Top FF14 Ten Earrings For Glamour (and how to get them)

Best FF14 Earrings for Glamour (and how to find them)
Because the little details matter

Hello Warriors of Light

Are you tired of being the plain janes of adventures? Or are you just a fashionista that’s looking for inspiration? Either way, you want to change your glamor. 

Now, let’s all admit one thing: we overlook earrings in our glamor. This is a big no-no, especially if you’re a Lalafell or have short hair. Earrings can be the glue that holds your outfit together.

One Carnations Earrings

(The perfect earrings for a simple or soft glamour.)

The Carnations Earrings are perfect for soft looks. Paired with a simple glamour, you’ll be ready to go! If you’re not digging the black carnation, don’t stress.

These earrings come in other colors like red, rainbow, blue, and so on. One of the bigger pluses is that this isn’t class (or job) limited.

How To Obtain It

There are two ways you can get this set: by buying it on the market or through the alchemist class. The market board is self-explanatory. A fellow adventurer crafts it and puts it on sale, and you spend thousands for this tiny thing.

Now, if you want to come out of this situation with an untouched gil-purse, you might wanna try your hand at alchemy. You have to be at least level 73. Unless you have a couple of friends that will craft it for ya.

If you ask sweetly enough (and provide the materials), they should be more than happy to do so.

Two Edencall Earrings

(The perfect earrings for dramatic effect!)

Look, look, look— hear me out! I know these earrings are very flashy, but these are perfect to spice up your glamor. This set is perfect when you have an odd glamour planned out but can’t find earrings to tie it all together.

However, this is limited to physical range jobs. So, this means classes like dancer and bard.

How To Obtain It:

Now, this is the tricky part. It’s not marketable, unlike the carnation earrings. So, you have one way of getting it— Eden’s Raids. There are four raids: Eden’s versus Furor, Fulmination, Refulgence, and Iconoclasm.

What if it feels like you can never roll high enough for them when they drop? Don’t worry! Within those chests, something called the Bangle of Golden Antiquity can drop.

When it does, roll for it! You just need one of those. When you do, you can run to the vendors in the cities! The vendors are...

  • Ghul Gul in Amh Araeng [ X: 26.6, Y: 16.4 ], Yhal Yal in Eulmore [ X: 10.0, Y: 11.5 ]
  • Mowen’s merchant in The Crystarium [ X: 10.1, Y: 11.8 ]

Three Berserker’s Earrings

(The perfect neutral piece for any glamour!)

Now, these earrings— I love them. They’re not too flashy or too plain. It’s something very neutral.

I imagine this working for any glamour in mind, but the earrings have elegance to them. It’s something that I can see a high-class citizen wearing. Good news, this isn’t class limited; so if you wanted to mute one of your more flasher classes, these would work!

How to Obtain it:

Oddly, you can’t buy this off-market. There are two duties where this will drop:

  • The Sohr Khai [ level 60 dungeon ]
  • Hullbreaker Isle (hard) [ level 60 dungeon ].

Four Dai-ryumyaku Earring

(These earrings are perfect for a cute glamour!)

Cute and modest, these are the earrings to use if you want to look cute.  I mean just look at it! How could you not like this set?

This can work with a lot of outfits… But, I full-heartedly believe that the cuter the glamour, the better the earrings will work. Now, these earrings aren’t class limited. However, there are different versions: healing, casting and fending.

How To Obtain:

There’s one way to get this set. There’s the Dai-ryumyaku accessories coffer and the vendors. You get the coffer by progressing through the Storm Blood main missions. However, you are not guaranteed these earrings: other accessories can be given.

The Vendors

There are three people you can go to and trade for the earrings. There’s...

  • E’bolaff in Rhalgr’s Reach ( X: 13.7, Y: 12.2 )
  • Enna in Rhalgr’s Reach ( X: 13.9, Y: 11.6 )
  • Rowena’s Representative ( X: 12.2, Y: 10.8 )

To trade for them, you’re going to need Allagan tomestones of poetics. You get those by running 50/60/70/80 dungeons, trials, and raids.

Five Palm Ear Cuffs

(When you don't want earrings for your glamour.)

If you’re looking for something less noticeable and attention-drawing, you should look into ear cuffs. There’s a handful of them within Final Fantasy XIV. The palm cuffs are an excellent set due to them being able to have a striking feature but maintain simplicity.

