[Top 5] FF14 Best DPS Class 2019 (Shadowbringers)

FF14 Best DPS shadowbringers
No party is complete without someone who specializes in dealing out all the heavy damage while the tank takes the beating.

What Are The Best FF14 DPS Jobs?

With the global launch of Shadowbringers, players are excited to get their feet wet and dive into a brand new adventure awaiting them in Eorzea.

There are a lot of different classes in Final Fantasy XIV currently. It can be overwhelming at first. Maybe you've decided that "I want to main a DPS" or "I've been tanking from day one and want to switch things up and try out a new class to deal some damage."

The DPS Role is easily the one with the most classes. It can be a little intimidating at first. But don't worry down below I listed the top 5 DPS classes in the game to provide a guide for new players looking to play DPS.

Among the DPS classes in FFXIV, These five classes stand above the rest in both damage and utility, making them the best of the best in the current Meta. If you want to punch somebody really hard and style on enemies these classes will absolutely be the pick for you.

5) Monk

Wield unstoppable force within your bare hands.

The Monk specializes in hitting its enemies fast and hard. Big damage and decent utility are the Monk's specialties It may not be the strongest class out there, but it has been a consistently strong DPS class it hits harder than dragoon and ninja while also possessing decent utility. People sleep on the monk but there is no denying the power the monk wields.

What makes Monk OP:

  • - Being a master of the martial arts the Monk likes to get in close and completely overwhelm their opponents.
  • - The Monk has a lot of different abilities granting it pretty decent utility. The monks' skills all have a relatively short cooldown allowing it to pop some of its stronger skills relatively quickly.
  • - The Monk's Fist of wind ability grants a speed buff allowing the Monk to move around the field much quicker. The Monk is an easy class to pick up.

How to build a powerful Monk

4) Bard

Charm your party with charisma and music while sniping your foes down from a distance.

The masters of song and archery these bards are an absolute force to be reckoned with being fully equipped to the brim It's a highly sought after role because of its mastery over the bow it pierces through its enemies with sniper-like precision.

What Makes Bard OP:

  • - All of its skills feel extremely viable for any situations while it's songs can bump this class up to the third best slot in the game. The procs and buffs that this class can dish out make these players an absolute must-have in most raiding parties.
  • - Alongside the Bards abilities, they have several songs that can even debuff enemy stats, resulting
  • - The AOE capability of the Bard is a wild however these players have some of the best utility the game.
  • - Each of the bards' songs Last for about thirty seconds while having an 80-second cooldown. The Bard doesn't have to wait for long to use their abilities.

How to build a powerful Bard

3) Summoner

Summon the mighty lord of the dragons Bahamut to destroy your enemies!

A master ofmagic and using familiars until they are ready to invoke the big bad daddy Bahamut. Different magical abilities, debuffs, and cast times make this class a real force to be reckoned with. But who needs all that when you have Carbuncle, daddy Bahamut, and Phoenix!

What makes Summoner OP:

  • - Do not let their slow startup fool you, once these summoners get their minions out there and utilize Aetherflow properly they can dish out some of the best abilities in the game. (any skill with tri in its name you should be mashing.)
  • - Bahamut deals a crazy amount of damage plus The Summoner has an entire slew of damage over time spells (DOTs for short) within its arsenal to annoy your enemies. Also, Aetherflow is amazing.
  • - The new Phoenix summon is crazy and packs one hell of a punch. Basically, instead of one unstoppable force, they now have two.
  • - The Summoner is one of the best spell caster jobs in the game period. The only factor holding it back from being the best is that its damage is dwarfed by the black mages ability to blow things up with ease.

How to Build a powerful Summoner

2) Samurai

Slice through your enemies with a mighty Katana and Style on your enemies!

These swordsmen are known for two things fancy swordplay and explosive damage. The samurai strikes foes fast, and efficiently while staying their face until either they bring their opponents down or they die trying. They are real bonafide monsters bred for battle.

What makes Samurai OP:

  • - The Samurai has the highest damage output out of all of the melee-focused DPS classes in the game. They are absolute battle monsters that hit like Nukes.
  • - This is a god tier DPS class almost like Yoshi P. The game's director was like "More, it needs more power!" If you like flashy sword skills and big damage that make you feel like a hero, This class is tailored towards your needs.
  • - If a samurai masters their skill rotations, they are practically unstoppable.
  • - Unlike other DPS classes, The samurais' core is all about dealing damage. A class meant for those with the selfish aspirations to be the cool one with the cool sword.

How to build a powerful samurai

1) Black Mage

Prepare to nuke the battlefield.

The Black Mage is a master of the dark and ancient arcane magic while also being the lord of explosions and damage. Every single aspect of the way this class is built screams OP. The black mage is completely unstoppable. Do you like to sit back and throw pillars of flame and death everywhere? Then this is the class for you!

What makes Black Mage OP:

  • - Everything. But seriously, the damage that this class can dish out alone is more than two to three monks all hitting the same target at the same time.
  • - Out of the casters in the game, the black mage easily tops the charts with the strongest area of effect spells around.
  • - The Amount of spells that the black mage has is less compared to its siblings however each of the spells is far more impactful and devastating.
  • - If you pick a Black Mage, nothing can stand in your way from absolutely devastating your foes with arcane magic specializing in making your enemies go Boom!

How to Build a powerful Black Mage

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