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Best Class Story Quests FFXIV
The ever vigil Dark Knight stands watch

What are the best class questlines in FFXIV?

Whether you are new to Final Fantasy XIV, a veteran or a returning player coming back now that Endwalker has dropped, there are a lot of classes you can choose from. While that choice involves a lot of different aspects from playstyle to how quickly you can queue into roulettes. One big choice for me has always been the story. While the classes are all pretty well balanced within about 10% of each other in terms of raw DPS output the stories of said classes varies substantially. While most of them are good there are a few that really stood out to me as I played through them all. Below are the five best job story quest lines in Final Fantasy XIV.

5. Ninja:

The deadly Ninja

Fast paced and versatile, combining deadly dagger play with mudras or hand signals combine to make an incredibly well played melee class. The Ninja is both fun to play and has a decent skill ceiling to make mastering the class feel very satisfactory.

And the story is no less so. While similarities can be found in some things with a certain cartoon ninja let me assure you that the resemblance stops there. Embark on a sometimes humorous, oftentimes deadly quest of righting the wrong of an ancient tribe of Doma. Follow your shinobi master Oboro and his associate Tusbame on their quest to find the traitor Karasu. This is an excellent story with a lot of intrigue and subterfuge and the need for honor spread throughout and will often leave you with questions about right and wrong.

4. Red Mage:

The alluring Red Mage

The perfect balance of black and white magics, the red mage rains fire down upon their enemies and helps heal their allies in times of need. Equipped with a rapier for an intense melee phase that perfectly rounds out the magic rotation of this magical ranged DPS class.

Once you meet X’rhun Tia and have begun your quest to become a Red Mage, be ready for a few tough fights, a very fun class and a really good story. Dive into deep questions and help a young girl learn to become who she is destined to be. A well written and moving story line that had me wanting the next quest to start right away.

3. Dragoon:

The stoic Dragoon

The flying, spear wielding, high DPS melee class has some style and suaveness about it if you believe what the dragoons have to say about themselves… Jokes aside, Dragoon is one of the more fun classes to play and it is also in a very good position  damage wise compared to the other melee DPS classes.

One big thing that Dragoon has as well is a great job story line, it ties in very neatly with the Heavensward MSQ quests and even goes a bit to help fill in some of those gaps that were left untouched in the  main story. One big thing that was of special interest to me was while the quest line was good it also involved a main MSQ character for a bit helping to develop their story as well. Making it an interesting as well as rich storyline to follow along with.

2. Samurai:

The fearless Samurai

The Samurai is a very high DPS class with a solid core rotation and  a ton of OCD’s to sprinkle in where you can to make it a fun and destructive melee job. Armed with a Katana and their martial skill the Samurai go out to set things to right, no injustice to small.

Set out on the path of the Samurai with your teacher Musosai and help him on his quest to catch a murderer. Along the way you will learn much as a Samurai under Musosai wise tutelage. The story here is riveting and beautifully done, one of the many moments that have brought a tear to my eye while playing Final Fantasy XIV.

1. Dark Knight:

The stalwart Dark Knight

Master of the great sword and their own inner darkness Dark Knights protect the weak and downtrodden from even the highest ranked of officials. This powerful Tank class is sure to give you a solid game play and one of the best storylines in the game.

Help Fray protect the weak and answer the call of the dark voice from inside you, in this gritty and well laid out story. Written by Natsuko Ishikawa who later went on to be a lead writer with the Endwalker expansion. Ishikawa gives us a great tale; the flow and intensity is set well throughout the whole story and the subject matter is deep and can be relatable in some ways to everyone who plays through it. Without a doubt the best job story questline in the game to date.


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