Due to that, this could go with all kinds of glamors. These are class limited, but it's the same as the Dai-ryumaku earrings. So, keep an eye out for those healing, casting, and fending.

How To Obtain:

There are three ways to receive this set— Vendors, crafting, and the Pewter Earring Coffer. The hardest thing about it is unlocking the Endwalker storyline, the latest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV. If you’re already there, congrats: you’ve already done step one.

If you want to get the coffer, you’ll have to do the sidequest called ‘ Armored Up ‘ ( X: 24.1, Y: 34.4 ). But remember, you can only get the coffer once.

The next way is crafting; you’ll need your carpenter up to level 82. Unless you have a carpenter friend willing to make it for you. There is the market, but you know how it is. 

Now, if you’re gonna buy it, you’re going to need at least 19,395 in gil. I know. A good ol sting in the heart, but hey— they gotta feed their families to feed.

The Vendors

The vendors that has this is...

  • Junkmonger in Garlemad ( X: 31.3, Y: 17.4 )
  • Junkmonger in Garlemad ( X: 12.8, Y: 30.4 ).

Six Moonward Earrings

(When you something more fancier for your glamour.)

These are another of the late-game earrings. They have a delicate look to them. The small crystals that hang on them are gorgeous!

This would go well with any glamour that you want to project a classy look. Once again, these earrings are class limited. But they are available in different versions (which don't look any different); so, be on the lookout for those names again: healing, fending, and casting.

There’s one way to get this set… and it involves  100 sacks of nuts.

How To Obtain:

So, it’s a long process to unlock the hunts. The Gamer has a quick guide that both explains and shows you how to unlock these questlines. However, if you already have it unlocked, then great!

You already did the hard part. The easy part is getting the sacks of nuts, of which you just need 100.

Seven Eternal Darkness Earrings

(For when you want a set that will put an edge to your glamour.)

Now, I know people mostly do the Minstrel’s Ballad raid for mostly one thing… The weapons. But, come on— look at how cool this looks! It would be worth fighting Zordiark again.

These earrings are a must for dark knights or any job you want to have a darker edge to them. Again, they are class limited. However, it comes in three different sets like most of what I have covered.

How To Obtain:

The only way to get these earrings is by doing the Minstrel’s Ballad: Zodiarks’s Fall. Is it hard? Yes, it will take at least two hours… but.

That’s if you run it synced. If you run it unsynced, it’s mostly about having the people join you and burn through the boss.

Yeah, there are mechanics you need to watch out for. But it isn’t going to be hard as compared to running it synced. The only thing you have to worry about is… how good your rolls will be.

 Eight Edanmorn Earrings

(When you want something small but yet cute for your glamour.)

These are other sets that you can get from the Eden raids. They’re something nice and small, going back to it being great for those that don’t want anything eye-catching.

Yet, they would greatly boost the cuteness of a glamor. It can also be used for casual wear; regardless, these earrings are a safe play for most glamors. It is class limited.

Just keep an eye out for those fending and healing names, they come in three sets.

How To Obtain:

Like the Edencall earrings, you need to do those raids. However, the items you need to get are dropped in one of the harder ones.

Don’t worry. You can run them unsynced; however, you have to keep the mechanics in mind as you burn through the boss. The raid that you need to run is Eden's promise: Umbra (savage).

What you’re waiting to drop is the books of umbra, and you’ll run back to the same vendors as for the Edencall Earrings.

Nine High Allagan Earrings

(When you want something unique for your glamour.)

These earrings are cool and easy to unlock due to them being within older content. The small detail of glowing at night is an added bonus.

If I were to make a glamour with them, it would be used to improve a plain outfit.The good news is they’re not class/job limited! There are other versions of them (which are just different colors), and you can use them in whatever classes as well.

How to Obtain:

The only way to get them is by grinding through these two raids. The raids being...

  • The second coil of Bahamut - turn one
  • The second coil of Bahamut ( savage ) - turn one.

The only difference between these two is that there are other kinds of loot thrown within both. So, happy grinding.

Ten Facet Earrings

(For when you just want something simple for you glamour.)

Now, this set is a little challenging to get, especially if you don’t know any goldsmith buddies, but they’re worth it. They're very simple earrings that go with lots of glamour.

How to Obtain:

As I said, you can only get these baddies through crafting. You need to be a ( or know ) level 80 goldsmith.


None of the pictures are mine. The one with the female Elezen is Chiyo Asakura from server Elemental, and the rest came from Gamer Escape.

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