[Top 10] FF14 Best DPS For Maximum Damage (Latest Patch)

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Alphinaud and Alisaie working together to solve the calamity of The Final Days.


Final Fantasy XIV is a game with many different play styles from which players can choose. There are 12 DPS jobs to choose from among all the damage dealers, which the players affectionately refer to as DPS.

There are five Melee DPS battle jobs, three Physical Ranged DPS battle jobs, and four Caster DPS battle jobs or Magical Ranged DPS battle jobs among these twelve jobs. Despite the fact that these jobs are divided into three categories, each one plays differently than the others.

With the release of the newest savage tier in patch 6.2, players are introduced to a brand new power ranking of DPS battle jobs, as well as the ranking of DPS who can deal the most damage in the savage tier.

As a result, this article will rank ten of the best DPS for maximum damage in the latest FFXIV patch.


10. Dancer (Power Score: 80)

The graceful dancers with their chakrams.

Dancer is the newest Physical Ranged DPS introduced in Shadowbringers that can deal damage as well as give support to their allies.

Why Dancer is a good DPS:

  • Dancers can deal damage from afar without having to be in melee range or cast anything, making them more versatile and able to move around the arena freely.
  • The Dance Partner ability allows the Dancer to select a party member to be their Dance Partner, granting them the buff to increase their damage dealt when performing Standard Step, Devilment, and other moves.
  • Dancers can also boost the overall DPS of the party by using Technical Step, which increases their damage dealt by 5% for 30 seconds.
  • Dancers have strong AoE abilities even at low levels, allowing them to breeze through a lot of lower level content.

How to build Dancer, all builds are credited to the Balance Discord:

DPS Power Score: 80/100


9. Red Mage (Power Score: 82)

Red Mage preparing to cast their spells.

Red Mage is the newest caster in FFXIV introduced in the Stormblood expansion. They excel in their Dualcast ability as well as their Melee Combo rotation even as a Caster.

Why Red Mage  is a good DPS:

  • Red Mage is one of the best DPS: Red Mage is a Caster with Melee Combo in their rotation, which allows for fluid and versatile gameplay.
  • Red Mage's Dualcast ability also allows them to cast their second spell instantly every time, giving them great mobility on the battlefield even as a Caster.
  • Furthermore, Red Mages have powerful spells that they can cast immediately after performing their Melee Combo, allowing them to deal a lot of damage without casting.
  • Red Mages are also skilled at resurrecting teammates using their Dualcast and Verraise abilities.
  • Red Mages' Black and White Mana allow them to gain momentum with their spells before casting their Melee.

How to build Red Mage, all builds are credited to the Balance Discord  

DPS Power Score: 82/100


8. Summoner (Power Score: 84)

Summoners ready to cast Akh Morn.

Summoner is one of the two early Casters that players can choose from in A Realm Reborn. As a Summoner, they are experts at calling their summons to the battlefield.

Why Summoner is a great DPS:

  • Summoner is able to summon primals onto the battlefield. Titan, Ifrit, Garuda, Bahamut, and Phoenix are among them.
  • Each summon has a unique special ability and attack skill. This enables a Summoner to have several abilities that can deal significant damage to enemies.
  • Summoner summon spells are also mostly instantly cast and executed, allowing a Summoner to deal damage without having to cast.
  • This ability enables a Summoner to perform a large number of spells without the need to cast them, allowing the Summoner to become a mobile Caster.
  • In an emergency, Summoner has a Raise spell that can greatly assist the party by resurrecting a creature.

How to build Summoner, all builds are credited to the Balance Discord:

DPS Power Score: 84 /100


7. Machinist (Power Score: 86)

The Machinist blasting their enemies to bits.

Machinist is a Physical Ranged DPS introduced in the Heavensward expansion that can be said to have the best raw DPS among all three Physical Ranged DPS.

Why Machinist is a great DPS:

  • Machinist has the highest raw DPS because it has many skills that deal a lot of damage, such as Drill and Chainsaw.
  • Machinists can also use Reassemble to gain buffs that increase the damage dealt by some of their most powerful skills.
  • The Machinist can also summon the Automaton Queen to the battlefield, a Summon that will automatically deal damage to enemies and explode to deal a large amount of damage before fleeing.
  • Machinist also has Hypercharge, which allows them to deal rapid fire skills and quickly restore the cooldown for some of their oGCDs.
  • Machinists also have good AoE skills, which they can access at a lower level, allowing them to

How to build Machinist:

DPS Power Score: 86/100


6. Dragoon (Power Score: 88)

Dragoons with their lance at the ready.

Dragoon is the star of the Heavensward expansion and a strong Melee Battle Job that specializes in utilizing the power of the Dragon.

Why Dragoon is a great DPS:

  • Dragoons have excellent jumping skills, allowing them to move quickly into and out of the enemy's range.
  • Dragoons can also use Dragon Sight to link a party member with them, increasing both the Dragoon's and the linked party member's damage.
  • Dragoon also has many buffs that can boost their own attacks, increasing the amount of damage they can deal to their enemies. Lance Charge and Life Surge are two of these abilities.
  • Dragoons can also use the power of Dragoon Blood to perform powerful skills that deal a lot of damage, such as Nastrond and Star Diver.
  • Finally, Dragoons have some skills that can raise the status of all party members.

How to build Dragoon, all builds are credited to the Balance Discord:

DPS Power Score: 88/100


5. Ninja (Power Score: 89)

Ninja is a sneaky and careful Assassin that utilizes their powerful Mudra to deal a lot of damage to the enemies.

