect themselves from enemy’s attacks, which makes it a job that is easy to play with a lot of skills to fall back upon when things go bad.
  • Warriors are also very strong and can deal a lot of attacks by using their secondary resources, which are easy to manoeuvre in the controller settings.


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