[Top 3] FF14 Best Healers (Ranked)

FF14 Best Healer
An Astrologian choses an arcana

As of Shadowbringers, there are only three healer based classes in Final Fantasy 14: White Mage, Scholar, and Astrologian. While there are not a lot of options when it comes to healing, all three of the classes have unique abilities and playstyles that make them fun and challenging. Additionally, with so few healing classes, healers are always in demand, making it much faster to join duties and leveling roulettes so you can level up that class. Overall, there’s no reason for your esteemed Warrior of Light not to try their hand at healing.

3) Scholar

A Scholar and a fairy from the job quest story line

Of the three healing classes, Scholar has the widest range of abilities from shields and damage mitigation to regens and raw healing. Scholar uses this variety of spells alongside of its healing pet to strategically mitigate damage. Of course, this variety and need to strategize your moves, makes Scholar more difficult to master in comparison to the other healing classes. Scholar also has the tendency to be slightly unforgiving because if you mess up your spells, it will much harder to spam heal your team’s way out of danger. However, if you’re familiar with the fight and can master Scholar’s various skills, Scholar becomes an amazing healer.

What makes Scholar great:

  • Widest range of abilities: raw heals, regens, damage mitigation, percentage heals, and shields
  • Next to White Mage, has the best and hardest hitting DPS skills
  • Levels up alongside of Summoner
  • Has the most instant cast spells of the three healers and can move more freely

2) Astrologian

An Astrologian casting a spell

Astrologian relies on a mix of raw healing, arcana cards that buff a chosen team member, and two sects, Nocturnal and Diurnal, which have slightly different effects on skills depending on which one is active. In terms of difficulty, Astrologian is in between Scholar and White Mage because certain arcana cards provide more of a buff to specified classes like melee DPS and Tanks or ranged DPS and Healers. Cards are chosen randomly, so you may also have to spend a couple of seconds flipping through cards to get the buff you want. However, overall, Astrologian is far more forgiving than Scholar, and once you’re familiar with the different arcana cards, its range of healing spells will help keep the team at full HP.

What makes Astrologian great:

  • Variety of raw healing spells
  • Arcana cards provide 3% to 6% damage buffs to teammates
  • Nocturnal and Diurnal sects provide regen or shielding affects
  • Best aesthetic of the three healers

1) White Mage

A smiling White Mage

White Mage has the most simplistic mechanics of the healing classes with a variety of raw healing power and DPS. White Mage can provide the team with faster and easier recovery since it has several powerful raw healing spells that can cost little MP and can be spammed. This makes White Mage the easiest healing class to pick up and a great introduction into the healing classes. With its single target heals, party wide heals, excellent DPS damage, and raw healing power, White Mage couldn’t be a better healing class.

What makes White Mage great:

  • Variety of raw healing and regen spells both single target and party wide
  • Powerful raw healing spells that cost very little MP
  • DPS skills deal the most damage of all healing classes
  • MP conservation is the easiest of the three healing classes

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