[Top 5] FF14 Best Fate Grinding Spots

FF14 Best Fate Grinding Spots
This bunny brings grinding news from Eorzea!

Here is a list of the top five fate grinding spot you should grind in Final Fantasy 14 today.

My introduction to fates many years ago: I was near Summerford Farms at a low level when a Fate appeared around me and loads of little onion heads suddenly began to agro on me. I fought to the last. It was a terrible fate for my warrior of light. Cut down before her prime. By onions. (Tiny Mandragora).

If you play Final Fantasy you will know of fates, they pop up everywhere at every level. Not only are they great for levelling and EXP points they also:

  • Provide you with guild seals.
  • Rewards from minions up to mounts.
  • Give you the opportunity to run around less travelled places with a party.
  • Tell little stories from around the realm.

A lot of the fates that you see are wave after wave of enemy you have to defeat, but they are not the only types. Across the realm you will come across:

  • DEFEND: Protect the NPC’s or products
  • GATHER: Collect things and hand them in.
  • ESCORT: Help someone get from A to B alive.
  • KILL: Kill the enemies.
  • BOSS FIGHT: Speaks for itself.

You may also come across an EXCLAMATION MARK which means you need to talk to the NPC to start the fun. 

With all this in mind here are some of the best Fate Grinding Spots in FFXIV for those trying to level up and get goodies along the way.

5. Coeurlem Processing plant - Dark Devices Fate Chain

Test your metal against a succubus and her little Imps. Don't let her dark desires draw you in.

Levels 42 – 50

The processing plant is just full of challenging fates to help you level, some of them (like Go, Go, Gorgimera and the Dark Devices) have a great amount of EXP as a reward, which makes them perfect for levelling.

As with most fates, you will only get the max amount of EXP (100,000) if you are in a party of 8. Party or not you will still get the achievement Blood, sweat and blood upon completion.

Unlike some other fates, you do not need to run around a lot for this fate chain as it all happens in one area. Simply wait for a minute at the end of each fate and the next will start.

To take advantage of the fate chain follow these steps:

  • 1.This trail starts with a simple man pleading for help. His daughter has been kidnapped by a group of cultists who are going to use her blood as a sacrifice. How is an adventurer able to ignore such a passionate plea. Run into the fate and kill all the cultists to free the girl!
  • 2.That’s the end of it, right? Wrong. The girl now has a fate exclamation mark above her head. Talk to her you will start step two of this fate. It was a trap all along. You are supposed to be the sacrifice and you now have wave after wave of cultists to defeat. While you can finish this step on your own back up would be nice.
  • 3.That done, the girl and the man who sent you after her in the first place turn on you. Boss fight! You probably need help for this one, at the very least a Chocobo healer. Put a stop to this evil duo before they kill any more adventurers.
  • 4.Once down, the girl is reborn as a succubus, (as seen in the above image). You will definitely need help to take her down now.

4. Heavensward Chain – Short-Lived the Queen

Be sure to bow before the Queen of the Coeurls before you send her royal invasion packing.

Levels 52 - 60

The Dravanian Forelands have 26 different fates to help you level. One set in particular is well known for being a lot of fun with a high EXP reward.

Each step of this fate chain will give you some Coeurlregina horns. These horns can be exchanged at an NPC in Idyllshire for a Spotted Fedora, or a Spotted Spencer jacket at a rate of 6 Coeurlregina Horns each. Trust me, you want to wear this awesome combo around your friends, it is unreal!

This fate does not spawn straight after the last. You need to watch the weather! The second fate will spawn when everything is Dark Green (Royal Levin), the third will spawn when everything is dark and red.

To take down the Couerl Queen do the following:

  • 1.Find the fate Long live the Coeurl in the Dravanian Forelands. Here you will find that the Queen of the coeurls herself has declared war on the people of Dravania. She is in the process of leading an assault on Tailfeather. Dispatch her and her minions at once.
  • 2.Wait for everything to turn green. It is noteworthy that people sometimes wait hours for the next one to pop, go do some other fates in the area while you wait.
  • 3.Once you have found part two Coeurl Chase Boys, you will discover that the first attack was just a feint! Now she returns with her full force behind her.
  • 4.Now, wait for things to get dark and for the sky to turn red. Trust me, if you hang around the Dravanian forelands doing fates you cannot miss the colour change. 
  • 5.When the world has changed colour check these spots: X12 Y10, X9 Y35, or X31 Y5. She will be in one of those ready to stain the ground as red as the sky with the blood of all who dare defy her. You are going to need back up.
  • 6.THE FINAL BOSS. Coeurl Chase Boys Chase Coeurl. Coeurlregina has sounded a retreat but she is too dangerous to leave alive. Kill her before she returns with an even bigger army. This will need a few of you as she can one-shot DPS. 

3. Yanxia – Foxy Lady Chain

Not quite the foxy lady we imagined. This fiesty furball has tails to spare.

Levels 64 – 70
With 38 separate fates in the area, you have plenty to choose from. The most popular would be the Foxy Lady. The Foxy Lady chain comes in four parts, gives a massive amount of EXP and the ability to get a very cute fox minion, fox house item and a set of foxy ears. Who doesn’t want a cute set of foxy ears?!

As you defeat each step of this chain you will gain Sassho-Seki fragments (literally killing-stone fragments. Handle with care, players!) that you need to turn in at the Primal Gear exchange in Rhalgr’s Reach.

Many of the fates here start with an exclamation mark above the NPC. Look out for that.

To get the Foxy Lady rewards, follow these steps.

