[Top 5] FF14 Most Fun Class (2021)

FF14 Most Fun Class
Whether you are a giggly kitty, cute bunny, ferocious lion or bulking roegadyn you can play any class. Why not have fun with it? Be a lala tank.

What are the top 5 most fun classes to play in Final Fantasy 14 in 2021?

AS if it wasn’t hard enough deciding if you need cat ears, bunny ears, the look of a lion or the look of a child, now you must pick a class!

There are so many amazing classes one can play in Final Fantasy XIV. How does one know where to begin? Who will provide the most fun? What will fill my need for complexity and simplicity at the same time?

Here is a list of perfectly balanced, fun, complex and simple, classes that you can enjoy in Final Fantasy XIV with all the reasons to love them.

5. Bard

Test out your musical abilities as bard, just try not to play theme songs on the battlefield it might get you kicked.

Bard may have a bad name in D&D, do not let that put you off. In Final Fantasy, it is primarily a supporting role. Play epic music to help encourage your team on the battlefield, boost stats, gain extra abilities or speed up MP regeneration.

Begin as a humble archer, learning how to shoot straight and use poison arrows. Later in-game though you become a bard, the songs you attain take the battlefield to a whole new level of fun. You may not be able to give out as much DPS as others on the dungeon, but you can throw out so much support that they will love you.

Why Bard is great:

  • Level 30 unlocks Perform which allows you to play songs on instruments in-game.
  • Wanderers Minuet makes a powerful and god looking attack.
  • Army’s Peon speeds up global cool down. Very Useful in the heat of battle.
  • Battle Voice to increase your entire parties hit rate.
  • While the DPS isn’t the highest a well-played bard can be a real asset to the team
  • Venomous bite and wind bite, the go-to DOTS to show you are engaged in the battle
  • Amazing looking bows
  • Great storyline that has you on the edge of your gaming chair
  • Being able to buff the entire party or yourself can really tip the odds in your favour.
  • Shoot arrows out of the sky! Then curse when this move gets used against you in the main story. 

4. Summoner

Sumon Ifrit to light your late night reading in the Great Gubal Library.

A complex role that lets you see into the lives of Healer, Tank and DPS through various summons. 

As a summoner, you get to call upon nature to help you out of various situations. Need someone to help you take out a bad gang? Call on Garuda. Does one bad guy need a good hard wallop? Ask Ifrit. Need a tank? Choose your tank Carbuncle.  

With a summoner, you can be whatever you want to be, so long as your heart is in it. It can be a lot of work remembering who to call to use the different abilities, and you can only call out the Gods (like Bahamut) for a short period of time.

The fact that you have to know who is who on your team makes summoner more like a Pokémon trainer. You need to understand your pets and their abilities making this a very fun role to play, not at all brain dead.

Why Summoner is great:

  • Call a God for help like he is a Pokémon. Bahamut. I choose you!
  • You get pets! Who does not want a Carbuncle running around after them?
  • You must analyse a situation to know who you need to call on.
  • You get a better understanding of all three roles in FFXIV.
  • You can add your own DOT’s to the battle as your minions fight for you.
  • One summoner once called on his most powerful healer and ran through a dungeon doing nothing himself just to see if the party noticed…. They died, but it was fun to watch.
  • You can heal yourself through one of your pets. 
  • The pets will always be there for you even after the rest of your party has logged off.

3. White Mage

Call on pretty lights to resurrect your fallen heroes. Don't forget to add a fun macro to tell them to off for sleeping on the job when they accept the Res.

As a white mage, you can fulfil your dreams of making everybody love you. Your responsibility is to bring light to the hurt, vigour to the weak, you bring hope to the battlefield and see that everybody lives. Do you feel the pressure yet?

Start as a conjurer in Gridania and learn to be in balance with the elements, then progress to a White Mage when you reach level 30 and complete the level 30 conjurer class quest.

While simple for a healing class, the dramatic heals, overtime heals and group heals will keep you occupied as your team thanks the gods that you are on their side. It is very satisfying to save the lives of those you love, even if you only met them in the drowning wrench 5 minutes ago.

Why White Mage is great:

  • Powerful Heals.
  • DPS attacks.
  • One with Nature.
  • Everything you would expect of a healer.
  • Faster Queue times as a healer.
  • With Blood Lilly, a good White Mage can out damage most tanks.
  • Simple and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Dragoon

Take the agro from the tank, hit the bad guys with a pointy stick, jump around the arena to drive the healer mad. Go for it. Be all you can be!

The dragoon is the hero of the Heavensward saga. If that alone is not enough to love dragoon consider the following.

You pick up dragoon as a lancer very early on. It is a DPS class with a big stick, the idea is to not measure yours against the other guys to see which is bigger. 

The simplicity behind dragoon is easy. The pointy end goes in the other guy. 

The beauty behind dragoon is more complex. These single target specialists give strong attacks that can be buffed depending on your rotation. One must think clearly in a battle to get a high DPS while trying not to get hit. Dragoons do not have much defence so dancing (or jumping) around the battlefield will keep you engaged as you take down your enemies.

Why Dragoon is great:

  • Attacks in leaps and bounds.
  • Often referred to as Oddly Satisfying.
  • The single best DPS in the game at the moment.
  • Dragoon gives the whole party 10% crit buff while providing 10% extra damage for the dragoon and 5% for a party member of choice with the use of dragon sight.
  • Most likely in the group to pull aggro from the tank making for some excellent moments of chaos.
  • Dragoons, like bards, have a great selection of buffs they can use, but they do not need to sing about them.
  • The single line AoE we are used to seeing enemies use against us. It is nice being able to use it against them.

1. Dark Knight

Own the best glowing swords in the business. Blind your enemies with your showy display of awesomeness.

This is Final Fantasy’s version of Batman. He is an edge lord; his justice is controversial to those who believe that operating outside the law makes you little more than a thug.

As a Dark Knight, you can deal blows to those who are above the law. Government officials will not be able to stand before you as you deal out true justice. 

Dark Knight deals out a lot of damage while still having some cool and unique rotations that make the gameplay fun. You can make things simple or drive it up a notch with the more dangerous abilities. The complexity and Simplicity are perfectly balanced for Final Fantasy Fun.

Why Dark Knight is great:

  • The greatest story in FFXIV.
  • Fast-Paced Combat.
  • Satisfying shield with quick recast timer (The Blackest Night).
  • Literally, play with your life using The Living Dead. (Make sure your healer is on par for this one).
  • The coolest looking two-handed swords in the game.
  • Call on a shadow version of your Sensei.
  • Massive AoE damage potential in dungeons.
  • Coolest Job Specific armour in the game.
  • Excellent queue times as a tank.


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