[Top 10] FF14 Best Solo Classes To Play

FF14 Best Solo Classes To Play
Who needs a party when you are the party?

Why play an MMORPG if you prefer to fly solo?

This can be a strange idea for many gamers, and there are almost as many reasons as there are actual players.

Maybe you play at odd hours when most of your friends are asleep. Or maybe you like to do things at your own pace and really pay attention to the world you’re in.

Or perhaps you don’t normally play MMOs but were told that the story in FF14 is so good that it just might change your life, and so now you feel obligated to prove all those yay-sayers wrong.

Whatever your reason, you’re eager to set out on your journey into the world of Eorzea but now you feel stumped (and a little overwhelmed) about what job to play. There are 20 jobs in FF14, and while you can change your job at will ingame, it might be worth it to do some research to determine which ones are the most capable solopreneurs.

With that in mind, we’ve roped together a tier list to help you decide which job is best for you.


10. Blue Mage

Turn the tables on monsters by using their strongest attacks against them!

The Blue Mage is a master of monster imitation, able to learn and use the special powers of several creatures throughout Eorzea. Having such incredible adaptability makes you a walking Swiss Army knife of abilities, able to handle any circumstance that arises. 

The Blue Mage can take care of your needs for crowd control, AoE damage, or potent single-target spells. They also have access to superb healing magic. You'll be a self-sufficient powerhouse, so say goodbye to frequent potion use!

What makes Blue Mage excel at solo play?

  • Discover and employ a variety of monster skills for a range of circumstances, making Blue Mage exceptionally versatile
  • Blue Mages have a number of healing abilities, such as White Wind, which heals for the amount of health you currently have
  • Blue Mages have powerful spells that can instantly kill most enemies

But what makes Blue Mage a great fit for you?

  • Blue Mages have excellent crowd control abilities, making it much easier for them to choose when and how to tackle enemies
  • Study enemy skills and harness their power for yourself, and then adapt yourself skillset to meet whatever challenge comes your way
  • As a limited job, Blue Mages were designed to overpower overworld content because they can handle difficult content as a solo job without the necessity for a party

Blue Mages are a Limited Job in FF14, meaning they are not able to engage all content. Most of the time, it’s because their skills are too powerful. That said, no solo tier list would be complete without mentioning this job because, even though it is limited, it is still the best class for farming resources.

Solo Power Score: 77.1/100


9. Red Mage

Part healer; part warmage. All style.

You've got your sights set on the Red Mage in Final Fantasy 14, and let me tell you, that's a fantastic option! The Red Mage moves through battles like a swift magical ninja thanks to their skilled balancing act of melee and ranged attacks. Need to be healed? They have you covered. Need firepower? You’ve definitely come to the right place! 

Red Mages are like the Jacks and Jills of all trades; they make sure you're never caught off guard and are always ready to take on any challenge. You'll feel like a genuine Eorzean rockstar thanks to their fashionable attire and eye-catching spell animations.

What makes Red Mage so good at flying solo?

  • Red Mages can expertly adapt to any combat circumstance by using both melee and ranged spells
  • Vercure scales off of Intelligence, your primary stat, meaning it’s comparable to a heal from an actual healer
  • Red Mages have quick casting times, so you can deal with threats quickly and effectively

What makes Red Mage a great choice for you?

  • Dualcast allows them to cast spells right away following a successful one, which keeps adversaries on their toes
  • Red Mages have the ability to raise the dead, even while playing alone, which makes them useful in more difficult battles
  • Red Mages offer the whole package: they are fantastic at group support and solo play

Red Mages are the battlemages of FF14, and their wide array of abilities gives them an advantage in adapting to nearly any situation. Whether you choose to go it alone or find a group, you’ll have no problem taking on any content.

Solo Power Score: 78.1/100


8. Astrologian

Bend time and space to your will as a flexible Astrologian.

Astrologians are a great option for solitary explorers in FF14! They wield the mysterious Star Globe to power their spells and sustain themselves on perilous journeys. A deck of cards at their disposal, they  call upon celestial forces to vanquish foes with enormous cosmic force. 

They are flexible and independent mages on the battlefield thanks to their strong healing abilities and a variety of support skills. Who needs a party when you can become a cosmic healer on your own?

What makes Astrologian a great solo job?

  • As a versatile healer, use several potent healing spells on yourself to recover quickly and continue fighting
  • You can buff your own DPS with cards, Divination, and Astrodyne
  • Use magical barriers and shields to defend oneself and add further layers of protection

What makes Astrologian a good option for you?

