FF14 Best Glamour Raced Revealed (All Races Ranked)

Best Glamour Race Revealed (All Races Ranked)
Because there is a race best fitted for you

Hello Adventures

We all love to glamour, right? Have you noticed that some races are just easier to make a good glamour for? Or that some are not just as flexible as others?

Today I’m going to be compiling a list and rating how easier a race can switch between aesthetics. However, my only rule!.. No Singling Out Gender.

All races with genders will be rated as one united; however, I know certain races have better gendered-versions. So, if I come upon that scenario, I will make note of it and talk about it.

Now let’s get this fashion show on the road!

1 Hyur

( Picture above belongs to Leith Valkyrian on server Aether )

Hyur is one of the best races to glamour. Are they a little plain— yes; however they like a blank canvas. Your imagination is the only limitation for this race.

The only complaints I ever hear about this race are the Highlander’s eye-brows and Midlander’s bread. The only way to give male Highlander eyebrows is by using face-paints. Which, in all honesty, is really dumb.

Now, there are mods that do fix the situation… but I can not, not tell you to use these due to them being completely against Final Fantasy XIV’s guidelines.

On to the next thing, Midlander’s bread. Would you even call it that though? It's just stubble around the mouth and lining the jaw— it looks like the WoL’s face in the Endwalker trailer.

If none of this doesn’t bother you, then go take Hyur for a spin! They're an amazing race to glamour due their flexibility to project such a variety of aesthetics. 

Rating: 100/100


2 Miqo’te

( Picture above belongs to Celty Olivine on server Primal )

The Miqo’te— the most popular race that nobody knows how to pronounce. The struggles of fantasy games… or just reading in-general, but all will be ok. Just fake it til you make it!

Anyway, there’s a reason why they’re the most popular race: their glamour game is next level. This race can reek of seduction and cuteness.

You can see this too if you just stop and look around. One moment, you’ll see a Miqo’te donning a full suit of armor… then you’ll see an almost completely naked cat-girl beside the knight.

I rarely hear complaints. The only thing I wish that would be added is for the girls to be able to have the markings that the boys can have.

Rating: 100/100


3 Au ra

( Picture above belongs to Kaeda Darte on server Aether )

Now, I may be a biased party due to me being a fellow Au Ra player. However, Au Ra is the race to play if you want to dangle between cute and appealing…

However, that’s if you play as a female. The male Au Ra are tall and very muscular; so if you’re trying to make them appear anything but a fighter, that’s going to be a challenge.

The most common complaints I hear of are the horns. Which I agree with very much, we should be able to pick the horns separate from the face.

I think there’s a couple of others like the scales being low quality or just the overall look of this race. There’s a hand-full of people that wished this went towards a more horrified version.

And after seeing the concept art ( male and female ), I kinda wished we got to see those versions within the game… But I’m also more than happy with what we got!

Rating: 90/100


4 Viera

(Picture above belongs to Erasmuss Green on server Primal )

The Viera— the drop dead gorgeous race. I remember when male Veria was added with the release of endwalke.; Square made so much money on fantasia potions that day.

Anyway! Like I said, this race is very gorgeous, so it’s not surprising that a lot of people play as this race… However.

More would probably play this race if one thing is fixed… the hats. If you’re a newcomer or just someone that lives in their own bubble, this race (along with another but that’s for later) can’t wear most of the hats in Final Fantasy XIV.

This even goes for the headband that take up the hat slot.

 Now, we’re going back to the mods that I can not, not tell you to use. From what I’m hearing, there’s already a lot of mods that fix this problem.

If you don’t mind the lack of hats, this should be a wonderful race for you. Especially if you want to be a heartthrob that steals everyone’s attention. Happy strutting!

Rating: 85/100

5 Elezen

( Picture above belongs to Leon Aquitaine on server Primal )


The Elezen— the race that in-bodies grace… yet, they have the most awkward design. I’m not talking about their posture or facial features with odd shadows.

