FF14 Best Ways to Level Up Fast

FF14 Best Ways to Level Up
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Leveling in any MMO can be a pain, but fortunately, Final Fantasy 14 offers players many unique ways to level up and rake in that EXP. A few methods are far more efficient than the rest, and some methods even overlap with others, allowing for a nice spike in EXP boost. Whatever your class, you are sure to find a couple of methods that work best for you, and your Warrior of Light will be level 80 in no time.

10) Beast Tribe Quests

Beast Tribe Quests Guide

While Beast Tribe Quests don’t reward massive amounts of EXP, they can be helpful to grind while in between some of the other methods on this list. Beast Tribe Quests also typically have unique rewards like minions and mounts that you can grab alongside of EXP. Additional downsides to Beast Tribe Quests can be their repetitive nature, but if you’re looking for some quick, supplemental EXP then they’re a great option.

How Beast Tribe Quests work:

  • Initially unlocked at level 41 of the Main Story Quests
  • Can complete 12 quests a day for any beast tribe
  • The level of beast tribe quests is dependent on the level of their location

9) Side Quests

Side Quests Guide

Like Beast Tribe Quests, side quests won’t give you substantial amounts of EXP, but they’re still good for picking up a little extra in between queuing for dungeons and other methods. One thing to note is make sure to prioritize side quests that are close to your level first as those are more worthwhile and will give more EXP based on your level.

How side quests work:

  • Found in nearly every map from various NPCs
  • Rewards vary on level and the quest itself

8) FATEs

FATEs Guide

FATEs give much more EXP than the previous two methods, but they’re still recommended as a way to grab a couple of points in between the better methods. Some FATEs, however, can be more work than they’re worth especially if you’re trying to solo one, so keep an eye out for the easiest or popular ones. It’s best to focus on FATE’s close to your level for maximum EXP gain.

How FATEs work:

  • FATEs are instances that appear randomly on a map for a set amount of time or until completed
  • They typically have players kill enemies or a boss, delivery items, defend an area, or escort an NPC to another area
  • List of area levels and FATEs

7) Deep Dungeons

Deep Dungeons Guide

Deep Dungeons can be a great way to grind EXP as they require players to fight through various levels and stages of a dungeon for different rewards. Deep Dungeons include Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High, and while they are a good source of EXP, some players do not prefer them because they don’t use your character’s current gear levels but rather start at level 1, working upwards.

How Deep Dungeons Work:

  • Can be played solo or on a team
  • Battle through 10 levels at a time
  • Palace of the dead consists of 200 floors up to job level 60
  • Heaven on High consists of 100 floors from levels 61 to 70

6) Squadron Command Missions

Squadron Command Guide

Squadron Command Missions can be an excellent source of EXP as you battle through a dungeon with your squadron. If you’re not up for playing with other players, this is a great way to gain the same amount of EXP you would from a typical dungeon but without other players and no queue times. The downside to Squadron Command Missions is that you will have to reach Second Lieutenant rank with your Grand Company and raise your squadron’s level to 2 before you can access the missions.

How Squadron Command Missions work:

  • Will need Second Lieutenant rank and your squadron to level 2
  • Same mechanics as running other dungeons but with NPCs instead of players
  • List of available dungeons

5) Challenge Log

Challenge Log Guide

Be sure to keep an eye on marking off challenges on your challenge log since they can often offer nice EXP rewards. Some challenges are easier than others, requiring runs of so many dungeons or fighting through a set number of FATEs. Others you may have to purposely set out to fulfill. The rewards vary from challenge to challenge so always prioritize the best ones first.

How the Challenge Log works:

  • Complete various challenge entries for rewards
  • List of all challenge logs and their rewards

4) Dungeons

Dungeons Guide

If you’ve exhausted some of the better methods on this list then it’s time to queue up for your highest level dungeon. Fighting through a dungeon rewards a massive amount of EXP compared to FATEs or other methods, and while dungeons take more time typically, they are worth it. Unlike Squadron command missions, there are far more dungeons to choose from and they unlock solely with level. Depending on your class you may face long queue times, however.

How Dungeons work:

  • Four players battle through an area with three bosses and various smaller enemies in between
  • Can now be played with other players or with NPCs through the Trust system
  • Paired with EXP boosting methods, can gain insane amounts of EXP

3) Main Story Quest

Main Story Quest Guide

This one should be a no brainer, but considering the main story quests are made to level up your character as they progress in the story, they’re worth mentioning. Completing the main story quests should be your first go to for EXP and if you have secondary classes closer to the main story quests prioritize those classes first as they will benefit more than an a higher level class.

How Main Story Quests work:

  • Complete quests to follow the story
  • Boosts player EXP to continue through the story

2) Passive EXP Buffs

Passive EXP Buffs Guide

If you have access to any of the passive EXP buff items there’s no reason not to use them! These items can range anywhere from gear set items to foods. The Rested EXP bonus is also crucial and can heavily boost how much EXP you gain from dungeons and other duties. The great thing about these buffs is that they’re an easy way to snag extra EXP.

How Passive EXP buffs work:

  • Various gear set items buff EXP gain by a certain percentage up until a certain level
  • Food items boost EXP gain my 3%
  • Rested EXP requires the player to log off near an aetheryte and can hold up to one and half full bars of EXP
  • See the video guide for a full list of buffs 

1) Duty Roulette

Duty Roulette Guide

Next to your Passive EXP buffs, Duty Roulette is your go to for EXP. Duty Roulettes put your Warrior of Light through dungeons, trials, raids, and other duties while offering multiple times the regular amount of EXP. They only give this bonus once a day, but this resets every day and you can snag additional EXP bonuses if you play as a class in need (typically healer or tank class).

How Duty Roulettes work:

  • Roulettes include: Expert, Level 80 Dungeons, Level 50/60/70 Dungeons, Leveling, Trials, Main Scenario, Guildhests, Alliance Raids, Normal Raids, Frontline, and Mentor
  • Rewards vary per roulette and class

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