  • You may control the flow of combat and unleash devastating attacks by employing astral magic
  • Altar time to enhance healing and defense
  • Astrologians have easily the best looking spell effects in the game, so you’ll be flying solo with style

Astrologian is a wonderful job that will make you shine brilliantly as a lone star in the captivating world of Final Fantasy 14 if you're ready to embrace the mystical arts, channel the cosmos, and be a one-person celestial orchestra!

Solo Power Score: 80.1/100


7. White Mage

Command the power of creation to take on the toughest challenges!

Imagine that you are a master of the healing arts with the ability to heal your wounds and cure any condition with the wave of your magic wand. With the tremendous healing powers of the White Mage, you'll be virtually unstoppable as a lone adventurer and a formidable force to be reckoned with. 

You'll also be able to use some damaging spells, so you won't just be a one-trick healer pony. White Mages are a solo player's version of guardian angels, making sure you sail through difficult material without breaking a sweat.

Why is White Mage an excellent candidate for solo play?

  • Powerful burst healing and regenerative abilities make the White Mage excellent at multitasking healing and dealing damage
  • White Mages can rid themselves of any manner of harmful affects, so say goodbye to bothersome debuffs
  • Use the potent Holy spell to inflict damage and stun on multiple enemies at a time

How do you know if White Mage is the best choice for you?

  • Create a shield around yourself using Divine Benison to protect yourself from further harm by absorbing damage
  • White Mages are adept at casting spells rapidly, enabling you to counter threats and heal yourself in a flash
  • White Mages can improve their own casting speed, which can really help in a pinch

The White Mage is a powerhouse healer with excellent recuperative and damage dealing capabilities. This makes for an extremely effective solo adventurer.

Solo Power Score: 85.1/100


6. Scholar

Soloing with a partner is almost cheating. Almost.

Scholars are never truly alone, thanks to their ability to call on cute fairy allies for aid. Together, they make the perfect duo, allowing the Scholar to focus on taking down enemies while their sidekick keeps them looking pretty.

And what a dynamic team they make! Scholars are formidable mages because they can do some serious damage themselves. The Scholar will make you feel like a solitary superstar, whether you're exploring the huge terrain of Eorzea or facing off against powerful adversaries!

What makes Scholar so good at playing solo?

  • Effortlessly switch between healing and delivering damage, making solo battles simple
  • Scholars can use protective spells to lessen the harm they absorb, increasing their ability to survive
  • Scholars can stay in combat without tiring thanks to their self-healing and fairy healing skills

Why is Scholar the perfect job for you?

  • Call upon your fairy to support you in combat while you focus on taking down the enemies
  • Scholars can increase their healing power, enabling them to recover from difficult conflicts
  • Level 2 jobs at once since Scholar and Summoner share the base class, Arcanist

If you're prepared to jump into solo play with a dependable fairy companion at your side, ready to heal and deal, the Scholar is the magical job that will have you breezing over every solo challenge that comes your way in Final Fantasy 14!

Solo Power Score: 86.3/100


5. Sage

Technology and magic combine for a dazzling solo experience!

Sages, the most recent class in the game, summon celestial energies and use floating Nouliths as their main weapons. Sages are the pinnacle of versatility, with the ideal mix of healing and DPS spells, making them deadly soloists. 

During your solo excursions, you’ll have access to incredible buffs that allow you to heal and DPS simultaneously. Additionally, you'll feel like a cosmic magician thanks to your dazzling and explosive spell animations!

But why exactly is Sage an effective soloist?

  • Sages are a versatile hybrid role that may act as both a healer and a DPS, depending on the situation
  • Protect yourself with a shield that also heals you, making you difficult to defeat in solitary combat
  • Sages can sustain themselves in the fight without the need for outside assistance thanks to their barrier and healing skills

And here’s why Sage is a great option for you:

  • Use celestial spells with stunning animations to overwhelm your enemies using the noulithic arts
  • Sages are great for taking on groups of enemies in solo gameplay because they are excellent at dealing with many enemies
  • Sages have the highest DPS out of all healing jobs

Sages are an excellent choice for playing solo because they can attack and heal at the same time. Their ability to multitask as healer and damage dealer makes them exceptional for solo play.

Solo Power Score: 87.1/100


4. Dark Knight

Just try and kill a Dark Knight. It'll be cute.

Final Fantasy 14's The Dark Knight is excellent for solo play since it combines the toughness of a tank with significant self-sustainability and great burst damage capabilities. The Dark Knight transforms into an unbeatable force, enabling players to easily take on difficult solo content thanks to its capacity to endure heavy damage, self-heal, and execute devastating attacks.

Its toolkit's versatility, crowd control choices, and damage mitigation all add to its strength in solo play, making it a great option for explorers looking for action-packed solo adventures in the world of Eorzea.

