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It is quite hard to become a Dark Knight main in Endwalker.

With the release of Endwalker's newest expansion, a large number of players have begun grinding on new content. However, several players have decided to delve into old content as well, particularly those who have reached max level in their battle job and completed the Endwalker Main Scenario Questline.

While clearing old content may seem pointless and boring to some, many players continue to do so in order to obtain rare mounts, minions, and other specific items that can only be obtained by clearing old content. It is also worthwhile for people who have completed the MSQ and want to do something other than the raids and extreme trials in Endwalker.

As a result, many players may be wondering which battle jobs are the best for soloing old content. This article will assist in listing 5 of the best jobs for this specific task, as well as explaining why.


5. Blue Mage

A Blue Mage is able to learn the skills of their enemies.

Blue Mage is currently the only battle job that is capped at level 70 rather than 80, let alone 90, which is the new cap for all battle, crafter, and gatherer jobs in Endwalker. While this job has many limitations, including their level and the inability to enter the queue without premade parties, the benefits they provide make it worthwhile to play.

Why Blue Mage is great:

  • As a Blue Mage, players are able to learn the skills of their enemies upon seeing them cast or execute them, and then kill said enemy afterward. This allows them to have a plethora of different skills.
  • The amount of skills they have allows them to be able to choose the skills they need into their set, adjusting to the old content they are clearing. This allows for much faster clearer.
  • They are also able to become either a Tank, Healer, or DPS as a Blue Mage, meaning this is a very versatile job that can defend, attack, and heal.

Pick Blue Mage if:

  • You are looking to clear extremely old content very quickly, mainly ones from A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. 
  • You like collecting things. Therefore, being able to challenge yourself and collect all available Blue Mage skills excite you.
  • You want to use many different skills with flashy effects, and being able to use different sets of unique skills in one battle job.


4. Sage

Sage, one of the two new battle jobs available in Endwalker release.

Sage is a new healer job available in Final Fantasy XIV's latest expansion, Endwalker. Sage, despite being a healer, is still a battle job capable of dealing massive amounts of DPS and possesses a plethora of DPS skills that can be used to deal maximum damage to the enemies.

Why Sage is great:

  • As a shield healer, Sage can easily shield themselves while playing solo, allowing them to be able to deal with damage that can otherwise kill them.
  • Sage has many DPS utilities as a healer, such as Dosis and Eukrasian Dosis for single target, and Dyskrasia, Toxikon, Phlegma, and Pneuma for AoE.
  • Sage can teleport to their target instantly, which may save time and dodge lethal damage from the boss.

Pick Sage if:

  • You like playing it safe. Being a shield healer, Sage can shield themselves against many incoming attacks. They may even heal themselves by damaging enemies through putting Kardia on themselves.
  • You want to play a healer that will still do a lot of damage to the enemies.
  • You want a healer that has many different DPS skills, not only one or two of them.


3. Machinist

Machinist, one of the three available Ranged Physical DPS in FFXIV.

Machinist is a Ranged Physical DPS introduced in the game's second expansion, Heavensward. This is a job that employs mechanics, guns, and even robots in their rotation to deal massive damage to enemies.

Why Machinist is great:

  • Machinist is a Ranged Physical DPS job that is very fast, which can be a lot of fun to play and learn about.
  • It is one of the rare Ranged Physical DPS that requires little to no RNG in their rotation.
  • A lot of their skills look cool, and players who are a fan of guns, drills, and robotics will love this particular job’s visuals, while being able to deal a lot of damage to the enemies.

Pick Machinist if:

  • You like to play a Ranged Physical DPS job, a battle job that requires little to no casting time, as well as being able to attack from afar.
  • You like to play with guns, mechas, and robots to deal a lot of damage to your enemies.
  • You want to be able to quickly dodge enemies while still being able to execute your attack.


2. Red Mage

Red Mage, the caster that can also do a powerful Melee Combo.

Red Mage is a Caster battle job introduced in the game's third expansion, Stormblood. It is also one of the four Caster battle jobs that are currently available. While it is undeniably a Caster, Red Mage is also known for their powerful melee combos that can slash through the ranks of the enemies.

Why Red Mage is great:

  • It is an awesome caster that can deal flashy, powerful skills both through casting and melee combo.
  • It has some useful healing skills to be able to heal themselves in solo content.
  • They have both powerful single targets and AoE skills, making it an ideal battle job to solo a lot of content.
  • High versatility. Able to quickly dodge mechanics with their Dualcast.

Pick Red Mage if:

  • You like playing caster, but still being able to move fast enough to dodge AoEs.
  • You like playing a battle job that has a variety of different skills, as Red Mage has both casting spells and melee combos.
  • You like being able to deal flashy, powerful damage to the enemies, but also have some emergency skills to heal yourself in solo content in case things went south.


1. Warrior

Warrior, one of the four tanks available to play in FFXIV.

Warrior is one of the first tanks available in FFXIV, appearing as early as A Realm Reborn. Despite the fact that it was not a new job in the game, it is now one of the most powerful battle jobs that a player can bring into solo content.

Why Warrior is great:

  • It has a lot of powerful single target and AoE skills, allowing them to burn through the enemies easily even as a Tank.
  • They have the shortest cooldown for their invulnerability skill, Holmgang, out of all the tanks’ other invulnerability skills. This allows them to be able to dodge lethal attacks more often.
  • They have powerful regenerative skills in Endwalker, allowing them to even survive the hardest new dungeons without the help of a healer, let alone those of the old content.

Pick Warrior if:

  • You like being able to survive a lot of fatal attacks that DPS and Healer jobs simply couldn’t. This might happen in the most recent content that has now become old, which is the Shadowbringers’ content.
  • You would like to have restorative and regenerative skills to get your health back up when things went south even after popping all of your mitigation cooldowns.
  • You want to have powerful skills that can kill your enemies rather quickly even as a Tank.

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