[Top 10] FF14 Best Fashion Accessories That Look Freakin' Awesome

[Top 10] FF14 Best Fashion Accessories That Look Freakin' Awesome
I'm now a Fae!

Have you heard of Fashion Accessories?

Fashion accessories were just recently introduced in patch 5.2, there are only several types of these accessories, such as wings, glasses, and umbrellas, but you may wanna check what you have and don't have yet because they do add value to your glam game!

10. False Spectacles

I read tons of books!

Do you like particular headgear? But it doesn't have glasses, and you also want to have glasses on? Well, this is the solution!

How to get it:

  • Trade 100.000 MGP in Gold Saucer.

9. Angel Wings

Look at these wings.

A pair of white angel wings that will flap when you jump!

How to get it:

  • Trade 500.000 MGP in Gold Saucer.

8. Fallen Angel Wings

Look cool in Black!

A pair of black angel wings belong to a fallen angel. If you like doing FATEs this is the wing for you.

How to get it:

  • Trade 500 Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers with Edelina in Mor Dhona.
  • Or get it from the Market Board.

7. Arch Angel Wings

Suits my healer well!

A pair of golden angel wings look so divine.

How to get it:

  • Get it from the treasure hunt opening The Excitatron 6000 (Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Map)
  • Get it from the Market Board.

6. Diabolos Wings

Did someone say the devil?!

A pair of Devil Wings, is recommended if you like voidsent or Halloween glamour!

How to get it:

  • Trade 800 Sacks of Nuts in Sharlayan.

5. Bluepowder Pixie Wings

Looking pretty!

Blue Pixie Wings that will flap when you jump! I really hope the developer will allow us to use both emote and fashion accessories at the same time.

How to get it:

  • Island Sanctuary, trade 6.000 Seafarer's Cowries.

4. Pleasant Dot Parasol

You don't wanna get sunburned!

Every umbrella has some kind of attached dancing emote to it. This is one of the umbrellas I would recommend getting.

How to get it:

  • Trade 25 Bozjan Clusters.
  • Get it from the Market Board.

3. Blue Blossom Parasol

I'm dancing in the rain...wait it's not raining.

For this umbrella, you will need to join a free company that has a workshop!

How to get it:

  • Free Company, Subaquatic Voyages - Thrall's Unrest, Anthemoessa Undertow.
  • Get it from the Market Board.

2. Vermilion Paper Parasol

It's snowing~

An elegant paper umbrella, a representation of Kugane.

How to get it:

  • Go to Tokohana in Kugane, and you can get this Parasol for 100.000 Gil.
  • Or if you can't find the NPC, I guess you can get it from the Market Board.

1. Sabotender Parasol

Look at my umbrella!

A cute umbrella is definitely a must-have!

How to get it:

  • From the new Variant dungeon, The Sil'dihn Subterrane!
  • Or get it from the Market Board.

It may not be listed here, but you can get some other accessories from Skybuilders' Scrips and Fête Present!

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