[Top 25] FF14 Best Quotes That Are Legendary!

[Top 25] FF14 Best Quotes That Are Legendary!
Thou sayeth what?

Why hello, fellow Warriors of Light! Do you, by any chance, enjoy the Final Fantasy XIV story as much as I do?

What are stories without dialogue? And a good dialogue will be quoted everywhere. I believe FFXIV has a great story; even great is an understatement! So, I know for sure there are a lot of funny and relatable quotes in the game. And these happened to be the 25 quotes I find funny or fond of. I hope you can find some of your favorites too! Heads up, spoilers ahead!

25. “Little Sun.” - Y’shtola Rhul, Stormblood.

“I am...not interested, little sun. Try again when you have become a man.” Y’shtola sassiness never fails to crack us. This being the first, it is worth noting!

24. “Yes, mother.” - Player’s Character, Shadowbringer.

“Yes, mother...” is one of the three options we have when talking to Y'shtola and Ryne. The option is hilarious enough, and if you did choose this option, you might never forget what Y'shtola responded in return. Yep, what comes after is...find it out yourself!

23.”Tasted my spear.” - Alaimbert of the Spiked Butt, Heavensward’s FATEs.

“You have tasted my spear, but are you ready for my butt!?” This is a way to die, isn't it? If you have no idea where the FATE is, it's just outside Ishgard in Coerthas Western Highlands!

22. “Such devastation.” Gaius, A Realm Reborn.

“Such devastation... This was not my intention...”  this is not a quote; this is a meme. Even Gaius himself later was ashamed of what he said here.

21. “Don’t talk to me.” - Tataru Taru, Stormblood’s Trial.

Ting...ning... ning... ning....

“Don’t talk to me, [player]! Talk to the cat...or the weasel. And what does the fox have to say?” Yeah right, Tataru, don’t get me startin’.

20. “Adults are thinking.” - Cid, Stormblood’s Raid.


“Quiet, Nero. We Adults are thinking.” Cid's way of shutting the grumpy Nero indeed works like wonders. Despite the lengthy dialogues in Stormblood's raid, full glad they insert some humor.

19. “Might die, but...” - Player’s Character, Shadowbringer.

“We can try the gondola. Might die, but eh.” is one of the dialogue options we can choose in Shadowbringer in front of Thancred. The main character doesn't die; they respawn!

18. “Spy.” - Estinien Wyrmblood, Shadowbringer.

“I swear their receptionist was trained as a spy,” said Estinien about Tataru. Fortunately, Estinien, this is Final Fantasy, not SpyxFamily, so don't worry!

17. “My path is unchanged.” - Urianger Augurelt, Heavensward.

Yes, Urianger, yes.

“He that holdeth fast unto his convictions shall never count betrayal amongst his crimes, though all the world may call him villain. My path is unchanged; my creed sacrosanct. This I believe with all my heart.” This is one of those rare occasions where people quote Urianger. I honestly have no idea what he is saying most of the time.

16. “Dying is easy.” - Curtis Hext, Stormblood.

Truth spoken.

“Dying is easy, soldier. Living is harder.” Curtis Hext was Lyse Hext's father, and he is damn right about this quote.

15. “We cannot—we will not falter.” Ardbert, Heavensward.

“We did everything right, everything that was asked of us, and still—still it came to this! You of all people should understand! We cannot—we will not falter. We brought our world to the brink of destruction, and now we must save it.” Ardbert's resolve is firm; are yours?

14. “Promises and future.” - Memoirs of Count Edmont de Fortemps, Heavensward.

“Those were the days of promises and vows—of tentative first steps into an uncertain future. A future shaped by the choices we made, in ways we could never have foreseen. Born of good and evil, of light and darkness, and shepherded by our hand. Be it for weal, or be it for woe.” I don't know who wrote this sentence, but this is truly remarkable and strikes my heart. The future is always an unknown territory, but still, we walk forward.

13. “Lady Lilira.” - Thancred Waters, A Realm Reborn.

“Lady Lilira, for all our sakes, please... stay out of harm's way. As for you, my friend... for Lilira's sake, please stay in harm's way!” What do you think of your first impression of Thancred?

12. “Just what we need.” - Alisaie Leveilleur, Shadowbringer.