  • 1.Look for the exclamation marks in X20 Y7.4 and X13 Y30. This is the More to Offer Fate and Freedom Flies Fate. Both of these fates need to be completed to trigger the next step in the chain.
  • 2.More to offer: The Namazu has disturbed the offerings left for the fox lady. Collect them and hand them into the NPC.
  • 3.Freedom flies: Help poor Kinko to safety. Defeat the monsters that are making the roads unsafe.
  • 4.Once the last two are completed Outfoxed should no appear. This one is also NPC triggered. Find it at X31, Y8. Here someone is trying to kidnap a young maiden to exorcise her. Stop those false priests before she comes to any harm.
  • 5.Completing Outfoxed gives a chance for the foxy lady to start.
  • 6.If Foxy Lady does spawn, she will spawn in one of these areas. X16 Y12, X11 Y17, X24 Y34, X35 Y22. The young maiden you saved had a nine-tailed fox sleeping inside of her. Stop the chaos by force.

2. Azim Steppe – Dataqi Chronicles

Is it just me, or does the Mantagas God seem less concerned with the plight of his people and more concerned with the noise of battle?

Levels 65 - 66

This section has 43 separate fates for levelling. While this area only covers 2 levels it has a fate chain that is unmissable! 

The Dataqi chronicles has 13 steps in it! To make it a little bit easier, each fate in the chain will have the name Dataqi Chronicles at the start.

There is a downside. This chain is most often missed because of the long times between each step. These times mean that it can take hours to complete. I recommend you take a group and complete other fates while you wait for the Dataqi.

EXP wise you are set to receive between 93,000 and 118,000 for each of these steps. Remember, to get the full benefit of EXP you need to be in a full party when doing these fates. Upon completion of the last fate in the chain, you will also receive the Dataqi Banner.

  • 1.Dataqi Chronicles – Departures: DEFEND. The Dataqi tribe have begun an exodus to a new home but some Buzzflies are in the way. Slay them all. X27.8 Y30.2
  • 2.Dataqi Chronicles – Distractions: DEFEND. Now hounds are plaguing the tribe. Kill all steppe gedan before they kill your friends. X25.6 Y25.3
  • 3.Dataqi Chronicles – Duty: GATHER. Settling into the new home, the tribe now require help to milk all the sheep. X26.2 Y25.2
  • 4.Dataqi Chronicles – Depravation: Help the tribe restock their supplies by killing wild dzo. X26.2 Y26.6
  • 5.Dataqi Chronicles – Deterrence: DEFEND. More steppe gedan. Protect the tribe. X26.5 Y25.4
  • 6.Dataqi Chronicles – Desperation: DEFEND. Protect the camp from drunken Ugundi warriors. X31.6 Y21.5
  • 7.Dataqi Chronicles – Distress: DEFEND. This tribe can’t catch a break. Protect the hunter and bring down the mammoth.X33.3 Y19.1
  • 8.Dataqi Chronicles – Displacement: Slay the Gulo gulo to prevent problems with livestock and predators.X34.6 Y19.4
  • 9.Dataqi Chronicles – Diplomacy: DEFEND. Matanga have attacked the camp. Deal with it.X33 Y19.2
  • 10.Dataqi Chronicles – Decimation: DEFEND. The Matanga are no longer in the mood for games. They wish to kill all Dataqi. X22.1 Y18.7
  • 11.Dataqi Chronicles – Divergence: DEFEND. The Goro Tribe have been discovered in battle with the Matanga. Help the Dataqi protect the Goros.X11.3 Y17
  • 12.Dataqi Chronicles- Declarations: DEFEND. The Matanga has declared war upon the Dataqi, help them. X11.3 Y17
  • 13.Dataqi Chronicles- Dominion: DEFEND:  This one should pop immediately after completion of step 12. The defeated Matanga call out to their God Anjana. You must now defeat Anjana and Anjana is in a very bad mood(Pictured above).X11.3 Y170

1. Kholusia - Formidable

The most Formidable doesn't look so formidable when he's been tamed into a formidable mount.

Levels 70 - 80

Our number 1 fate grinding spot for the day is found in Kholusia. Not only is this an up-to-date area that will help you grind out a higher level, but it also has many rewards in the area, one of them being the mount shown above.

Formidable is the one we really want to talk about. If you can complete the formidable chain, defeat the final boss, you will get EXP of 1,349,269+. Plus a mount, plus a minion, plus bragging rights. Here’s how.

First off, it is important to note you need to do two separate chains to pop the final boss. The Ironbeard Builders and The Formidable.

  • 1.Ironbeard: Resist. X17.9 Y14.7 Kill all the enemies.
  • 2.Ironbeard: Revolt. X16.2 Y20.8. Defend the good guys kill the bad guys. Simple, right? You’ll need a party, it can be quite tough.
  • 3.Ironbeard Builders: Rebuilt. X25 Y16. Collect Ore.
  • 4.Foes Most Formidable: X22.6 Y13.7. Defend. Kill those metalheads.
  • 5.Family Most Formidable: X25.6 Y20.8. Now you have a whole family of metal goggs to deal with. Take them out.
  • 6.A Final Most Formidable may now spawn. Note, you can more easily dodge the attacks if you stay under the boss. This fate does not appear on your map and you must have access to the ladder to reach it. It is a level 80 boss so be sure to have a party with you. X33.9 Y23.1.
  • 7.Completing this boss will give you Cogs that you can then exchange at Eulmore (x10.1,y11.7) to get rewards like the mount we have pictured.


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