FF14 Best Crafting Jobs (All Crafting Jobs Ranked)

FF14 Best Crafting Jobs (All Crafting Jobs Ranked)
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What are the best crafting jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, you asked?

Well, you have come to the right place! But I will have to tell you that Final Fantasy XIV has a pretty balanced role for the crafting jobs. For instance, you will need a leatherworker and an alchemist to create a pair of leather shoes. You will need the leatherworker to process the leather and make the shoes and rubber from the alchemist. Makes it realistic, right?

8. Goldsmith


Goldsmith specializes in making needles, gems, and accessories. If you choose a Goldsmith just because you want it to craft your accessories, I suggest you also take mining to collect the items you need. The downside of being a Goldsmith is that people hardly sell the things you need for crafting in the exact amount, which is why a Miner will become handy. The accessories' prices are also lower than any other equipment.

Choose this job if:

  • You want to make all the accessories yourself.
  • You do not mind gathering items yourself. 
  • You are okay with it selling at a low price.
  • You like to work with jewelry and gems.


7. Carpenter

I swear I'm not sleeping.

A Carpenter specializes in turning wood into equipment or weapons. Canes, spears, and bows are in their scope. They also made a lot of woodwork furniture, but hardly any of it is expensive (unless it's brand new). But due to the house limitation, the pricing for furniture easily drops. I find Carpenter is somewhat lacking compared to Blacksmith.

Choose this job if:

  • You own a house/apartment and want to make your own furniture.
  • You main Bard.
  • You main Dragoon.
  • You main White mage.
  • You like to work with wood.


6. Weaver

I made these dolls.

Weaver mainly works with hats, robes, shirts, shoes, and stuff made of fabric. They also make some furniture, such as rugs and dolls. I find Weaver to be more useful than Carpenter, as you can craft more endgame necessities from Weaver.

Choose this job if:

  • You admit Fashion is the endgame.
  • You love making clothes and dresses.
  • You want to weave your dolls and rugs.


5. Armorer

Yatta! I did it! I made this circle!

Armorers, like their name, work with armor, specifically armor made of metals. Their scopes cover making shields, frypans, alembics, and armors. Most armors by armorer sell a bit more expensive than weavers. I rate this higher than Weaver because of that.

Choose this job if:

  • You want to make your Tank equipment.
  • You want to make your floor tank, I mean Dragoon or Reaper, equipment.
  • You don't mind repetitive recipes, and yes, you share some basic recipes with Blacksmiths.


4. Leatherworker

This better be good.

If you are into Treasure Hunting, your best bet is to go with Leatherworker and Weaver so you can craft some expensive fashion outfits. Faring is better than Armorer; Leatherworker works with anything leather related. From accessories, equipment, and costly fashion clothing.

Choose this job if:

  • You like Treasure Hunts, and you would like to be able to process the items from Treasure Hunts yourself.
  • You do not mind gathering items from killing monsters.
  • You like making leather gloves and shoes. 
  • You like making leather chokers.


3. Blacksmith

This doesn't look like an axe.

Blacksmiths are the heart of weapons; Blacksmiths make most metal weapons. They cover swords, axes, daggers, chakrams; you name it. Not to mention all other crafters' and gatherers' equipment, such as knives, mortars, hammers, and pliers, and they even craft their tools! Some weapons from the trial are very expensive!

Choose this job if:

  • You want to be able to make the most of the weapons yourself.
  • You like making profits.
  • You also like farming items from trials or gatherings.


2. Alchemist

Starbuc... I mean herb? Potions?

Alchemists specialize in making medicines, wands, grimoires, codexes, and, most importantly, orchestrion rolls. Orchestrions rolls ingredients are typically not expensive, and you can profit a lot from that; their Leve is also profitable!

Choose this job if:

  • You like to collect 'Faded copy' items from raids and trials.
  • You love doing LeveQuests.
  • You like making books and papers.


1. Culinarian

Dinner opens at 7! GO GO GO!!

Different from other classes that likely will not have a repeat purchase until specific updates, there lies the profit for Culinarian. And also, Leve, remember that cookie mafia business? Culinarian specializes in making foods for all classes. And your hungry customers will need it every time, either for weekly raid clear or whenever there are updates for new raid/trial content! The downside of Culinarians is that you cannot meld materia.

Choose this job if:

  • You are okay with gathering with a botanist or fisher.
  • You don't mind small profits but repeat purchases.
  • You like doing Leve; you do not want that Leve to pile up.


All skills of the crafters are the same as each other, and they are not much different. So, it is really up to you and what you love to make to decide the best crafting class for you. If you are after the Gil with less effort, then Culinarian or Alchemist is currently the best way of making it via Leve. Bonuses from food and orchestrion roll! The capital is not that high, especially if you farm the ingredients yourself, and you can get a lot of profit with just one orchestrion!

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