I believe that Alisaie's dialogue should not be separated from her twins, so here goes nothing:

“Another self-important little brat. Just what we need.” said Alisaie Leveilleur.

“Hmm, reminds me of my childhood.” Alphinaud Leveilleur replied.

As the two fought each other in the background, Alphie said he was joking. If the twins don't make you laugh in this scene, I don't know what will.

11. “My destiny awaits.” - Graha Tia, A Realm Reborn’s Alliance Raid.

“The future is where my destiny awaits.” is also said by Exarch, which, believe it or not, is one of the clues that give away his identity.

10. “Greet a new dawn.” - Papalymo Totolymo, Endwalker.

“From tragedy and sacrifice we rise to greet a new dawn.” If you are wondering whose voice this "Voice from the past" comes from, well, it is Papalymo's voice. Papalymo made the ultimate sacrifice at the end of Heavensward. Despite not spending much time with him after A Realm reborn, he is still not easily forgotten.

9. “Happiness...” - Tesleen, Shadowbringer.

“We all deserve happiness...wherever we can find it... The time left to you...is precious...”  If this didn’t ring true, I don't know what is. Tragic fate befalls her right after this character is introduced, but a good character is well remembered. 

8. “Lost, yet save.” - Minfilia Warde, A Realm Reborn.

“For those we have lost. For those we can yet save.” Minfilia was the first one to say this quote in A Realm Reborn. But this sentence came out now and then throughout your journey as Warrior of Light.

7. “His journey continues.” - Seto, Shadowbringer.

“I see... His journey continues. Then I will not yet bid him rest. With you, he may look forward to many more adventures. It has been a while since last I flew. Perhaps I too will go on a little adventure. Ride the winds, seek the horizon... Yes. I think perhaps I will.” Seto reignites his passion for venturing, knowing that Ardbert still lives in us.

6. “Remember.” - Emet-Selch, Shadowbringer.


“Remember... Remember us. Remember...that we once lived...” Emet-Selch is, by far, the greatest villain in Final Fantasy XIV. His motives are clear, his story is straightforward, and all the things he said in Shadowbringer drive the plot. But alas, he is a villain, not just a villain, a well-written villain.

5. “Smile.” - Haurchefant Greystone, Heavensward.

“A smile better suits a hero...”, Haurchefant final words before he died saving us. We get to repeat this quote on Shadowbringer. Truly, a powerful one, and to see that we remember it and repeat it means that it bears weight in our hearts. I'm glad we see an alternate timeline in the newest Ultimate Raid.

4. “For them” - Elidibus, Shadowbringer.

“For them... My people. My brothers.

...My friends. Stay strong. Keep the faith. At duty's end, we will meet again. We will. We will. The rains have ceased, and we have been graced with another beautiful day. But you are not here to see it.” Elidibus is a well-written villain; despite being a villain, many of us could relate to him. Sometimes we lose our way, and we may only recall our purpose, and it keeps us walking. More often than not, we find ourselves lost in meaning.

3. “I pray we meet again.” - Hythlodaeus, Endwalker.

“I pray we meet again. If not in this life, then perhaps another. Whensoever it should be, I trust it will be a most joyous reunion.” I'm biased toward Hythlodaeus. Every time he appeared, though brief or only for a moment, he would always make his mark. He surely knew how to word his sentence. For one, I wish that we could be reunited with both Hythlodaeus and Emet-Selch.

2. “My love will be with you forever.” Hydaelyn, Endwalker.

"My love will be with you forever, my dearest children." Hydaelyn, from her love for the living, made a sacrifice and bore the burden of knowledge alone. She bears the hate and all, but she has always been a believer in us. Despite the path she chooses being questionable, she does have her reasons, and we should not let down her faith in us. Let us hear, feel, and think.

1. “Light everlasting.”- Venat, Endwalker.

“A quest to find your purpose, knowing your end is assured. To find the strength to continue when all strength has left you. To find joy even as darkness descends...and amidst deepest despair, light everlasting.” Venat's words that I'm sure many WoL could relate to. It's about life and surviving, not giving up. Power to take another step forward.

Most of us may agree that the best dialogue in Final Fantasy XIV is not dialogue, but simply when Urianger nods and sayeth naught. I know many of you would agree hath he speaketh normally, such devastation would not befall us.

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