Top 3 FF14 Best Healers (Ranked)

 FF14 Best Healers
Urianger the astrologian master!

Top 3 FF14 Best Healers (Ranked)

Trying to figure out which healer to go for? Well, you've come to the right place. The newest expansion of Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers recently launched bringing a lot of changes to our healers' role. 

Which healer is the best? What makes them unique? And which class should you choose to play? Lest dive in.

3. Astrologian

Astrologian is the best of both worlds when it comes to healing. It can be played as a regen based healer and mitigation based healer. It just depends on what other healers you're partnered with or your playstyle. However, that's not the only thing that makes Astrologian unique.

What makes Astrologian great?

Astrologian has a lot of utility when it comes to supporting their party members, and I'm not just talking about healing. Their cards give special damage buffs to any given party member of your choice. Of course, different cards cater to certain types of DPS or tanks.  You can manage your team's buffs by redrawing, transforming, or even throwing out your cards if you don't need them. 

Get ready for some button mashing because Astrologian has the most abilities of all healers.  They have multiple skills aside from their cards that either provide high individual damage buffs or raid-wide buffs for the entire party. It's excellent for providing that extra boost that your party members might need.

How to build an Astrologian!


2. Scholar 

Scholar is a lot more than just your typical bookworm.  It’s a healer that provides a lot of mitigation for your party members through shielding.

Even though Astrologian can be played as a mitigation healer, Scholars abilities are much stronger in that aspect. What makes Scholar stand out in a limited pool of healers, is its use of pets to provide healing skills for them to use. 

What makes Scholar great?

Scholar is a dexterous job at max level. It has the most off GCD (global cooldown) healing abilities compared to the other two healers and can pack a punch when it comes to personal DPS. Trust me, getting whacked with a book hurts. 

It takes someone with a galaxy brain to operate it, but it’s well worth it. If played correctly, Scholar can dominate the raiding scene. It has a variety of abilities that are extremely useful in savage level raids and extreme trails. Mitigation is a must when progressing through savage fights. Be ready to have players begging you to join their raid groups.

How to build Scholar!


1. White Mage

White Mage is pretty much everything the average FF14 player wants in a healer.  It’s s a powerful regen based healer, with a smooth and straightforward design. Although it has very little utility in raids, its raw healing power, and personal damage outmatch Astrologian and Scholar. 

What makes White Mage great? 

White Mage is useful in both casual and hardcore content. In dungeons, it can handle big pulls with ease while also spamming giant AOE (area of effect) damage. In raid, it's great for progression and clearing quickly. Its healing abilities are incredibly reliable and potent, making it easy to keep your party alive. White Mage is the definition of the term “overpowered.” 

Don’t let its wholesome appearance fool you though. White Mage isn’t just useful for healing. It’s damage skills are hefty, allowing you to give some valuable DPS in any given fight. 

Because of White Mages' healer to DPS ratio and overall trouble-free and simple design, it deserves the number one spot. Healers don’t get much better than that.

How to build White Mage!


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