Strong enemies won't make you flee in terror since this bad boy can take a beating and keep on swinging!

What makes the Dark Knight so good at solo play?

  • Dark Knight is a tanking machine, able to soak damage like a sponge
  • Dark Knight is capable of self-healing with abilities like The Blackest Night
  • Dark Knights are exceptional burst damage dealers, making quick work of most enemies

But is the Dark Knight the right choice for you? Consider these reasons for picking this job for your solo adventures:

  • Dark Knights dominate fights, wielding great swords as their weapons of choice
  • The Dark Knight job questline is considered by many to be some of the best writing in the entire game
  • Channel your inner darkness to fight against corruption and injustice

The Dark Knight is a fantastic tank with incredible DPS and defense, making it perfect for any solo player. Embrace your inner vigilante!

Solo Power Score: 88.5/100


3. Gunbreaker

Bringing guns to a sword fight. Just because you can.

Final Fantasy wouldn't be the same without its obsession with fusing fantasy and science fiction. Gunbreaker is just one example of the few available techno-warriors in FF14, and it just so happens to be an excellent choice for solo gameplay due to its flexible skill set, great burst damage potential, and constant survivability. 

Its seamless attack and defense, together with its ability to self-heal and mitigate damage, make for an easy and enjoyable solo experience. Playing Gunbreaker will allow you to battle and punish in style as a chic gunslinger.

What sets Gunbreaker apart as a great choice for solo play?

  • As a tank job, Gunbreakers enjoy fantastic damage mitigation and can handle a ton of punishment
  • Gunbreakers can regain health while engaged in combat thanks to talents like "Nebula" and "Aurora," which lessen the need for outside healing and boost survival
  • Explosive damage combinations allow Gunbreakers to dominate enemy combat, no matter the odds

What sort of player would do well playing Gunbreaker?

  • Players who like a mix of magic and science to build a job that’s complex and fast-paced
  • You like the idea of shrugging off damage and laughing in the face of danger
  • Gunbreakers are fantastic at solo play but make great additions to any party, making it perfect if you want a job that can easily switch it up now and then

Gunbreakers are fantastic soloists capable of handling anything the game throws at them by unleashing devastating damage, healing themselves, and shrugging off a ton of punishment.

Solo Power Score: 92.1/100


2. Warrior

Give the healer the day off. You've got this!

Warrior is an excellent class for solo play in Final Fantasy 14 due to its incredible self-sustainability, high damage output, and outstanding resilience. The Warrior job shines as a tank because players can take a hammering and prevail in solitary encounters due to their high health and powerful defensive abilities. 

The Warriors also have incredible self-healing powers that scale based on the harm they receive and deal.

What exactly sets the Warrior apart from other jobs when it comes to solo play?

  • Warriors are among the best damage dealing tanks in the game, making it particularly easy for them to dispatch large groups of enemies with ease
  • Warriors have some of the best self-sustain in the game
  • Warriors have an extremely high health pool and high defense, making them fantastic for shrugging off damage

Why should you consider playing Warrior solo?

  • Warriors use great waraxes in combat to mow down entire hordes of enemies
  • Warriors laugh at incoming damage since they boast high defense and exceptional self-healing
  • Warriors are arguably the best main tanks in the game, meaning you’ll never have a hard time finding a group when you do decide to mix it up with others

Warriors are absolute units in FF14, which is part of the reason why many players see tanks as “blue DPS”. Just tell your healer to take the night off. Because you’ve got this!

Solo Power Score: 94.3/100


1. Paladin

Tank, Heal, DPS; Paladins have got it all!

In Final Fantasy 14, Paladin is King for solo play since it combines durability, self-sustainability, and support abilities in an ideal way. As a tank, the Paladin's outstanding defensive toolbox enables players to efficiently absorb damage, assuring survival throughout difficult solo fights. 

The Paladin is a versatile and dependable choice for taking on solo content because of its on-command healing abilities, which allow it to maintain its health through long fights.

What makes Paladin so good at soloing FF14?

  • Paladin boasts some of the highest defense in the game
  • Paladins do fantastic single target and aoe damage
  • Paladins have access to strong on-command healing abilities

But how can you be sure Paladin is the right choice for you?

  • Paladins blend sword techniques and magic for a versatile and flexible protagonist
  • Paladins have strong defensive abilities that heal you when you are attacked
  • Paladins offer exceptional support to groups, making it easy to blend into parties whenever you do decide to join others

Paladins make for incredible warriors of light since they can easily tackle any content the game has to offer. Whether you’re leading a group in a raid or decide to fly solo, Paladin has everything you need to be a one-man party.

Solo Power Score: 97.5/100

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