Why Ninja is a great DPS:

  • Ninja is a master of disguise and stealth. They can use Trick Attack, which increases party members' damage by 10% for 15 seconds.
  • Ninja also excels at damage over time skills, such as Doton, which deals damage over time to all enemies who enter it.
  • Ninja also has Ten Chi Jin, which allows them to perform each of the three mudra intro Ninjutsu.
  • Ninja has numerous combinations that can be used to create various Ninjutsu arts and Mudra combinations, allowing players to have fun experimenting while dealing damage to the enemies.
  • Ninja also has buffs that can increase the amount of damage they deal to enemies, such as Huton, which reduces their auto-attack delay and weapon skill recast time by 50%.

How to build Ninja, all builds are credited to the Balance Discord:

DPS Power Score: 89/100


4. Reaper (Power Score: 91)

Zenos with their new reaper on hand.

Reaper is the latest Melee DPatest Melee Battle Job introduced in the Endwalker expansion. They excel in summoning their Avatar and dealing dark damage.

Why Reaper is an excellent DPS:

  • Reapers can summon their Avatar onto the battlefield and use skills like Blood Stalk to deal massive damage to their enemies.
  • Arcane Circle allows Reaper to increase their own DPS as well as the DPS of their party members, and it also unlocks a new ability, Plentiful Harvest.
  • Through Soulsow, Reaper will be able to begin the battle with the all-powerful Harvest Moon. They can also use Soulsow during a fight's downtime.
  • They can also easily dash in and out of the battlefield using Hell's Ingress/Egress/Regress, allowing them to do more damage with less time spent moving around the battlefield.
  • Reapers can also cause significant damage with Communio, which is commonly used.

How to build Reaper, all builds are credited to the Balance Discord:

DPS Power Score: 91/100


3. Monk (Power Score: 92)

The Class that excels in punching and kicking down their enemies.

Monk is a Melee DPS class that focuses more on using their body as a weapon and enhancing it with chakra to deal damage to the enemies.

Why Monk is an excellent DPS:

  • Monk has a lot of useful skills that can deal a lot of damage to enemies due to their high potency damage. Phantom Rush, which has a 1,150 damage potency, is one of these skills.
  • Monks also have abilities that allow them to deal more damage to enemies through their Riddle Forms. Monks will be able to deal 15% more damage with Riddle of Fire, while Riddle of Wind will reduce their auto-attack delay by 50%.
  • Monks not only deal a lot of DPS but also provide utility to the party. Some of these include the Mantra ability, which allows all party members to receive 10% more healing from healing actions.
  • After the Endwalker expansion, monks can also move quickly through the battlefield. Monks can now rush to a targeted enemy's or party member's direction with three full charges of Thunderclap, allowing them to move quickly to dodge AoEs or solve mechanics and spend less time walking or running around.

How to build Monk, all builds are credited to the Balance Discord:

DPS Power Score: 92/100


2. Black Mage (Power Score: 94)

Black Mage with their new powerful staff.

Black Mage is one of the two available ARR Caster DPS and they are the most powerful among the three available Casters in terms of raw DPS, as their spells can deal an insane amount of damage when played correctly.

Why Black Mages is one of the two best DPS:

  • Black Mages are masters of three elements: fire, ice, and thunder. They can create a good rotation that deals a lot of damage to the enemies by combining these three elements. Ice spells are more focused on restoring MP, Thunder spells are more focused on dealing damage over time, and Fire spells deal the majority of the damage for Black Mages.
  • Black Mages have a variety of abilities and spells that can increase their damage output. Sharpcast allows the next Scathe, Fire, Paradox, or Thunder cast by a Black Mage to activate their additional effect. Manafont will be able to restore 3000 MP to the Black Mage, allowing them to cast more Fire spells.
  • While Black Mages require a lot more casting than the other two Casters, they also have their own abilities that allow them some mobility on the battlefield. Aetherial Manipulation allows a Black Mage to instantly teleport to the side of a targeted party member, and it has a short cooldown of 10 seconds. Black Mages can also use Between The Lines to instantly return to their Ley Lines.
  • Furthermore, Black Mages can protect themselves by casting Manaward, which creates a barrier around themselves that negates damage equal to 20% of the Black Mage's HP.
  • Black Mages can also increase their damage dealt and mobility by using the Triplecast ability, which allows them to instantly cast any of their spells.

How to build Black Mage, all builds are credited to the Balance Discord:

Black Mage Power Score: 94/100


1.  Samurai (Power Score: 95)

Samurai with their Katana on the ready.

Samurai is a Melee DPS battle job introduced in the Stormblood expansion. They continuously keep clashing with the Black Mages for the top raw DPS position in almost all expansions and updates.

Why Samurai is one of the two best DPS:

  • In terms of raw DPS, Samurai is a very powerful DPS. It is similar to Black Mages in that neither provides any party utility aside from their insanely high damage output against enemies.
  • To begin, Samurai have a plethora of buttons and skills at their disposal. They also have two different side gauges, the Iaijutsu gauge and the Kenki gauge. Both of these will grant them access to powerful skills and abilities.
  • Some of their skills can be insanely powerful simply based on their raw damage potency. Kaeshi: Namikiri, Shoha, Midare: Setsugekka, and Kaeshi: Setsugekka are a few examples
  • Samurai, like Black Mage, can protect themselves from harm with their own Third Eye ability, which reduces the amount of damage taken on the next attack by 10%. Not only that, but successfully using Third Eye will increase their Kenki Gauge by 5.
  • Samurai can also easily access their Iaijutsu through the Meikyo Shisui ability, which allows them to execute up to three weapon skill combos without having to meet the prerequisite for the combo, shortening the steps to obtaining the Iaijutsu they required.

How to build Samurai, all builds are credited to the Balance Discord:

DPS Power Score: 95/100


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