No, I’m talking about their necks.

The most common reason I hear about why people don’t play Elezen is about their giraffe necks. There’s other things too like the running animation and bland customization choices.

Although, it’s important to note that there’s more male Elezen.

I see why the odd body proportions and neck thing can throw a player off, but there is no better race to play as a high-class warrior of light. Much like how Miqo’te is the model for cuteness, Elezen is elegance’s reincarnation.

Rating: 75/100

6 Roegadyn

( Picture above belongs to Sen Sarangerel on server Aether )

The Roegadyn— the brutes of the race; it’s also the race that bridges into two different players. The serious ones and memesters.

You can not tell me you haven’t run into a speedo-wearing Roegadyn, g-posing in Limsa Lominsa.

From the get go, you can see why people don’t particularly care for this race. The male counterpart is extremely bulky, and the female version isn’t made to look cute.

I personally love female Roegadyn— even playing it for the entire of the Endwalker released. Yet, like Elezen, there’s more males running around.

Unlike the other races, Roegadyn isn’t the easy race to flex between cute and badass; they always have this edge to them. But don’t let that discourage you. 

You can still have a very attractive Roegadyn, you just might need to steer away from cutesy outfits. If you don’t mind having one aesthetic in your pocket, then you would love this race.

Rating: 70/100

7 Hrothgar

( Picture above belongs to Bogomil Amilan on server Light )

The Hrothgar— the furries race within Final Fantasy XIV… Ok, I’m not going to sugar coat this.

I do not like this race.

It’s not because of the concept: I hate what the end result is. See, Hrothgar is based on the Ronso in Final Fantasy X.

The Ronso is this tall, lion-like beast that towers among the humans; we were expecting that. But no. We got a dad-boded lion with a hunch. If you’re wondering about complaints, there’s more than enough to go over.

They have a face selection problem like Au Ra but worse. A lot of their face selections are just a face-lift with a mustache slapped on them.

Then, the decent hairstyles are tied to certain faces. Hairstyles are slowly being adapted for the Hrothgar race… but let's say the results are mixed. Then there’s the hats— like the Viera, they can’t hardly wear any of the in-game hats.

Also, this is a gender-locked race, at the moment, so if you want to play this monstrosity, you’ll have to play as a male. If this list of cons hasn't discouraged you, more power to you. As for looks to aim for?

I don’t know: this is your own journey for you to grave.  May you forever walk in the crystal’s light.

Rating: 40/ 100

8 Lalafell

( Picture above belongs to Raymyun Rice from server Aether )

The Lalafells… or Lalademons, are an enigma of the Final Fantasy XIV community. How do you manage to be so cute and so evil at the same time?

You know how I said people that play Roegedyn are either serious or memester; well, the Lalafell player is full of nothing but meme lords.

Don’t get me wrong! I love this race: they have managed to have this cuteness to them where I just want to pinch their little, chubby cheeks.

However, with that said, it’s hard to take these little creatures seriously. Especially from a story-line perspective.

Now, from a glamour point of view, they can only be cute. If you try anything else, it feels off or just straight-up creepy. Not that it stops people.

If anything, when there’s push back, Lalafell players seem to only push harder. Honestly, I don’t care about the debate of how a Lalafell should or shouldn’t look; I just want to play the game.

Are there any complaints? Personally, I haven’t heard any, but I know I have some. There’s jewelry that seems too bulky.

Then there’s some outfit you can’t get the full effect of due the race’s small stature. Other than that, there’s nothing I can see wrong with the race. Overall, it’s a very fun race to dress up!

There’s just no flexibility for shifting in aesthetics.

Rating: 50/100 (due to certain glamuors feeling off or creepy)


I found most of the pictures used in this article are pictures I pulled off of  Eorzea Collection  and a post off of the loadstone on the Final Fantasy XIV official website.

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