Final Fantasy XIV Best Race for White Mage

ff14 Best Race for White Mage
White Mage, one of the three available healer jobs in FFXIV.

1. Lalafell 

A Lalafell with their healing rod.

The White Mages are commonly represented by the little Lalafells, who, like the Black Mages, are willing to heal and resurrect their party members who are injured or even dying. Several non-player characters (NPCs) along the player's adventure are White Mages of the Lalafell race.

This makes Lalafell one of the better races for aspiring White Mage to choose from among the available options. They are prepared to guard and heal the members of their squad.


2. Elezen

A stunning Elezen with their white garb.

Elezen are proud and graceful races, which is a very appropriate attitude when confronted with the overwhelming intensity of the light. White Mages, in their role as the party's healer, can be as arrogant as the Elezens, who may refuse to heal members of the party who have angered them in the past. As a result, it is entirely appropriate for proud White Mages to take over the mantle of the Elezen race in the world today..

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